Top Mistakes Uncertainty Thy Name Is Science

Science, the protagonists often claim , is the authority on everything and what it says is the truth . if so, why there has been so many revisions and in many a case total negation and repudiation of what has been theorized earlier. The operative word is 'theory'. Science, in my view, is just that, nothing more. List of mistakes by Science/Scientists(even this likely to change as what is said to incorrect may be called as correct later).


Slave Vaults in US

Racial segregation and insults were a part of the Psyche till some time back, though I believe it still exists against the colored though it does not rear its head outside often. From what I read and in between the lines colored are tolerated, Non Caucasian President notwithstanding. Grim reminder of what the US was, is the news item that many believe that vaults beneath Bay Street were used to house slaves before they were auctioned. It's just never been proven. Search is On.

Man Tweets Live as He Commits Suicide!

A 22-year-old Tweets as he commits suicide. He was an aspiring Rapper and seems to have been overworked and been Drugged. Autopsy report is awaited. In the process of becoming famous people seem to ignore Health issues,this boy went with out Sleep for 6 Hours.! Probably he had none to lean his shoulders on. So … Continue reading Man Tweets Live as He Commits Suicide!

‘Don’t Execute Me,I am Fat’

A killer pleads not to execute him because he is too fat to be executed humanely. You don't get words to comment on this! Story: An Ohio inmate scheduled to die by lethal injection wants his upcoming execution delayed because he’s too obese. Convicted killer Ronald Post, who tips the scales at more than 480 … Continue reading ‘Don’t Execute Me,I am Fat’

Prosecutor Acted in Porn Film’

HR or Administration  runs a through check up before appointing any one for any job. Here comes an instance where you find a Prosecutor who had acted in a Porn Film! There are people who would question that acting in a Porn Film is no disqualification to being a Prosecutor. These are the people who justify … Continue reading Prosecutor Acted in Porn Film’

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