Rupess 140,000 iPad Bill In Ten Minutes By Five Year Old

We are aware the excessive use of Mobile/Cell Phones and iPads.

Stingy people like me  go in for prepaid plans to ensure we are aware of our expenses.

But a Boy of Five years ran up a Bill of   1710 Pound Sterling in a matter of Ten  minutes, using his iPad!

Pity the father!


Apple iPad Application for Kids.
Apple iPad Application for Kids.

Danny Kitchen had asked for the passcode for the device so that he could download a game, Zombie v Ninja, from the Apple store.

Greg and Sharon Kitchen eventually agreed and left their son alone with the tablet computer as they entertained friends at their home in Warmley, near Bristol.

But after downloading the free app Danny found his way into the game’s online store and innocently ordered dozens of costly add-ons – totalling £1,710.43.

His mother knew nothing about his spending spree until she saw a batch of emails from iTunes the following day listing what he had bought.

Her credit card company then phoned to query the payments – and Mrs Kitchen, 44, realised what had happened.


How to Avoid costly  Bills in iPad.

Fortunately, it’s possible to turn off in-app purchases. Here’s how to do it.

Google Android
Open the Google Play Store app and choose ‘Menu’ and then ‘Settings’. Under ‘User Controls’ you’ll find an option to ‘Set or Change PIN‘. Tap this and Android will ask you for a PIN. Type your chosen PIN, tap OK and then re-enter the PIN to confirm. Then tick the box next to ‘Use PIN for purchases’.

Once you’ve done that, anyone who wants to make an in-app purchase on your device will need to know the PIN. That should keep your bills secure from little fingers.

Apple iOS
The Restrictions menu in Apple iOS lets you control all kinds of things. You can send a password for in-app purchases or turn them off altogether. It’s possible to prevent apps being deleted or installed and control access to age-restricted content.

To prevent in-app purchases in iOS, open ‘Settings’ then choose ‘General’ and ‘Restrictions’. Then tap ‘Enable Restrictions’, choose a PIN and enter it a second time to confirm. Now you can set any restrictions from the menu below. In the ‘Allowed Content’ menu, slide ‘In app purchases’ to ‘Off’.

Amazon Kindle Fire
The Kindle Fire is an Android-powered tablet but the operating system has been modified by Amazon so the process for restricting in-app purchases is a little different. Start by opening the Amazon Appstore app. Choose ‘Menu’ and then ‘Settings’. Then tap ‘Parental Controls’, choose ‘Enable Parental Controls’ and enter your Amazon password. If you’d prefer to choose a PIN, then tick the ‘Use PIN’ box.

Bill Gates’ Son banned from Apple Products.


Safety Against Rape, Smartphone Applications Women

There are Applications available compatible with Smartphones.

They can be used in times of Emergency

Some of them are.

Women need some safety applications when they go out.


There are Applications available compatible with Smartphones.


They can be used in times of Emergency


Some of them are.

Women Safety Application
Women Safety Application

“If you are a college student then this App is especially made for you. This App allows you to alert your friends and family and emergency responders like 911, along with that it also alerts campus police. With this App you can send alerts based on time. Say like, if you didn’t get to home in an hour then this OnWatch App inform your friends and others about your GPS location. You can download this App for iPhone and Android. It enables you a free 90 day trial subscription with .edu mail address and for others it offers 30 day free trial.


2.”Using this CircleOf6 App you can add 6 friends or family members so that they will be informed when you need it. This Application enables you to send a text message to your friends or family members with your current GPS location and a message like ‘Come and Get Me’. If you are low on balance then you can also send out a ‘call me’ message. It can be easily programmed to call selected national hotlines or local emergency numbers. And the good news is that it is Free for iPhone and Android Smartphones.



3.FightBack, the women’s safety application, sends SOS alerts from your phone. FightBack uses GPS, SMS, location maps, GPRS ,email and your Facebook account to inform your loved ones in case you are in danger. Join us and help make our streets safer for women.
Write to us on


4.By using this Redpanicbutton Application, it allows you to push a central button and generate a security alert, by doing this it will activate immediate contact with emergency services, it will also provide quick details of the current location and along with that it will automatically dials various emergency numbers and sending of panic messages via various communication channels like text message, mails and social networks like Facebook and Twitter. But this Android Free version is for only one panic contact so better buy a full version.


The general complaint against these applications are  the unreliability of  3 G Services in India.

People suggest applications not using Internet is needed.


One may also use the Speed dial.


In some of the Applications the location is not specified to the receiver.


Would some one Link it to Google Maps?


I also recommend Pepper Spray Gun.

Pepper Spray Gun
Pepper Spray Gun








Free Education Application for iPad

Very useful.


Refers to:

Similar to the website, the free Khan Academy app for iPad delivers more than 2,700 videos to the viewer, covering a range of topics including math, science and humanities.

Khan Academy also offers test prep lessons for SAT Math (188 videos), GMAT (96 videos), California Standards Test help, and others. Another section, called “Talks and Interviews,” features videos on Khan Academy television coverage and profiles of Salman Khan, the founder of the free online education platform.

Some videos cater to younger students, too, such as a tutorial on fractions, Vietnam War 101 and basic geometry, to name a few.

As an armchair astronomer, my favorite videos are in the Cosmology and Astronomy section, featuring 85 related videos that cover everything from an introduction to the Big Bang Theory and scaling the distance between planets to the birth of stars and a discussion on black holes. Many of these videos feature colorful, hand-drawn images on a smartboard, of sorts, but there is some multimedia, as well.

Each video can be streamed, with text that follows along with the narrator in real time; this allows you to skip ahead or go back by simply tapping on the desired subtitled section. Videos can also be downloaded to view offline, cued as a playlist or shared with friends or colleagues on Facebook or Twitter. The iTunes page for Khan Academy says interactive exercises are coming soon.

While optional, you can create an account and log in to get credit for watching videos and see your “achievements.”

Whether you’re a student, parent or anyone eager to get educated in any of these subjects — for free and accessible anywhere you’ve got your iPad — you’ll no doubt appreciate the breadth and depth of these informative video lessons.

Application Translates Baby’s Cries.

Babies cry to communicate. A new iPhone app claims it can translate those cries, letting parents know whether baby is tired, hungry, bored, sleepy, stressed or uncomfortable. CREDIT: Stockxpert.

Mothers know instinctively when and why a Baby cries.

Too much dependence on Technology and gadgets will create children with out attachments and human emotions.

Parents and Society shall regret.

Next time your baby cries, you might want to hold the little one up to your iPhone. A new app could translate those yells into adult-speak, telling you whether it’s a cry for food or perhaps a nap.

After 10 seconds of crying, the Cry Translator (patented by Biloop Technologic, S.L.) will light up one of five icons to indicate, the company claims, whether your baby is hungry, tired, bored, sleepy, stressed, or in some kind of discomfort.

While you might think the cry decoder is as valid as having a conversation with your dogor cat, some research suggests there is meaning behind those wails.

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