Teens Technology Social Media, A Study

People share information on The Social Media.

Teens also do.

Despite warnings about the fact that the information shared in the Social Media is likely to be misused, they still do.

So is chatting online.

The probable reason is the basic Gregarious instinct of man, the urge to be with people and share.

Why on the Social Media and not in person?

Teens new Syndrome Sleeptexting

Dating had been a problem , to handle it, it was accepted, thinking it is solved(people would say”What problems?)

Then ‘Drugs’, partly solved , but Marijuana has been legalised with ingenious arguments>

Now comes “Sleep Texting’

One has to learn to live with it, unless Teens understand that it is a problem;

Any way psychiatrics will have a roaring business.!

Puberty At 6 Caused By Junk Food.

We have been seeing, over the years, children attaining Puberty early. Experts warn that it would hit the Age of Six. Reason -Junk Food . I have posted quite a number of blogs on the evils of Junk Food. I have tried the Junk Food only once. I was uncomfortable for a few Days. To those who […]

Now Teen Moms Have ‘Facebook Page’

While it is not correct to approve of the Teen Moms, some comments bring forth these Teens‘ commitment to the child.   However it is boorish behavior to comment nastily in this page . Teen mothers have taken to a Facebook page called “I Hate Teen Moms” to fight back against comments they are “sluts” and a […]