Safety Cleanliness Freedom Women’s Day Survey. What?

Times of India , in collaboration with IMRB had conducted  Survey on Women on the occasion of the Women’s Day and had published the results with its comments. This survey is reported to have been done in Six Cities of India. Let’s assume the Survey is scientific ,which I doubt ,because of the sample size area and interpretation. 1.64% of Women feel Unsafe […]

Elders Being Killed In India

What is more shocking is the revelation by a Field worker of an NGO  that the Elders are being killed in the Southern Districts of Tamil Nadu,India much in the manner of Infanticide where in tamil Nadu they resort to killing Female children by கள்ளிப்பால் the administering   juice of  Cactaceae. The Elders are killed by giving them Tender […]

Elders Abuse India, By Sons , Not Daughter’s In Law Study

I saw a Show on STAR Vijay TV Today which left me deeply disturbed. A show hosted by Mr.Gopinath of ‘Neeya Naana‘ fame,  ‘என் தேசம் ,என் மக்கள் ” –My Country, My People” in STAR Vijay bares some uncomfortable truths. This programme is telecast on Sundays at 10 am where Social Issues are brought into focus. Some of the earlier issues […]

India, Sexual Abuse Of Children Report

While we have been concentrating on the rape of Adult women in India and had an Ordinance passed by The President on Rape, the silent malaise is the sexual abuse of the Child. Related: Two out of every three children in India are physically abused, according to a landmark government study. Commissioned by the Ministry of Women […]

Wife’s Thoughts On Husband’s death

I received a Forward. I am porting some thing which has no relevance, yet relevant to the story here. Go through the Story. There is a bland statement to the effect that the husband died and only  narration dealing with monetary affairs. As if a thought had struck that it might not look nice if nothing is spoken about […]