Vintage History Photo Essay

I have come across a site where I found some interesting photos.

These  are photos from history are quite captivating.

Einstein's Desk
Einstein‘s Desk the day after his death April 18,1955
Map 1689
World Map 1689


Ground above where Hitler was burnt
The Ground below which Hitler was burnt in the Bunker 67 years ago


Teenager who Flew Cessna
A teenager flew a Cessna into Red Square illegally 1987, he was arrested


Helmets of the World War of different Nations


Death in World war
World War Deaths Note India‘s
Forecast 1962
Forecast of 2012 New York in 1962





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My Dying Words

Who is not afraid of death?

Those who reply in the negative are lying.

It is fear of Pain that might accompany death that is more disconcerting more than the fear of the Unknown.

Lord Byron on his death-bed
Lord Byron on his death-bed

Does my Life end here?

For that matter what is Life?

What have I done with/in my life?

have I loved some body?

If so, have I been found wanting in that?

Do I meet up with those whom  I have loved and who had departed before me?

Would i curse who have not helped me?

Would I get food?

Would people, especially my children, remember Me?

Is there a God?

Would He punish me?

Would I be reborn?

If so, would i be born as an animal to suffer?

Would I be wandering body-less in between my death and the time before i am reborn and where?

Would my philosophical musings help?

Shankaracharya says ‘No”

bhaja govindamsloka 1bhajagovindam bhajagovindamgovindam bhaja moodhamathesamprapte sannihite kaalenahi nahi rakshati dukrinkaranemeaning:bhaja – seek, govinda – the lord govinda, moodhamathe – o fool, o ignoramus, samprapte – (when) comes, sannihite – appointed, kaale – time, nahi – surely never,rakshati – saves, dukrinkarane – grammar rule.substance:seek or worship govinda, seek govinda, seek govinda, o fool or ignoramus. when the death comes at the appointed time, grammar rules will not save or rescue you”
Recently I read an article where they listed some dying words of the Common people.
The top one read ,
I wish I had lived the way I wanted rather than what others wanted me to live”
I here below furnish some Dying Words.
Voltaire famous anti-christian atheist: “I am abandoned by God and man; I will give you half of what I am worth if you will give me six months’ life.” (He said this to Dr. Fochin, who told him it could not be done.) “Then I shall die and go to hell!” (His nurse said: “For all the money in Europe I wouldn’t want to see another unbeliever die! All night long he cried for forgiveness.”wink

Robert Ingersoll: “O God, if there be a God, save my soul, if I have a soul!” (Some say it was this way: “Oh God, if there be a God, save my soul if I have a soul, from hell, if there be a hell!

David Hume, atheist philosopher famous for his philosophy of empiricism and skepticism of religion, he cried loud on his death-bed “I am in flames!” It is said his “desperation was a horrible scene”.

Napoleon Bonaparte, the French emperor, and who, like Adolf Hitler, brought death to millions to satisfy his greedy, power-mad, selfish ambitions for world conquest: “I die before my time, and my body will be given back to the earth. Such is the fate of him who has been called the great Napoleon. What an abyss between my deep misery and the eternal kingdom of Christ!”

Et tu Brute,Then Fall, Caesar” Julius Caesar
My favorite is from The God Father By Mario Puzo.
Don Corleone dies at his Home of a heart attack surrounded by his grand son and son Michael Corleone.
The Don opens his eyes and says,
“Life is Beautiful’
I wish I could say that as I die.


The Illuminati Principles, Numbers

I am trying to sift information on Illuminati and have been posting on various aspects.

This is yet another one.

You may read my ost Famous Members of Illuminati Videos and other posts as well.

The Illuminati was founded in Europe on the same day as America, just before the declaration of Independence on May 1st 1776 by Adam Weishaupt, at the request of the Rothschild family who commissioned Weishaupt for the task in 1773. The Thule society of (which Adolf Hitler was a member) was the German branch of the Illuminati. The American branch is the “Skull & Bones” society at Yale (of which both Bush 1 and Bush 2 are members.)

