70 Kg Stone Levitates Shivpur

A seventy kg stone levitates? True , it is in Shivpur Maharashtra. One has to place his index finger and chant “Qamar Ali Darveeeesh!”, the stone goes up. The Levitating stone of Shivpur. How to reach. Railway Station/Bus station. Pune, Shivpur is 23 Km from Pune, 150 kM from Mumbai. Airport.Mumbai. ” The story goes […]

UFO Landing Site Samaipata

The authorities all over the world are in constant Denial Mode when confronted with anything connected with UFO. There is enough evidence to at least institute a Study on the UFOs. Please check under astrophysics, interesting and Funny, Videos for more information on UFO, Aliens. There are cave paintings all over the world depicting Astronauts […]

Magnetic Hill Of Ladakh Cars Travel Up No Driver

Any car parked on top of the hill will roll up the steep road on its own accord, moving at upto 20 kilometers per hour (12.4 mph) speeds. This supernatural-phenomenon is called the “Himalayan wonder”.

People from around the world go there to witness nature’s hidden mystery.