Caste Is Necessary Unavoidable Introduction.

Speaking or writing on Caste is considered as near sinful by the nouveau Intelligentsia and literati.

Caste In India

Doing either of this attracts the label,


Religious fanatic,

Anti secular ( Till date I have not understood what this term means, it changes its hues on one’s whims!)

But facts must be faced.

Before the dawn of Civilization, Man was living in the wilderness, at the mercy of the Elements.

He ate whathe could gather from Nature.

He found Animals living, seeking shelter from the elements in Caves.

He drove the animals out , started living in caves.

In the process he learnt to kill animals and eat them

He developed implements to kill the animals.

He learned that to keep himself safe from the animals and to hunt ferocious animals , he needed the help of fellow Humans.

He liaised with them , started living with them,, not accommodating at first, and then learnt that he had to accommodate.

During the course of this, he copulated, tried various combinations, Polyandry,Polygamy,Lesbianism and Homosexuality before finally arriving at Monogamy.

At first, he formed a Group among the inmates of the Cave in which he was living, then this expanded to a Group of Caves, then a forest are and the Forest.

He felt safe in Numbers, so formed a Community.

Even now we do.

Those who declare  that they are an Island , are’/can live independently of others usually declare so when they every one around/with them or they have no option to be with any body.

As is in any relationship , there is always a certain amount of give and take.

Man became comfortable when he had to adjust the least and be with people with whom most Common interest.

Based on this some common ground rules, based on certain values like the style of eating; speaking, type of comfortable behaviour and practices, which later became Customs and Mores.

These Customs and Mores became the instruments of Social Control and Social Stability.

Over a period  of time, communities became Tribes, Tribes turned into Societies with Stricter laws of Social Control, based on Common interest.

Even to-day we follow this, though by some other names.

You have Politicians as a flock, Doctors,Lawyers, Judges,Teachers, IT Professionals and the like.

This is based on common grounds.

And a necessity which is determined by the environment and economic parity and common values and habits.

When on a Mission to Space. Earth is our Home and we are all one.

When you come down to earth, you belong to a Continent,Nation,State,District,Town,Street and Your Home , Family

And finally yourself.

It is in our self-interest we organised ourselves into a Group.

We may not like this, but there is no Altruism is involved here.

Altruism is enlightened self-interest when we do to others what we want them to do unto us,

And conversely we desist from doing to others what we do not like the others to do unto us.

So the Customs.Practices, Mores are stabilized and those with the same values stick together.

This is how the Society and laws governing the Society are formed.

How does Caste come into this?

Next Post.


Caste system is scientific.


Emerging Caste System in India.


How People Misuse Welfare Money

The Governments all over the World keep on doling out money to people,with the Vote banks in their minds.

They disguise it under the garb of Welfare.

While it is necessary to help out the less fortunate ,it is also equally necessary that we do not breed a generation of misfits and leeches who do not want to do an honest days work.

In India, people are given free rations,TV,Mixiers,Grinders,laptops,Food for children at Schools,Chappals,toothpaste,Books,Note Books,Free electricity,Cash  …….

Do people spend the money for the purpose it was given?

In most of the cases, the answer is NO.

They spend on booze and other non essentials in the case of Cash and  in the case of doles in kind they are  sold .

And politicians use these schemes to organize scams, which runs into Millions of rupees.

Now the Government of India has come out with a proposal to directly credit the dole money the bank account of the recipient,instead of getting this amount disbursed by the departments concerned. !

Time a mechanism is put in place to monitor how the money was spent.

People were found to be using the dole money in non essentials in the US.


Welfare Money Spent on Striptease Clubs.
Welfare Money Spent on Striptease Clubs.

“This is morally scandalous.  I have nothing against strip clubs, but that’s not what benefits are for. I don’t blame [recipients]. If you are poor, it’s a crummy life and you want to have a drink or see a naked woman. I blame the people who are in charge of this.”


