Crop Circles In California With Binary Code

On the 30th of December, 2013, Salinas valley,California,USA witnessed mysterious Crop Circles appearing suddenly. There have been reports of strange lights, much like UFO in California on January, 2014 This reports came in from Stockton,Auburn and Sacramento. Video of UFO sighting in the area on 30 July is here.


Nairobi Mall Terrorist Attack In Pictures

    Images from: Huffington Post. Reuters. ABC News. Related Articles Kenya mall hostage drama: Live updates ( 'We are not monsters,' Nairobi attacker told British child (

Breast Milk Lollipops

Came first Breast being sold across the counter in UK. Breast Milk Lollipop. Lollyphile has released a new lollipop, the breast milk lollipop, seen here. Now comes breast Milk flavored Lollipops. But it is mentioned as from Natural and artificial Resources'

US Marine Urinates On Taliban Fighter Corpse Will Do Again

If it a question of inflaming passions, there is none to contest for the US. Forget about terrorists. Urinating on a corpse does not be-hove of a civilized being. It does not make one any different from the terrorist who has been killed.

World’s Highest Jump Mount Everest Video

Amidst reading and writing of Corruption,Match fixing, this comes as a relief to convince me that there are some people yet who do things for the thrill of it and are devoted , not to money but the Human Spirit.

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