My Dying Words

Who is not afraid of death?

Those who reply in the negative are lying.

It is fear of Pain that might accompany death that is more disconcerting more than the fear of the Unknown.

Does my Life end here?

For that matter what is Life?

What have I done with/in my life?

have I loved some body?

If so, have I been found wanting in that?

Do I meet up with those whom I have loved and who had departed before me?

Would i curse who have not helped me?

Would I get food?

Would people, especially my children, remember Me?

Is there a God?

Would He punish me?

Would I be reborn?

If so, would i be born as an animal to suffer?

Would I be wandering body-less in between my death and the time before i am reborn and where?

Would my philosophical musings help?

Shankaracharya says ‘No”

“Never Discussed,Raja Altered 2 G Press Note’ Nanavati AG

My reply was ‘It is a sin to to be indifferent when inhuman acts are done and in such a situation, people should have reacted against Hitler which they did not.

World War II and the Holocaust was the Result.

The other side is that when people in Power allow things to drift as the Wiemar Republic had done in Germany then people yearn for an alternative even if they were aware they were descending towards Inhumanity, they welcome it’as in Hitler’s case.

By allowing the Corrupt free as in India, we are escalating a situation as those in Germany prior to Hitler and the the French Revolution of 1789