Values Still Alive Photo Essay

One is sick of


Nations invading others on false pretext


Of Terrorism


Of Religious Fanaticism


Of Corruption


Of Betrayals,




Of Greed and Corruption,


Of Pedophiles,


Of wheeling and dealing,


Of irresponsible parents,


Of  insensitive children,


One loses faith In Humanity and Human values,




A Muslim gives away his shoe to the needy and walks barefooted,Image.jpg.
A Muslim gives away his shoe to the needy and walks barefooted
Kindness from strangers.Image.jpg.
Kindness from strangers.


Kindness In Train b a Stranger.Image.jpg.
Kindness In Train b a Stranger.
Carolers assemble for a Child with Leukemia.Image,jpg.
Carolers assemble for a Child with Leukemia.
Love.Thanks for treating His dog. .image.jpg.
Love.Boy Thanks for treating His dog.




Vintage History Photo Essay

I have come across a site where I found some interesting photos.

These are photos from history are quite captivating.

I have come across a site where I found some interesting photos.

These  are photos from history are quite captivating.

Einstein's Desk
Einstein‘s Desk the day after his death April 18,1955
Map 1689
World Map 1689


Ground above where Hitler was burnt
The Ground below which Hitler was burnt in the Bunker 67 years ago


Teenager who Flew Cessna
A teenager flew a Cessna into Red Square illegally 1987, he was arrested


Helmets of the World War of different Nations


Death in World war
World War Deaths Note India‘s
Forecast 1962
Forecast of 2012 New York in 1962





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Irreverent Jesus Photo Essay Videos



Jesus as a Boxer
“Boxing Jesus” by Nancy Fouts from Crucifixion Exhibition at Corey Helford GalleryJ
Sex and Christ Photo.
“The Misadventures of Romantic Cannibals” by Enrique Chagoya


Weird Christ Photo on a Cross.
“Piss Christ” by Andres Serrano courtesy Edward Tyler Nahem gallery
Jesus as Obama
Jesus as Barack Obama Nailed


Scary Jesus.
Jake and Dinos Chapman, “The Milk of Human Weakness III,” photo by Stephen White, courtesy White Cube
last supper spoof.
“Crucifixion” by Glenn Barr from Crucifixion at Corey Helford Gallery


Jesus as a woman.
“Stigmata” by Ray Caesar from Crufixion at Corey Helford Gallery




Through the Huffington Post.


Best Photos 2013


First Photograph of Moon.
J. W. Draper—London Stereoscopic Company/Getty Images One of the first pictures ever taken of the moon by Dr. J. W. Draper of New York, 1840. Read more: The First Photograph of The Moon – LightBox
4 D image of Child
Ultra Sonic 4 D Image of a Fetus.


Bangladesh garment factory Fire.
Taslima Akhter Taslima Akhter. Savar Dhaka, Bangladesh. April 24, 2013. April 24, 2013, still remains fresh in my memory. At 9 AM when I got the news, I rushed to Rana Plaza. That morning I did not understand what a brutal thing had happened, but within hours I grasped the enormity and horror of it. The day passed with many people helping survivors and taking photos. At midnight there were still many people. I saw the frightened eyes of the relatives. Some were crying. Some were looking for their loved ones. Read more: TIME Picks the Best Photos of 2013: Bangladesh, Syria, and More – LightBox


Skogafoss Waterfall, Iceland Margagnoni’s long exposure photos capture icebergs, waterfalls and glacial lagoons with such dreamy accuracy that what’s real and imagined becomes indistinguishable. Margagnoni’s images are captured in foreign lands from Norway to Iceland, though they seem more like locales found in fairy tales than on a geographic map. The stark photos remind us of the big wide world waiting beyond our iPhones and computers, and, quite miraculously, compel us to look outside and see it for ourselves .


water falls Iceland
Seljalandsfoss waterfall, Iceland
Mall Attack Nairobi.
Tyler Hicks—The New York Times/Redux Tyler Hicks. Nairobi, Kenya. Sept. 21, 2013. It was clear that something catastrophic was developing when I arrived at Nairobi’s upscale Westgate Mall. Gunfire had been reported, and I witnessed hundreds of victims streaming out of the building, many of them shot and bloodied. I realized this was the attack people had warned about since I moved here two years ago. Al Shabab militants were waging a violent attack on a crowded target frequented by foreigners. Read more: TIME Picks the Best Photos of 2013: Bangladesh, Syria, and More – LightBox


Terrorism execution
Emin Özmen. Keferghan, Syria. Aug. 31, 2013. I took this picture on August 31 in Keferghan, a town near Aleppo, in northern Syria. It was the fourth and last execution of the day committed by Al Qaeda-linked ISIS militias. There were people of the village with their children, observing the scene in silence. A man, covered with black clothes except for his eyes, read his crimes for a long time. After the execution in Ehtemlat, the body was put on a pick-up and was taken to another village. The next was the execution in A’zaz, and the scene was repeated once again. The bodies were being taken from village to village. There was another execution right after A’zaz, and then Savran, and then Keferghan. Read more: TIME Picks the Best Photos of 2013: Bangladesh, Syria, and More – LightBox


Best Space Photo 2013
Sky Above Rattlesnake Lake Photograph byhisao mogi, National Geographic Your Shot
New Star Fomalhaut
A star called Fomalhaut and its surrounding disk of debris have made astronomers sit up and take notice. That’s because this picture, released January 8 by the Hubble Space Telescope, reveals that the debris field—made of ice, dust, and rocks—is wider than previously thought, spanning an area 14 to 20 billion miles (22.5 to 32 billion kilometers) around the star.

Interesting Funny Photos


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World War II Photo Essay

There are some Photos I came across of World War II.

I am Posting a few.

World War II Photos
A man looks at Bodies in a Pit.
Wold War II
Praying near a Corpse.


World War II
Desolate Children.
Word War II .
Disconsolate Man near a Killed Child.
World War II
Sleeping with a Dog..


World War II
US Soldier sleeping in a Fox Hole.


Landing at Normandy.
Normandy Situation. World War II Click to Enlarge.




Aging Photo Essay

The process of Aging has been shown through by a series of Images.

One noticeable thing in all photos is the known ‘random fact’ that the ears and nose are 2 body parts that never stops growing and getting bigger – from birth to death.

From Buzzfeed.

Aging process 1
Aging process.
Aging 2
Aging process.
Aging 3


Process of Aging.
Aging 4.



Process of Aging.
Aging 5
Process of Aging.
Aging 6



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