Rama Tribe Ganges Dug by Prophet’s Grandfather In Mecca

rophet's Grandfather dug the Zamzam spring which is a word from Ganges, Ganga . associated with Lord Shiva, Prophet's Father and his ancestors were the custodians of the Shiva Temple, the affinity of Arabic with Sanskrit, and the worship of Moon and the Rama and Soma Tribes were in Arabia! '


Vedic Practices In Kaaba Islam

Anga suddhi. Purification of the parts of the Body. Muslims are enjoined cleanliness of five parts of the body before commencing prayers. This derives from the Vedic injuction 'Shareer Shydhyartham Panchanga Nyasah' 7.Etymological similarities. Kaaba temple from Kabaaleeswara( Shiva)

Vikramaditya Installed Shiva Linga In Kaaba?

How come the Linga was spared from destruction? Prophet's ancestors were worshipers of Shiva and were entrusted with the maintenance of the Kaaba temple. Who installed the Shiva Linga in Kaaba? Obviously the Lina should have been installed before the arrival of the Prophet.

Shiva Linga In Kaaba Opens At Pradosha Video Pakistani Web Site

The Prophet, after signing a treaty with tribes the Medina Treaty, stormed Mecca and destroyed 360 Idols housed there. There is Kaaba Stone which is believed to have been of Abrahamic times. People are not permitted to take videos or photographs of the inside of the room. The room seems to contain an Idol, the worship of which is prohibited in Islam.

Muslims Worship Shiv Lingam At Mecca Masjid Al Haraam Says Islamic Site

Now there is one more evidence from a Muslim source, that too from a strict Islamic one at that. The site is named as ' Ahlal Quran Wal Tawheed... .Those who live in the ancient city of Mecca visit the old temple grounds to face and worship this Penis. To polytheist Muslims temple ground is known has Masjid Al Haraam but historically it was where Arab polytheists gathered anully to worship their gods.

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