Under the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program, a federally operated welfare program, families and individuals are given food stamps and cash assistance which is accessed through Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) cards.

The New York Post also wondered how welfare recipients spend our tax dollars, so using the Freedom of Information Act, they obtained the database records of 200 million Electronic Benefit Transfers.  They discovered numerous withdrawals made from ATM machines in strip clubs, liquor stores, lounges and even a porn store.

Some of the clubs where EBT withdrawals have been made from on-site ATMs have been the targets of police investigations for violence.  One club in the Bronx, Club Eleven, is notorious for violence.  Police temporarily shut it down in 2010, but it managed to reopen.  Last July, two men were shot and five others stabbed outside the club.  Club Heat, another place known for violence, was the location of a fatal shooting in December 2011.  EBT cash withdrawals have also been at a gay bar and tobacco shop.

Welfare recipients took out cash at bars, liquor stores, X-rated video shops, hookah parlors and even strip clubs — where they presumably spent their taxpayer money on lap dances rather than diapers, a Post investigation found.

A database of 200 million Electronic Benefit Transfer records from January 2011 to July 2012, obtained by The Post through a Freedom of Information request, showed welfare recipients using their EBT cards to make dozens of cash withdrawals at ATMs inside Hank’s Saloon in Brooklyn; the Blue Door Video porn shop in the East Village; The Anchor, a sleek SoHo lounge; the Patriot Saloon in TriBeCa; and Drinks Galore, a liquor distributor in The Bronx.

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Gravity Assumptions Galore.

Gravity is the Force that appears to attract Physical Bodies towards each other’.

Let’s see how much we know about it.


Note the Definition, ‘appears to attract’ – We are not sure.


Einstein’s Views -‘Theory of  General Relativity‘ as applied to Gravity.


Space and Time , Spacetime condition Gravity.


General relativity, or the general theory of relativity, is the geometric theory of gravitation published by Albert Einstein in 1916[1] and the current description of gravitation in modern physics. General relativity generalises special relativity and Newton’s law of universal gravitation, providing a unified description of gravity as a geometric property of space and time, or spacetime. In particular, the curvature of spacetime is directly related to the energy and momentum of whatever matter and radiation are present. The relation is specified by the Einstein field equations, a system of partial differential equations.”…


Some predictions of general relativity differ significantly from those of classical physics, especially concerning the passage of time, the geometry of space, the motion of bodies in free fall, and the propagation of light. Examples of such differences include gravitational time dilationgravitational lensing, the gravitational redshift of light, and the gravitational time delay. The predictions of general relativity have been confirmed in all observations and experiments to date. Although general relativity is not the only relativistic theory of gravity, it is the simplest theory that is consistent with experimental data. However, unanswered questions remain, the most fundamental being how general relativity can be reconciled with the laws of quantum physics to produce a complete and self-consistent theory of quantum gravity.




Space is curved(please read my blogs under Astrophysics).


Have we defined Space, Tie?




Consequently Gravitation as influenced by Spacetime,at best, remains a conjecture.


Space time and Gravitation
Two-dimensional analogy of spacetime distortion generated by the mass of an object. Matter changes the geometry of spacetime, this (curved) geometry being interpreted as gravity. White lines do not represent the curvature of space but instead represent the coordinate system imposed on the curved spacetime, which would be rectilinear in a flat spacetime.


Newton on Gravity(theory discared, yet being used in Calculations)


” “I deduced that the forces which keep the planets in their orbs must [be] reciprocally as the squares of their distances from the centers about which they revolve: and thereby compared the force requisite to keep the Moon in her Orb with the force of gravity at the surface of the Earth; and found them answer pretty nearly’…


Although Newton’s theory has been superseded, most modern non-relativistic gravitational calculations are still made using Newton’s theory because it is a much simpler theory to work with than general relativity, and gives sufficiently accurate results for most applications involving sufficiently small masses, speeds and energies.’


Irrespective of the fact whether our Theory is Right or Wrong, Principles of Nature work,so much for Science.


