Lemuria Population 64 Millions?

The Aborigines of of Australia see to have an unknown Genes,
The findings at Poomouhar, Tamil Nadu, the thriving Port city mentioned in Tamil Sangam Classics,Greek Historians, Hindu puranas date it back to 20, 000 years.
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Australian aborigines oerform, even today, the Tri Netra (third eye) Dance of Shiva, one of the Trinity of Hinduism.
Theese Aborigines wear Shiva and Vishnu Religious marks .

Alien Evidence Mahabalipuram India

The rock carvings on Mahabalipuram in Tamil Nadu is reported to be made by Mahendra Varma Pallava of the Pallava Dynasty and this was cotinued by his son Narasimha Pallava.( 7 and 8th Century AD)

There are some interesting features that need explanation as they bear a striking resemblance to our conceptios of Space Travel,UFO and Aliens.

Alien Saves Man In Accident Alien In Mars. NASA

They show an Alien face taken and verified from different angles,

Entrance of what appears to be a cave on the Moon.

UFO in Aurora Borealis,

Man Being saved by Alien in China!
This video which is being posted here is found to be a Hoax and is a part of shooting done for a Computer game in China.

But the others are yet to be declared as Hoax.

Alien Paintings Not Made By Humans

Recently UFO shave been sighted in California and Mexico, followed by Crop Circle being formed in California with what is suspected to be a Message from the Aliens.

What if the Aliens and UFOs had been found by the ancients and how would have they recorded it?

The only form which we think and we found are the cave Paintings.

Are there any Cave Paintings available in the sites discovered till now?

The answer is Yes.

Let us go to Madhya Pradesh, India.

40 Miles away from Raisen, Hoshangabad Madhya Pradesh, India the Cave Painting depicts what appears to be an Alien.