US Attack On Syria, Capabilities Targets

Now that the US has made up its mind to attack Syria, either with or without the coat-tail hanger UK, don’t worry it will come around not that ii matters much-it is PRO job for the US, have a look at the Capabilities ans The potential targets in Syria and how the US is placed. […]

Pentagon’s Email Shows US Behind Syria Gas Attack

I raised doubts about the Chemical Attack in Syria in my post,also quoting that The US helped Saddam to Gas Iran.

Now, information has leaked through the hacked email of a Pentagon Colonel that the US was behind the Syria’s Chemical Attack.

WMD for Iraq and Chemical Weapon for Syria.

What is in store for Iran?

Bahrain Shia Sunni Violence Simmers To Erupt

The Persian Gulf Country Bahrain is simmering because ¬†of Social, economic and religious tension. “Bahrain human rights activist Maryam Al-Khawaja says the government there is escalating its crackdown on protests in advance of a major opposition rally, and says that the regime continues to torture detainees. Al-Khawaja, President of The Bahrain Center For Human Rights, […]