By the way , can some one forward me the exact definition of Nature?


Earth’s Gravity.


a) Earth is ‘assumed’ to be surrounded by its own Gravitational Filed, which exerts an attractive force on all objects. Assuming a spherically symmetrical planet, the strength of this field at any given point is proportional to the planetary body’s mass and inversely proportional to the square of the distance from the center of the body….


The fundamental is an Assumption.


Again, ‘ This means that, ignoring air resistance, an object falling freely near the Earth’s surface increases its velocity by 9.81 m/s (32.2 ft/s or 22 mph) for each second of its descent. Thus, an object starting from rest will attain a velocity of 9.81 m/s (32.2 ft/s) after one second, 19.62 m/s (64.4 ft/s) after two seconds, and so on, adding 9.81 m/s (32.2 ft/s) to each resulting velocity. Also, again ignoring air resistance, any and all objects, when dropped from the same height, will hit the ground at the same time.




‘The strength of the gravitational field is numerically equal to the acceleration of objects under its influence, and its value at the Earth’s surface, denoted g, is approximately expressed below as thestandard average.

g = 9.81 m/s2 = 32.2 ft/s2′

We want to know Earth’s Gravitation, that is what we want to prove.

Acceleration of Bodies is determined the force of Gravitation.

So when we rely on the Acceleration of Objects under the influence of the Earths’ gravitation , have we not already assumed Earth’s  Gravity?

We also ignore the effect of Electromagnetism and other forces at work,EM being dependent on Gravitation or is the other way around?

The Theory is riddled with Assumptions and leaping to conclusions.


Chinese Scientists have found a way to measure Gravity and it throws Spanner in the works.


‘By conducting six observations of total and annular solar eclipses, as well as Earth tides, a team headed by Tang Keyun, a researcher with the Institute of Geology and Geophysics under the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), found that the Newtonian Earth tide formula includes a factor related to the propagation of gravity.

“Earth tide” refers to a small change in the Earth’s surface caused by the gravity of the moon and sun.

Based on the data, the team, with the participation of the China Earthquake Administration and the University of the CAS, found that gravitational force released from the sun and gravitational force recorded at ground stations on Earth did not travel at the same speed, with the time difference exactly the same as the time it takes for light to travel from the sun to observation stations on Earth.

[…] By applying the new data to the propagation equation of gravity, the team found that the speed of gravity is about 0.93 to 1.05 times the speed of light with a relative error of about 5 percent, providing the first set of strong evidence showing that gravity travels at the speed of light.”





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The Tumult Of Prostitutes, “Whores’ Glory”

Drinking,Gambling and Prostitution  have been in existence since time immemorial.

Prostitution is a trade which while being vehemently criticized in Public , is secretly adored.

Barring a few cases , women enter in to this harrowing world because of poverty,ill-treatment ,neglect and exploitation by men and women for money.

More serious is the crime of sexual misconduct.perversions,adultery, living in relationships.

These vile acts are not seriously looked as one would at Prostitution.

“Michael Glawogger does for documentary film what Ryszard Kapuściński did for journalism: He reinvents it as something immersive, meditative, and poetic. His films condense themes of staggering complexity—economics, labor, sex—into meticulous vignettes of everyday life. Although he has occasionally been derided for aestheticizing poverty, there’s little doubt that his audacious style is compelling. Nobody who has seen Megacities, his 1998 film about globalization, can forget those feverish New York City scenes of a hustler shooting dope and robbing his john at knifepoint, just as nobody who has watched Workingman’s Death (2005), his portrait of contemporary physical labor, can shake its images of a Nigerian slaughterhouse awash in blood.”

