Raping a Drunk Woman is Not Rape

I saw an interesting judgment in Sweden where a Man accused of rape was acquitted because the woman was drunk !

So It is Not rape if you Rape a woman who is drunk!

A woman who is drunk
Drunk Woman

The incident took place in the 46-year-old man’s in November 2013 when the two returned to the man’s apartment after having dinner together at a restaurant inGothenburg.

The 21-year-old woman told the court the last thing she remembers from the evening is falling asleep in the man’s apartment with her clothes on before waking up the following afternoon to find herself locked in a room.

In its decision, the Gothenburg District Court ruled there was no doubt the woman was intoxicated, noting that she was so drunk she “fell to the ground and lay there awhile”, the Metro newspaper reported.

Tests later revealed the woman’s blood alcohol-level was between 2.0 and 2.5 per mille, more than ten times the legal limit in Sweden, putting her in what the court called a “particularly vulnerable situation”.

Reform’s to Sweden’s sex-crime legislation implemented in July 2013 redefined the term “incapacitated state” to “particularly vulnerable situation”, which in effect re-classifies certain types of sexual assault as rape.The reforms were meant to apply to cases where a victim responds to a sexual assault by remaining passive, allowing them to be treated as rape.

But the man told the court that he didn’t realize the woman was drunk when they were back at his flat, adding that during intercourse she was “active” and “made certain noises”.

In acquitting the man of the rape charges, the court ruled it had not been proven that the man “understood or was aware that” the woman was drunk nor that he knowingly acted against the woman’s wishes.”




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Inebriated,Scorpion Bitten Monkey In Heat

In Tamil ,A Language of India, there are two sayings to describe a Man’s’s  State of Mind and behavior.

One is when one is Happy.

This is compared to a Monkey when it is drunk with Honey.

Another is when one is in Heat and Drunk.

This state is compared to a an inebriated monkey,bitten by a Scorpion in Heat.

Watch the Video.

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Drunk Girls Slideshow

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Teenager dies on the spot after Drinking Binge.

Drinking starts as a curiosity,then peer pressure,social drinking,drinking alone,and then Alcoholism and Death if you are lucky or slow death.


Louis Buxton, 17, collapsed after spending the evening drinking with friends, and was discovered unconscious after he was put to bed Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2003538/Teenager-17-died-downing-pints-vodka-friends-birthday-party.html#ixzz1PItEbZZq

A teenager who was said to have downed two pints of vodka died of acute alcohol poisoning an inquest has heard.

Louis Buxton, 17, from Croydon, collapsed after spending the evening drinking with friends but was discovered unconscious after he was put to bed.

Croydon Coroner’s Court was not told how much he had drunk, but his blood alcohol level was three and a half times the legal drink driving limit for adults, coroner Dr Roy Palmer heard.