Laser Shadows High Temperature Kuldhara Village Of Ghosts

Mysteries of Nature still daunt Man, despite professed advancements in Science and Technology.

The problem of spirits, Ghosts are yet to be solved,

The Ghost fact finding adventures in TV channels continue, with evidence surfacing that Ghosts do exist.

We have one in India as well.

Room temperatures vary and Lasers detect strange shadows!

It is the KuldharaVillage in Rajasthan

Byse Unique Solstice Indicator, Stonehenge Of India

Located in Byse village in Karnataka these Megaliths structures dates back to 1000 BC and have been found to be aligned with certain Solar and Stellar movements including solstices andequinoxes.

Megalithic structures have been found at a site called Nilaskal Byana which mean “the field with the standing stones”. In 1975, the site was reported as containing several menhirs (single standing stones) arranged in no particular pattern. In 2007, the researchers from the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR) and Manipal University surveyed the site and discovered 26 megalithic constructions….

Listen To Mysterious Broadcast Russian Or..?

Strange transmissions have been heard on the Frequency  4625 kHz.   Listen to it here.   Currently there is only a monotonous Buzz.   Keep trying you may find something.   “Also known as The Buzzer, this shortwave radio station has existed since the late 1970s, usually broadcasting nothing more than a repeating buzz tone. […]

Earth Will Be In Darkness NASA Hoax

The site has been responsible for a string of nonsensical fake-news reports that have spread virally, often causing fear and consternation as they travel. Readers should not believe any of the reports published on the site.”

At the rate people fall for stories like this, people may believe a report that the Congress party , Sonia Gandhi,Rajiv Gandhi, Kani Mozhi, A. Raja and Karuanidhi were not involved in corruption at all.

Vanishes From Non Existent Country Passport, Parallel Universe?

He added that he had been visiting japan from this country for the past Five years.

He had with him European Countries’ currencies and a Driver’s License issued by the mysterious country Taured.

The authorities checked him into a Hotel room and they were verifying the facts.

The icing on the cake is that as two Immigration officials stood out side his doors, he vanished!