Animal Suicides

Man, in his arrogance, prides and imagines that he is the one with feelings, emotions and discriminating power and that animals are..just animals. Well, I Hold a contrary view. Animals do have their own passions, feelings and their own reasoning abilities; we not able to decipher just as we can not understand one from a different culture . And if we can decipher what the animals think of man and animals, they would probably declare that they,animals have the ability to reason and have passions, They might wonder why Human beings struggle so much for food, shelter and sex!


Some Rare Animals Photo Essay


Dog Loses Face Saving Girls, Grieving Monkeys

A child Monkey dies trying to jump around. As it did not wake up, the mother tries to wake her should see the agony in her face. Group of Monkeys watching from a distance slowly come near, share the grief nd keep a Vigil. So moving that It brought tears into my eyes! More Human than Us!

Two Headed Animals Photo Essay

Mysterious Unknown Animals Photo Essay

A mysterious primate resembling a monkey was spotted in a Park UK. But it is doubtful if it is a Monkey. There are lots of instances where hitherto unknown animals have been found. I do not know what Darwinian would say to this. I have been already labelled as antiDarwin and an ignoramus in comments in Times of India , when people could not reply my queries. Let me add further by posting a Photo Essay on the animals hitherto unknown.