SUN TV Network To Be Closed 2 G Scam Aircell Maxis Fallout

While Karunanidhi has become a Super Judge and  been picking up mathematical holes in Jayalalithaa Assets case, forgetting the 2 G Scam, involving 1766.45 billion (US$28 billion)g his daughter, his A.Raja and  the others, the Home Ministry of India is contemplating not to renew the licence to SUN TV Network for its involvement in the 2 G Spectrum scam.

SUN Network Logo.jpg
SUN Network Logo.

For threadbare expose of  of the spectrum scam, including Radia, Kanimozhi Jaffer Sait Tapes,PMO Documents please check under Corruption, Radia Tapes.

I stopped writing on the scams as I was fed up.

I am posting this lest Karunanidhi and Co may not feel people have forgotten it .

Let him not talk of Morality .

New Delhi: The Union Home Ministry may not grant licence to Kalanithi Maran-promoted Sun TV Network’s group companies for alleged involvement of its owners in 2G spectrum scam and Aircel Maxis cases before various courts and investigating agencies.

The stand is likely to be communicated to the Information and Broadcasting Ministry as Union Information and Broadcasting Minister Arun Jaitley had written a letter to Home MinisterRajnath Singh on the issue, official sources said in New Delhi.

The company operates 45 radio channels under the brand name Suryan FM in Tamil Nadu and Red FM in rest of the country.

The Home Ministry said the company and its owners were allegedly involved in 2G scam, alleged bungling in Aircel-Maxis deal as well as running an “illegal” connections of telephones used for uploading their content, the sources said.

The company of Kalanithi, who is the brother of former union minister Dayanidhi Maran, had sought renewal of licence of its radio channels from one phase to another.

Under the switchover of phase, the company could operate more channels in the same bandwidth.’

News Source.


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Dayanidhi Maran Took Bribe Through SUN DTH-2 G Scam


.Dayanidhi Maran'
2 G Document Times Now

Earlier I blogged on the fact that Dayanidhi maran, former Telecom Minister and Grand nephew of DMK Supremeo, Karunanidhi and Brother of Kalaanidhi Maran who controls SUN TV Group.

Now the CBI has deposed before the JPC that it has evidence that Dayanidhi Maran had received the Bribe  from Astro All Asia Net Woks Plc-Rs. 549.96 Crore by way of investment in SUN DTH at an inflated rate.

Astro All Asia Net Woks Plc is a related company of  Maxis Communication.

CBI is reported to have quizzed Dayanidhi Maran last week on this and he is reported to have replied in writing.

What is of note is that this action comes just after The Presidential Election and new alignments are in the offing for the next General Elections.


The CBI has recently questioned the former Telecom Minister Dayanidhi Maran in connection with a case against him, his brother Kalanithi Maran and Malaysian business tycoon and head of Maxis Communications T. Ananda Krishnan of allegedly coercing the former owner of Aircel Televentures C. Sivasankaran into selling his equity in Aircel.

Mr. Dayanidhi Maran allegedly denied Mr. Sivasankaran’s firm seven pending 2G spectrum licences in various circles, and the Point of Interconnection facility from the state-owned BSNL.

The CBI alleged that an illegal gratification of Rs. 549.96 crore accrued to the Maran brothers from the purchase of Sun Direct TV shares by Astro All Asia Networks Plc, a related company of Maxis Communications, allegedly at a “highly inflated” rate.


Tehelka exposed the shenanigans of Maran and Maran has come out with a defense ‘ there was no loss to the government during his tenure as Union telecom minister, Maran said he was not even a minister when Astroinvested in Sun TV Network. “I own no shares or interest in Sun TV Network,” .

He is said to have issued notice to Tehelka, which is nothing but legal non sense with no substance and facts…..

Is Ananda Krishnan a front for Maran?

Facts seem to speak differently.

According to sources, the CBI has now trained its guns on a strikingly similar deal — though the quantum is almost four times that of the Balwa-Kalaignar transaction — between Sun TV Group, owned by the family of Union Textiles Minister Dayanidhi Maran, and Malaysian business conglomerate Maxis Group and owner of 74 percent direct equity in Aircel Group, the country’s seventh biggest telecom operator….

In November 2006, then Telecom Minister Maran granted 14 (UASL) for Aircel. The licence, along with the startup 2G spectrum, was awarded at the same price at which later Raja gave away 2G licenses to Swan, Unitech and a host of other players in 2008 — Aircel paid Rs 1,399 crore for 14 telecom circles, the price was arrived at through an auction process in 2001 when the telecom industry was in its nascent stage.

The telecom licences to Aircel were awarded after about two years of ‘unwarranted’ delay on the part of the DoT headed by Maran at the time. Aircel’s applications for new circles were pending since Maran’s takeover as minister for communications and IT in May 2004. According to the report prepared by the one-man committee of Justice (retired) Shivraj Patil constituted to examine the appropriateness of procedures followed by DoT in issuing licences during the period 2001-2009, the DoT kept raising ‘irrelevant’, ‘vague’ and ‘unwarranted’ queries about different aspects related to Aircel and kept the applications pending (Patil submitted his report to present Telecom Minister Kapil Sibal on 31 January)….