In 2006, the Illuminati’s “main social event” is when they meet every year in July at a Californian Redwood Forest called “The Bohemian Grove” for their “Summer Fire Festival” where they engage in bizarre, Druidic rituals involving “mock” child sacrifice at the base of a 45 foot stone owl god thought to be a derivation of the ancient deity of fire and sacrifice known as Molech (you’ll find this guy in the bible and it’s not a pretty description.) but more accurately reflects an ongoing continuation of the Cult of Minerva. This ceremony and its elite participants has been well documented on the Alex Jones Video “Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove”
During these 2 week long July festivals they engage in homosexual acts, discuss world politics, decide on policies and in which direction the world should go, all in an atmosphere of ritual and revelry. The Bohemian Club proudly boasts that the Manhattan Project was first conceived at the grove.
The main ceremony is the opening event which is known as “the Cremation of Care.” Females are strictly forbidden at Bohemian Grove.

Ciphers and Signs of the Illuminati
Illuminati Presence and Structure
Illuminati Presence and Structure

At its founding, the Illuminati embraced 25 principle goals and ideals:

1. All men are more easily inclined towards evil than good.
2. Preach Liberalism
3. Use the idea of freedom to bring about ‘class wars’
4. Any and all means should be used to reach the Illuminati Goals as they are justified.
5. The right to lie in force.
6. The power of our resources must remain invisible until the very moment it has gained the strength that no cunning or force can undermine it.
7. Avocation of mob psychology to control the masses.
8. Use alcohol, drugs, corruption and all forms of vice to systematically corrupt the youth of the nation.
9. Seize property by any means
10. Use of slogans such as equity, liberty, fraternity delivered into the mouths of the masses in psychological warfare
11. War should be directed so that the nations on both sides are placed further in debt and peace conferences conducted so that neither combatant obtains territory rights.
12. Members must use their wealth to have candidates chosen and placed in public office who will be obedient to their demands and will be used as pawns in the game by those behind the scenes. Their advisors will have been reared and trained from childhood to rule the affairs of the world.
13. Control the press.
14. Agents will come forward after fermenting traumatic situations and appear to be the saviors of the masses.
15. Create industrial depression and financial panic, unemployment, hunger, shortage of food and use this to control the masses or mob and then use the mob to wipe out all those who stand in the way.
16. Infiltrate into the secret Freemasons to use them for Illuminati purposes.
17. Expound the value of systematic deception, use high-sounding slogans and phrases and advocate lavish promises to the masses even though they cannot be kept.
18. Detail plans for resolutions, discuss the art of ‘street fighting’ which is necessary to bring the population into speedy subjection.
19. Use agents as advisors behind the scenes after wars and use secret diplomacy to gain control.
20. Establish huge monopolies that lean toward world government control.
21. Use high taxes and unfair competition to bring about economic ruin by control of raw materials. Organize agitation among the workers and subsidize their competitors.
22. Build up armaments with Police forces and Soldiers sufficient to protect our needs.
23. Members and leaders of the one world government would be appointed by the directors.
24. Infiltrate into all classes and levels of society and government for the purpose of fooling, bemusing and corrupting the youthful members of society by teaching them theories and principles that we know to be false.
25. National and International laws should be used to destroy civilization and enslave and control the people.

The Illuminati Numbers.

  1. There are many Illuminated groups, with different kinds of secret knowledge. Anything you might say about them (including this) will be false for some of the Illuminati, but true for others, which only adds to the confusion and mystery.
  2. The Illuminati infiltrate and take over organizations of all kinds, from churches to the post office to the corner grocery store, and turn them to their own ends.
  3. And, just as a black joke, some of their subject organizations advertise themselves as Secret Societies.
  4. They have agents and “sleepers” planted everywhere. Many of these people have no idea who they are really reporting to. Others are active members of the conspiracy, working their way ever deeper into the fabric of society.
  5. They control the schools in order to make sure that young people learn to enjoy strange tuneless music and weird outlandish games, and that they dress oddly.
  6. They also try to recruit the best and the brightest young people as agents, to insure the next generation of the Conspiracy.
  7. They constantly feud among themselves and war with other groups and organizations. Each group of Illuminati is constantly striving to increase its power base and undermine the competition.
  8. Their first means of dealing with opposition is to buy it off. To any group as rich as the Illuminati, a few million dollars are nothing.
  9. Next they try threats. Danger to possessions, status or loved ones has dissuaded many a would-be foe of Illuminati schemes.
  10. And, of course, murder is an ancient political weapon. The Illuminati have been responsible for some of the most shocking assassinations of modern times.
  11. They also replace people with doubles. For many years they recruited look-alikes who would serve their ends. Now they are perfecting cloning technology that will let them replace anybody.