A prostitute in Reynosa, Mexico_gallery-display/photoessays/mexico_01.jpg
A prostitute in Reynosa, Mexico, waits for customers to drive by. A tattoo of Santa Muerte—Saint Death—is visible near her left shoulder and offers protection from violence. (Photo by Maya Goded)


The women of La Zona
The women of La Zona pose for men circling the lot. Once they’ve lured a customer, women negotiate a price and retreat into the motel-like rooms. (Photo by Maya Goded)


Prostitute Soliciting_jpg.
Like many industries in Mexico, prostitution is often controlled by cartels or the mafia. Pimps in La Zona typically live outside of the brothe

Look at the Pathetic look in eyes tinged with desperation, pain, self revulsion and disgust!

“I recently spoke with Michael Glawogger about the challenges of capturing such a clandestine subculture. The accompanying photographs are from the companion book to Whores’ Glory,published by Orange Press 
Mother Jones: The locations you filmed pose intense logistical challenges for a documentarian, let alone one who is also taking photographs. How did you balance the two?

Michael Glawogger: Mostly I take photographs in times of research. Whores’ Glory was shot in 30 days, 10 days for each segment, but the research for each part lasted a couple of months.

MJ: Did the women respond differently to being photographed than to being filmed?

MG: Sometimes the presence of a camera is like opening a door, because many people want what Andy Warhol called “15 minutes of fame.” But prostitutes don’t want that. They know about the internet, they know their boyfriend can see them, or their parents, so overcoming those boundaries is very tough. I’ve made many documentaries, but prostitution was the hardest in terms of gaining the trust of the people being filmed.

MJ: How did you do that?

MG: I had to first convince them that I wasn’t a journalist who would yet again put out a notion about them they wouldn’t necessarily care for or who would victimize them. You know, journalists come and go. If they come twice, it’s a lot. But I come 10 times and hang out with them and share stuff. If you connect with someone just once, that’s something. But if you can connect twice, that’s something else.

MJ: The film is so lush and cinematic. Is it your ambition as a documentarian to restore beauty to lives that many outsiders might see as ugly?

MG: As a filmmaker I cannot make anything beautiful. I’m Platonic in that sense. I think beauty is the splendor of truth, so if the people I portray think they’re beautiful, they’re beautiful. I don’t make them that way. I don’t aestheticize anything. I don’t even use lights. The working girls do one thing all day: They make themselves pretty. That’s their job and their money. In a way, I had the best makeup artists, hairdressers, and art designers in the world.

MJ: How does being a man change the way these women respond to you?

MG: Whenever a man enters the realm of prostitutes he’s always regarded as a possible customer. If you enter as a woman, you’re regarded as somebody who could be in the same place. Being a man brings the perspective of flirtation.


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Satyamev Jayate, Porn on TV?Aamir You have A child?

Satyamev Jayate, anchored by Aamir Khan in Star Plus  TV Channel,seems to have picked up momentum, judging by the TRP ratings.

This programme is supposed to address social problems.

The episode  dealing with Homosexuality of a man  was vulgar to say the least.

Under the garb of exposing the problems faced by men in terms of sexual harassment, the show  vividly describes the act of Fellatio and anal intercourse.

The victim explains how he was abused at an early age and on being asked as to how he felt(?) then went on to describe that his nerves were taut and… the molester forced his……

While one is totally taken aback at the trauma the child would have undergone, one fails to understand why the show was allowed to be telecast with vivid description of the act.

Adults can understand what the victim is trying to say.

But what about the children watching?

How does a parent reply?

Aamir Khan advises patronisingly’ This could happen/have happened to you.

Do not be afraid to tell your parents”

Seemingly good.

But how about children who do not know any thing about this?

Would not children attempt this, out of curiosity?

Yesteryear heroine Sridevi comes on the screen and sympathises with the participant!

Aamir, I hope has children.

How does he plan to handle his child?

Raakhi Sawant’s show is nothing when compared to this.

The Government banned the broadcasting of an episode during day time.

How about this programme?

The Government could at least ask these people to be more careful in descriptions.

I fear the day when they will telecast lesbianism,  Gang-bang ,all in vivid detail,may be with illustrations!,-Haule-Haule