Alien Saves Man In Accident Alien In Mars. NASA

They show an Alien face taken and verified from different angles,

Entrance of what appears to be a cave on the Moon.

UFO in Aurora Borealis,

Man Being saved by Alien in China!
This video which is being posted here is found to be a Hoax and is a part of shooting done for a Computer game in China.

But the others are yet to be declared as Hoax.

California Crop Circle Binary Code

There have been reports of Crop Circles in California,US.

I have posted on this.

The Crop Circle seems to have a Computer Chip like image.

Many Ufologists have been maintaining that messages are being left by Aliens in Binary in these Crop Circles.

Sometime back a Binary Code in an Italian Crop Circle was reported to have been found.

Whale Explodes Video

A dead Sperm Whale exploded when a local pierced it in Faroe Islands.

The fisherman in the clip was reportedly tasked with cutting the carcass up to avoid further health hazard but hit a gas pocket through the whale’s blubber, according to