Thousands Of Shiva Lingas In Sirsi Karnataka Riverbed

Were Ganesha, Murugan and Shiva Human Beings’ later elevated to Godhood?

or were they Aliens who came down to the Earth?

Considering the fact that the Vedas advocate formless worship and the development of Thoughts on God only as a means of Self Realization,the Reality Brahman being an abstract principle, there is scope for more research on this subject.

There are also reports, very credible of course, of underground tunnels in various parts of the world, all interlinked.

Where Are These Muslims?

Siddique was nowhere to be found.

While we were preparing the body for funeral.

He came, inebriated, crying , demanding that he be allowed to carry my father’s body to the cremation ground.

The priests objected to this, him being a Muslim.

My eldest brother said that Siddique was more attached to our father than us and my father reciprocated that.

Siddique carried the body.

Nada Yoga Nama Sankeertana

The Ultimate aim of Human Life, according to Hinduism , is Self Realization .

To see God in Yourself is Realization.

To realize God with Name and Form is Realization.

To see God in every living thing is Realization.

To see God in everything, animate and Inanimate is Realization.

Human Mind, as it is , can realize God with Name and Form easily.

It is emotional and it s emotion that drive us all.