Vedas on Consciousness

The activity of the Brain is Mind,(Science) Activity of the ind is Intellect, activity of the Intellect is Chitta(Indian Philosophy). Mind is like a CPU , it receives sensations /Data. No factual or judgemental pronunciations are made. The Judgemental portion or the factual certification is made by Buddhi(Intellect). How does Buddhi pass judgements or values to an even or sensations. It is by the directions of the Chitta, Consciousness. Consciousness in an attribute of Reality. It is the Subject in the process of Cognition.


Types Of Energy Purusha Suktam 3

That which Performs or induces Performance is Kinetic Energy or Energy in Action or on the Move. This is Purusha of Hinduism. Motion is not visible with out both working in tandem. From the One basic Reality, Its attributes,Purusha and Parkriti become Universe.

Purusha Suktam Verse 1 Reality Two Fingers Breadth

(Feminists need not take offence for this term contains, in this context, Female Principle Prakriti is immanent. As the explanation is about things before creation some term is to be used ''He'; is used and She is not used because the import of the Female term is different.This will be clear as the explanation will reveal later) The Purusha ukta describe the process of manifestation as Indian Philosophy does not use the term Creation, but only manifestation. Creation involves bringing forth some thing new which has not been in Existence before. As everything is Eternal there is no question of Creating something. Contrary to what many belive the Pursh Sukta is not about Vishnu or Narayana. Separate Suktam on these Deities appeat later as Narayan Suktam and Sri Vishnu Suktam. While Narayana is an Amsa of Purusha, Visnu is an Amsa of Narayana. As Lakshmi and Durga are. Therefore to complete the Chanting one has to recite all the Five Suktas . This is the actual Panchamrutha. not the dish we prepare and offer to God as an item to bathe Him with. When some one says in the Pooja, whether in the Temples or Homes, Panchamrutha Snanam Samarppayami, the Five Suktas are to be chanted. The Vedas have Four Parts,

India Coastal Insecurtiy Sri Lanka China Now US

Eastern Coast of India is exposed once again, this time by The US. A ship from the US carrying Arms and ammunition has entered the Tuticorin,Tamil Nadu and now the threw numbering 32 have been arrested. First Tamil Fishermen were/are being shot. China periodically visits the area. Now US. Where is the Coast Guard? India,A Super Power?

What To Chant In Yoga How Patanjali Sutra 27, 28

Chanting of a Holy Name increases the efficacy of Meditation in Yoga. The more senses the senses are involved better the concentration would be. There is one-act when all the senses are focussed on a single activity. It is sex. It is instinctive. In other activities, one has to attempt to focus the senses . In Meditation, eyes are focussed on the tip of the nose(Bhagavad Gita), later the eyes may remain closed. Along with this', during Pranayama, breathing enables the focussing of the function of the Nose. Now three more senses, namely the whole body, mouth and ear remain to be focussed . Ears and Mouth can be made to focus by chanting. Rars are attuned to the our voice automatically. Once our voice is heard the Mind is directed towards it. Panjali proses Chanting. Chanting means, in its real sens in Indian Philosophy, a sound which has profound psychological and universal attribute. The fundamental unit of sound in speech is Letters. Letters raise from three parts of the Human Body.

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