Bomb Blast in Chennai Helplines

Chennai: 044-25357398

Bangalore: 08022356409, 08022156553

Railway control number: 08022876288 , 044-25357398, for inquiries.

There has been a Bomb Blast in Central Station ,Chennai,India to day in the Guwahati Bangalore Express.

Malaysian Airlines Hijacked Russian Intelligence

Earlier the was information tha the US had the Plane hijacked and detonated an Atom Bomb.

The story had some good pointers on this.

Now there is fresh Intelligence inputs from Russian Intelligence that the Malaysian Airplane MH 370 was hijacked and is some where in Afghanistan,

probably in Kandahar.

The hostages are alive and the terrorists are expected to begin negotiations with China /US.

Missing Malaysian Jetliner Hijacked, Planned 2001

Now it is highly suspected that the plane has been hijacked after indication from Malaysian Airlines that an experienced Pilot might have been flying the aircraft too low to avoid detention by the Radar.
A terror group from Malaysia plotted in the weeks after 9/11 to attack an airplane using explosives hidden in their shoes, according to a former terrorist who claimed to have supplied the bomb.

The Kiev Massacre Video Photo Essay

The situation in Kiev is turning worse despite President’s ‘Truce’ Photo Essay and Video. Harrowing footage has emerged which shows a group of anti-government protesters being picked off by special force snipers while progressing through Kiev’s Independence Square. As medics try to attend to the victims, the snipers continue to fire shots at the group. […]