US Attack On Syria, Capabilities Targets

Now that the US has made up its mind to attack Syria, either with or without the coat-tail hanger UK, don’t worry it will come around not that ii matters much-it is PRO job for the US, have a look at the Capabilities ans The potential targets in Syria and how the US is placed. […]

Pakistan In The Dark Osama Killing By US, Bin Laden Pak Document

US Commandos flew into Pakistan from a Carrier, in a Helicopter and Killed Osama Bin Laden in Abbotabad, Pakistan.

This, in a house located near the Army Barracks/Training School!

There is failure on the part of the Intelligence Agencies and ‘a total collapse of the Government’ in the words of the Commission of Enquiry appointed by Pakistan to look into this fiasco.

The commission has submitted a 365 page report.

This report also explains how the US kept the Pakistani Government in the dark.

Despite the remark by the Commission’s remark ‘that the report may be buried’

It was and never made Public.

Monsanto Causes Three Lakh Farmers Suicide in India. Movie

I had already blogged on how Monsanto is ruining the Agriculture in India. Al Jazeera has pointed out that nearly three lakh farmers have committed suicide being hit by Monsanto operations. Do we want to add small retailers to this list by inviting Wal-Mart and others though by FDI in India? Story from Al Jazeera. Writing in 2009, physicist […]

Interview with Security Apparatus in China? Video

She should be happy she was not shot. As the National People’s Congress holds its annual session, Al Jazeera’s Melissa Chan went to the offices of lawyer Pu Zhiqiang to interview him about proposed changes to the Criminal Procedure Law. At the office, she encountered officers from the “guo bao” or State Security Police, who […]