“Never Discussed,Raja Altered 2 G Press Note’ Nanavati AG

In the land of Giants, we are Pygmies.


In the unfolding of ming boggling scams like Irrigation Scam in Maharastra,Mining in Goa,T Tamil Nadu, Thorium in Tamil Nadu,ISRO Antrix  ….. ,since 2 G, makes it a novice.


But none can dismiss the precursor, the 2 G scam of allotting Licences in the Telecommunication sector by breaking every Law known .

to man, arm twisting and pure criminal intent.


Radia Tapes, Depositions by every one high and low, Court Strictures, jailing of Raja and Kanimozhi and of course of their release, murder of a witness close to the deal, location and identification of the Money trail…

Now the deposition by the then Attorney General that  the issue  of allotting the Licences to first come-first served,the alteration of the Press Note cleared by The AG……


Of what use and to what end?


I posted a blog on ‘Hitler‘s Germany, Photo Essay’ which drew  a comment that it was horrible that an event could take place like this.


My reply was ‘It is a sin to be indifferent when inhuman acts are done and in such a situation, people should have reacted against Hitler which they did not.


World War II and the Holocaust was the Result.


The other side is that when people in Power allow things to drift  as the Weimar  Republic had done in Germany then people yearn for an alternative even if they were aware they were descending towards Inhumanity, they welcome it, ‘as in Hitler’s case.


By allowing the Corrupt free as in India, we are escalating a situation as those in Germany  prior to Hitler and the French Revolution of 1789.



  Forme rAttorney General Vanavati, India
Forme rAttorney General Vanavati, India

Attorney General Goolam E Vahanvati told the Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) on Tuesday that a Department of Telecommunications press release inviting applications for spectrum allocation in 2008 cleared by him was altered by Telecommunications Minister A Raja before it was issued. Vahanvati was the solicitor general at the time.

According to JPC chairman P C Chacko, the Attorney General also asserted that there had been no discussions between him and the minister, as claimed by the latter. Vahanvati told the committee that the changes in the first-come-first-served policy were never discussed with him and he had nothing to do with the allocation of 2G spectrum licences.

Vahanvati stated during his deposition that then telecom secretary Siddharth Behura had brought the file related to the press note pertaining to the policy, on grant of Unified Access Service licences, to him on January 7, 2008, and sought his opinion on the factual status about any stay in court on the issue of letter of intent. He had offered opinion on the “premise of trust”, Vahanvati said. However, he was not aware of the amendments subsequently made in the press note issued on January 10, 2008.

Chacko said, “That amendment… which had led to a qualitative change in the selection process was not known to the Attorney General.” Vahanvati, according to him, “conceded that he could not disagree that his trust was belied”.

The Third Reich, Hitler’s Germany Photo Essay

Hitler's Germany
Adolf Hitler salutes troops of the Condor Legion who fought alongside Spanish Nationalists in the Spanish Civil War, during a rally upon their return to Germany, 1939.
Hitler's Germany
Nazi Rally 1937
Crowds Cheering Hitler
Crowds Cheering Hitler
Hitler and SS
Adolf Hitler at the swearing-in of SS standard bearers at the Reich Party Congress, Nuremberg
Hitler at Nuremberg.
Reich Party Congress, Nuremburg, Germany, 1938
Girls Dancing at Rally
League of German Girls dancing during the 1938 Reich Party Congress, Nuremberg, Germany
Hitler's Berlin at Night
Berlin illuminated at midnight in honor of Hitler’s 50th birthday, April 1939
SS Swearing in at Midnight
Adolf Hitler and Joseph Goebbels (in box) at Charlottenburg Theatre, Berlin, 1939
Hitler's Germany
Adolf Hitler makes keynote address at Reichstag session, Kroll Opera House, Berlin, 1939
Hitler's Germany
Reich Party Congress, Nuremberg, Germany, 1938.

It is difficult to believe, after viewing this, that none of the Germans had anything to do with Hitler and they were ‘just following orders!’