Cell Phone To Control Prevent Gas Fire’Leakage. Video.

As both husband and wife work, people often tend to forget switching off the Gas Cylinder. Even while at Home they often do not switch off the Gas Cylinder Off. The Gas Fire is something that can nor be easily controlled or doused. A Physics Teacher from Vellore,Tamil Nadu,India has invented a Gadget to switch off the Gas Switch off … Continue reading Cell Phone To Control Prevent Gas Fire’Leakage. Video.


I Phone 4G Verizon-Feature,price.

    After months of speculation, rumors, and waiting, it's official: Apple's iPhone 4 is heading to Verizon. Verizon announced the news at a press conference held Tuesday in New York City. What does the availability of the iPhone 4 on "Big Red's" network mean for you? We've put together a comprehensive guide to everything … Continue reading I Phone 4G Verizon-Feature,price.

Your cell phone company’s dirty little secret

Cell/mobile bills are documents which,as far as I know,are yet to be understood by any body(In India at least).None of the Companies charge what they declare to charge;if you analyse carefully you tend to pay up more than your early package.In addition,they normally charge you some amount under some head and if you protest continuously they reverse the charges. It really beats me as to why they just can't charge what you speak for? The cell companies' billing is as complicated as Indian Petroleum companies' price calculation.Even God can not understand!

2009: A year to remember – or forget

Microsoft in 2009: It was all about Windows Mary Jo Foley: On my blog, there is little question what you wanted to read about: Windows. There were a few other hot buttons. But overall, it was Windows, Windows, Windows Oracle buys Sun; Regulatory soap opera ensues Larry Dignan: Among all the top stories on Between … Continue reading 2009: A year to remember – or forget