We Express Better Than We Know Why

Age can not wither her, nor custom stale her infinite variety,

Other women cloy the appetites they feed,

She makes most hungry where she most satisfies’ Shakespeare in Antony and Cleopatra.
When I was asked to the late Poet Kannadasan whether he can produce some of the great lines he had penned again, he replied No.

He said he wrote as the mood set in and he can not even remember how he got around to producing these lines agin.


Psychologists try to explain these things in a lot of ways.

Talent On Show Chithrakala Parishad

I generally avoid them because , in most cases, these are shows where people with very minimal talent trying to get exposure on the only qualifications they have are Money and Influence.

This impression is because of my visit to some Arangetrams of Dance programmes.

I was proved wrong.

What was on display was a Collection of Paintings , belonging to various Genre,Penile,Charcoal, Water Colors, Oil Painting.

Though not a connoisseur of Arts, I enjoy if some thing looks good.

Another interesting feature of this show is the fat that most of them are Amateurs, women with a Family to take are.

Vijay TV Super Singer Slick Final Live Link

Vijay TV Tamil,Star Vijay, their programmes in general are quite entertaining.whether it it the Lollu Sabha,Comedy Shows, Adhu,Idhu Eduthu , Neeya Naana or Super Singer series, where they select the best singing Talent in Tamil.

Some observations.

As a marketing man what struck me the most is the way the marketing team milks the Programme, whether it is the Talk Show Neeya Naana, or Super Singer.

Normally many channels would be content with ads and sponsorships.

Star Vijay ropes in appropriate people for the shows, whether it be a Sivamani on Drums,Nithyasree ,Chitra,Vairamuthu knowing the poular person at tht particular point of time.

They also do not forget the mass pull of Rajnikanth or Kamal Hassan!

Not to forget the oldies TMS,PBS,

They have their popular songs included unobtrusively as a Rajnikanth round or Kamal Hassan round.

They had the ingenious idea of getting Guitar signed by Rajnikanth.

The families of the singers on stage are made to interact and sentimental scenes are never in shortage.

Then to the singers themselves.

They are taken abroad for Live performances and they perform in Chennai Malls Live.

They seem to cover every segment of the consumers.

Seven Ages Of Man And Woman

Those who know English would not have missed enjoying Shakespeare,.

If ever a Poet/Dramatist were to be found who could mirror emotions in simple powerful words it is the bard of Avon.

I have some post on him.

The most famous of his lines in As You Like It’ on the Stages of Man is a piece in itself…
If Shakespeare could do it,Tamil could do it better, in classifying the Chronological Age of man and Woman.

Tamil , a Language of antiquity, alive and kicking well, has made life into an At by its literature and its classification of Life in Grammar.

Tamils have divide Life into two parts, one that deals with external activities expressed outwards, like War,Arguments,Valor,Philanthropy, called Puram(The term means ‘outside’).

Another is Aham(inside) which deals with emotions like Love, Despair.

Under Aham the chronological Age of Man and Woman has been taken to classify Ages.

பெண்களின் ஏழு பருவங்கள்:-(Seven Ages of Woman)

* 1 வயது முதல் 8 வயது வரை – பேதை-1-8 Pedha, an age when one does not know to distinguish thing.s
* 9 வயது முதல் 10 வயது வரை – பெதும்பை-9-10,Pedhubmai, can differentiate but not very clear
* 11 வயது முதல் 14 வயது வரை – மங்கை-10-14,Mangai, has attained womanhood, but yet to fall in Love.
* 15 வயது முதல் 18 வயது வரை – மடந்தை14-18,Madanthai. has started to develop feelings of Love
* 19 வயது முதல் 24 வயது வரை – அரிவை-19-24Arivai,has attained an Age where one has gone through the process of Love,separation
* 25 வயது முதல் 29 வயது வரை – தெரிவை-25-29,Therivai, has loved, successful, or lost but knows Life.