Whitefield Kadugodi Bangalore Built By Chola 1043

Also the 'KaShivishwanatha Temple (Built in the period of Cholas Dynasty) recently it has been re constructed. 2. Sree RamanjanEya temple (one of the oldest temple) 3. Shiva temple (another Oldest temple)' Cholas Dynasty's Inscriptions dating from 1043AD exists in Kadugodi, from the period of Rajendra Chola I, which describes the construction of the Pattanduru Lake, and Ganesh, Durga and Kshetrapaala temples by Chola chieftain Raja Raja Velan son of Permadi Gavunda.


800 Year Shiva Temple By Chola Silk Board Bangalore

Bharatavarsha was and is One, Due to misinformation and doctored history, we feel we belong to different states. The Sanatana Dharma culture permeated the whole Fabric of India. Yes. We did and do speak different languages but we are one as a Bharatvanshi, united by our common culture. One can find evidence of this if … Continue reading 800 Year Shiva Temple By Chola Silk Board Bangalore

Thousands Of Shiva Lingas In Sirsi Karnataka Riverbed

Were Ganesha, Murugan and Shiva Human Beings' later elevated to Godhood? or were they Aliens who came down to the Earth? Considering the fact that the Vedas advocate formless worship and the development of Thoughts on God only as a means of Self Realization,the Reality Brahman being an abstract principle, there is scope for more research on this subject. There are also reports, very credible of course, of underground tunnels in various parts of the world, all interlinked.

Siddhas In Karnataka Bangalore Prehistoric Writings Images

The general information about the Siddhas are very limited. Even here, there is a misconception that the Siddhas are Tamils and their presence is limited to Tamil Nadu. When Siddhas can transcend Time and Space, a Country is nothing for them. There are Siddha sites in Karnataka, that too near Bangalore.

Hanuman Sheds Tears Bangalore, Govt. Blocks The Only Video

I am providing the excerpt from the site. But for Video search, the search retunred with the only Video. The catch is that the Video has been blocked by the Government Of India! ..Well, what reason could there be? That It is Hanuman, ?