Make Your Old Smartphones Into PC


Smartphones are  PCs.

You can use your old Smartphone you are about to throw into a PC.


First, however, you need to turn off cellular data. Otherwise, your phone will drain your battery trying to find a signal. On an iPhone, go to Settings>>Cellular. For an iPad, it’s Settings>>Cellular Data. Turn Cellular Data off.

In Android, swipe down from the top of the screen and look for the Mobile Data icon. You also might have a widget on your home screen.

Otherwise, go to Settings and under Wireless and Network, tap More Settings>>Mobile networks and uncheck Mobile data. The steps could vary by manufacturer, so check your manual if this doesn’t work for you.

On a Windows Phone, go to the App list and go to Settings>>Cellular. Turn Data connection to Off. Make sure “For limited Wi-Fi connectivity” is set to “Don’t use cellular data.”

Now it’s time to turn it into something else. The easiest option is a portable media player…

You can use that as a GPS,Alarm Clock,Gaming Unit,Kitchen Recipe Holder and WiFi  Phone.

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Track Flight Details All Over The World Live PC Mobile

Now one can find the Flight details. sitting in front of a Computer.

Watch the power of Google search.

This is available in Mobile as well as Applications.

Flight Details Live

Flightradar24 is a flight tracking service that provides you with real-time info about thousands of aircraft around the world. Our service is currently available online and for youriOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) or Android device plus forWindows 8 and your Mac OS computer. Read more about our flight tracking apps.

Flightradar24 is frequently featured in the media. You can find a couple of examples here:

Our service has become very popular and each month gets more than 10 million visits and our apps have been downloaded more than 2 million times.

The technology we use to receive flight information from aircraft is called ADS-B. Roughly 60% of all passenger aircraft around the world are equipped with an ADS-B transponder. However, this percentage will continue to grow. Read more about the technology behind Flightradar24.

The majority of the data displayed on and in our apps is gathered through a network of 500+ ADS-B receivers around the world. To improve our service we are always looking for people willing to contribute data to us. Click here to find out how you can help us increase Flightradar24’s global coverage.

 ANY plane in the air at that exact moment, and display information about that plane, its type, speed, origin, destination, etc. Even private aircraft, and at times, even be in the cockpit observing the instrument panel, or look outside the flight window.

At any given moment, you can actually see in real time, literally every plane in the sky over any area of your choosing anywhere in the world.
Now you can see why an aircraft traffic controller is one very, very busy person.

The information will tell you who is flying the plane, and where they are going.

In the left hand column, there is a box called “planes.” The number in the box is the number of aircraft airborne. This view is what the traffic management people see for planning purposes at the various airports.
What type of plane, airbus A320,330,350, where it originated, and where is it going, what altitude, what speed, what company etc.
A few things you can do;
You can drag the map to change the area you want to view, then zoom in by tapping with your mouse.
On the map you will see all the planes in the air.

Click on an plane, and on the left screen you will get the flight information, airline, type, speed, altitude in real time, re-calculated every 10 seconds.

On some flights you can also click on the ‘view from the cockpit’…


Smartphone Users Cheated $50,000 Non Existent Application

Non existent Smartphone Application.
This is where they got hooked: what the user actually did by entering his/her number was to subscribe to a ‘premium messaging service.’ In short, they would pay to receive a series of advertisements with costs ranging from $2 to $10 a message. Of course, a percentage of the money collected went to the conman behind ‘WhatsAppSpy’ for ‘referring’ the users to the ‘service.’

Smartphones come with a lot of Applications.

It has become trendy to buy a Smartphone with Applications galore, whether one uses it or not, it has become a Status(?) symbol

Knowing this, a scamster sent in advertising SMS to about 11,000 people and cashed in $50,000 in just two months!


Scam artist ‘robbed’ more than 11,000 users by sending them over eight million advertising messages – which they paid to receive.

A fictitious smartphone application dubbed ‘WhatsAppSpy’ was too tempting to resist for thousands of people who got stung in one of the latest Internet scams. Thanks to their gullibility, a 23year-old in Murcia, Spain pocketed more than $53,000 in only two months.