It was only after March 2006, when Malaysian business tycoon T Ananda Krishnan, whose parents were Sri Lankan Tamils, bought 74 percent stake in Aircel, that its file gained momentum. Until then the company was owned by C Sivasankaran, the chairman of Siva Group (earlier known as Sterling Infotech Group). Krishnan paid Rs 3,390.82 crore for 74 percent equity in Aircel. Today, Aircel is the seven biggest telecom operator in the country with its net worth valued in the range of $7.5-$8 billion…”


Reason Why Raja Sought Bail

Kalaignar TV
Kalaignar TV (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


( Follow the Link above and see how a corrupt Man is being touted as an Ion of The Dalits of India and how these people manipulate Dalit sentiments!)

In fact, he is a slur on the Dalits.

A. Raja, the scam tainted former Telecom Minister  who is accused of. Rs.1,76.000 Crore scam has been granted bail.

Salient points of the Court order:

 I am of the opinion that further detention of the accused would not serve any purpose. There is neither any allegation nor material on record to suggest that if accused is enlarged on bail, he would flee from justice.

* An apprehension has been expressed by the prosecution that if enlarged on bail, the applicant/accused may influence the witness or tamper with the evidence. However the case is going on for more than a year and no such incident has been brought to my notice. Moreover, this apprehension of the prosecution can be addressed by imposing conditions and restrictions on the accused. Furthermore, almost entire evidence in the case is documentary in nature and the same is in the custody of the court.

* Considering the progress of the trial, period of custody of the accused and the fact that all other accused have been released on bail, I am of the opinion that further detention of the accused would not serve any purpose and for these reasons, I am inclined to admit the applicant (Raja) to bail on his furnishing personal bond in the sum of Rs. 20 lakhs with two sureties in the like amount.

* The applicant (Raja) shall not directly or indirectly make any inducement, threat or promise to any person acquainted with the facts of the case so as to dissuade him to disclose such facts of the case so as to dissuade him to disclose such facts as may be necessary to the court or to any authority.

*Raja shall not visit Department of Telecommuniaction and state of Tamil Nadu without prior permission of this court.

* Raja shall remain present before this court on all dates fixed for hearing for the case. If he wants to remain absent, then he shall take prior permission of this court and in case of unavoidable circumstances, he shall immediately give intimation to this court that he may be permitted to present through his counsel, and in such an event, he will not dispute his identity as the accused in the case.

* Raja shall surrender his passport, if any, and in case he is not a holder of the same, he shall swear an affidavit.

* CBI will be at liberty to make an appropriate application for modification/recalling of the order passed by this court, if for any reason, the petitioner violates any of the conditions imposed by this court or creates any condition which is not conducive to the holding of a trial.


He is still not out of the woods yet.

CBI is preparing to file a charge sheet  on Raja in connection with Aircel and Uninor deal and is reported to be on the money trial leading to Malaysia.

The Court has imposed severe restrictions on Raja while granting bail.

It is funny to see people being elated on being granted bail while on protective custody prior to the actual trial as though Raja is declared innocent!

Raja has steadfastly refused to move a bail application even when Kanimozhi was granted bail declaring that he would prove that he is innocent and come out after being proved innocent.

Why the change of mind?

Sources indicate that this is a sequel to the tug of war between Karunanidhi’s sons, M.K.Stalin, former Deputy Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu and Mu.Ka.Azhagiri, his elder brother and Union Minister  for Fertilizers.

It may be recalled that the Radia tapes were leaked  by the manipulations of Azhagiri to check the growing power of Kanimozhi,MP ,his step sister and Raja who is was reportedly close to her.

Now that Kanimozhi is out on bail and she is being considered for a plum post in the DMK and that Stalin seems to be gaining ground as the heir apparent ot DMK presidency,Azhagiri wants ti check mate these two.

He had met Raja in Tihar Jail after Behrua was granted bail and reported to have assured Raja that he would give him protection for his Life and take care of him if he would come out and expose the details of persons in 2 G scam and Kalaignar TV scam of 250 crore.

But as Dr.Subramanian Swamy had earlier observed Raja is safe in Jail for he should remember what happened to Pasha who was murdered.

He was an important Link in the scam.

Please read my blog on this,under ‘corruption’

Aircel Customer Care, ‘Incoming Not Getting Down!’ Audio

A hilarious conversation between Aircel Customer Care and a Customer.

Most people who know Tamil would have heard this.

I am reproducing this here , with a loose Translation for those who do not know Tamil.

The Dialect seems to be from Madurai and it is very difficult to translate local idioms and tone inflections.

‘Customer.I have a problem in calls.

Executive: What is the problem?

Customer: Some body is sitting on my Line and refuses to get  down.


Customer:My friend told me that this fellow is dangerous and  he always sits in th Line and takes away my calls.

Executive: What?

Customer: True , Sir. This fellow is doing this to every body in our town.

Executive: You mean you are not getting Incoming calls?

Customer:The same fellow.Now you have admitted it.You ask him to get down from the Line.

Executive Eh?

Customer. You do not know what problems  I am facing.May Mother and Aunt had a big fight yester day.In between this Incoming comes and tortures me.

Executive:Ah.Is that the problem?

Customer. Sir, right. But I don’t know him. I am in serious trouble. I got drunk yesterday( weeps)