According to Spanish language news service EFE, the bait was a fictitious application that purportedly let users view messages that others sent via WhatsApp, one of the most popular instant messaging services around. Once the bait was prepared, the fraudster went fishing for fools on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. He managed to reel in over 11,000 subscribers who wanted to spy on the private messages of friends, co-workers, family, lovers, etc. – all ‘in real time, without any problems’ and ‘absolutely free!’

To begin using the supposed spy app, the suckers who swallowed the bait were told to visit the ‘WhatsAppSpy’ webpage to sign-up. Once they did that, they were redirected to another site which asked for their phone number in order to send them a code to download the application directly onto their device. This is where they got hooked: what the user actually did by entering his/her number was to subscribe to a ‘premium messaging service.’ In short, they would pay to receive a series of advertisements with costs ranging from $2 to $10 a message. Of course, a percentage of the money collected went to the conman behind ‘WhatsAppSpy’ for ‘referring’ the users to the ‘service.’


Now Incest App Video Demo

Living has become complex and so isolated (though the world has shrunk on the Internet) and sex between strangers have become a common and easy  that one might even bump into his close relatives..

Iceland faced this problem and recognized this as a Problem.

A Mobile Application has been developed to avoid bedding close relatives,unwittingly.

( you can do nothing about those who do so wittingly!)

The Story and Video Demo.

Avoiding incest in Iceland just got easier. A new app determines if hookups on the close-knit island nation are sharing too many roots in the family tree, News Of Iceland reports.

The “Islendingabók” (“Book of Icelanders”) app allows amorous users to tap into a bloodline registry that judges whether romance is advisable.

Anti incest Apps
The app in action. The database it accesses has been active since the 1990s. Credit: SadEngineerStudios

The app’s slogan, “bump the app before you bump in bed,” invites would-be couples to bump their smartphones together for a verdict to prevent problems later…

The database, which draws from 1,200 years of genealogical info, has been around since 1997, according to the New York Daily News. Before the app was developed, couples in Iceland had to search the database by typing in their names and Icelandic ID numbers. In the heat of the moment, that might be difficult.

Now, all it takes is a phone kiss.

As previously reported, the possibility of romancing a too-close relative is relatively high in Iceland, given that the island has around 300,000 mostly native residents.

According to GlobalPost, a little verbal investigation also helps to avoid inbreeding. “Hverra manna ert þú?” (“Who are your people?”) is a common question exchanged..

Now a group of University of Iceland in Reykjavík students have taken it a step further and created an Android app to help end cousins from dating. NBC News reports:

When you tap phones with someone who has the app, it brings up an alert if the owners of the two phones share a grandparent. (Of course, if you don’t already know who you share a grandparent with, incest may be the least of your problems, but the team says it is looking into functionality for spotting common great grandparents, too.)

The app, called Sifjaspellsspillir translates to “Incest Destroyer.”

An iPhone counterpart is currently in production.



Drones To Deliver Newspapers!

We know Drones killing people, especially in Pakistan and Afghanistan.


Now the Drones are set to deliver Newspapers , in France.


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Drones are about to go postal in Auvergne, a province in south central France.


In collaboration with drone-maker Parrot, local postal service La Poste Group will deliver mail via quadricopter drones as early as May of this year, the group recently announced on its blog.

The group is already testing the “Parrot Air Drone Postal” service in Auvergne with a team of 20 postal workers and 20 drones. The postal workers can control the drones by an iPod TouchiPhone, and Android devices using Parrot’s smartphone app.

Drones are becoming more commonplace these days, with thousands of hobbyists building their own and sharing their experiences on sites like Meanwhile, companies like FedEx are anxiously waiting for the day when drones are admitted to standard U.S. air space.


Already, companies like FedEx are counting the days until drones are admitted to standard US airspace. The FAA will officially allow it starting in 2015, but the drones cannot fly higher than 400 feet above the ground and must be at least five miles away from any airport.

FedEx wants to be able to use drones to transport packages, rather than having to rely on passenger planes. That’s because passenger planes need to be pressurized, which is expensive, and they also can’t fly in formation, which is much more efficient.