Sasikala Jayalalitha DPA Supreme Judgement Text

The  judgement regarding the disappropriate assets case involving late. Jayalalitha ,Chief Minister Tamil Nadu has been delivered to day at 1030 am by the Supreme court of India.

Here is the judgement in pdf format. You may download.

Jayalalitha Sasikala. Image
Jayalalitha and Sasikala.




123 Billion Dollars Illicit Black Money Left India Congress Rule

GFI an advanced think tank has publish
ed a report which reveals that Indian Economy had US $ 1.6 Billion as illicit financial outflows,read as Black money ,in 2010.

Illicit Financial flow.

And black money losses of US $ 123 billions.
CONGRESS Government can take pride in placing India at the eighth place in the world in illicit financial flight.

Latest Global Financial Integrity Research Places India as Decade’s 8th Largest Exporter of Illicit Capital
Illicit Outflows Cost Developing World US$859 Billion in 2010, Rebounding Rapidly from Financial Crisis.

The Indian economy suffered US$1.6 billion in illicit financial outflows in 2010, capping-off a decade in which the world’s largest democracy experienced black money loses of US$123 billion, according to the latest report released today by Global Financial Integrity, a Washington-based research and advocacy organization.
The GFI study, titled “Illicit Financial Flows from Developing Countries: 2001-2010,” ranks India as the decade’s 8th largest victim of illicit capital flight behind China, Mexico, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Russia, the Philippines, and Nigeria, respectively.

Much focus has been paid in the media on recovering the Indian black money that has already been lost.  This focus is for naught as long as the Indian economy continues to hemorrhage illicit money.  Policymakers and commentators should make curtailing the ongoing outflow of money priority number one.”
“$123 billion is a massive amount of money for the Indian economy to lose,” said Dr. Dev Kar, GFI Lead Economist and co-author of the report.  “It has very real consequences for Indian citizens.  This is more than $100 billion dollars which could have been used to invest in education, healthcare, and upgrade the nation’s infrastructure.  Perhaps last summer’s electrical blackout would have been avoided if some of this money had remained in India and been used to invest in the nation’s power grid.”
Co-authored by Dr. Kar and GFI Economist Sarah Freitas, the study is GFI’s annual update on the amount of money flowing out of developing economies through crime, corruption and tax evasion, and it is the first of GFI’s reports to include data for the year 2010.
The report—the first by GFI to incorporate a new, more conservative, estimate of illicit financial flows—found that all developing and emerging economies suffered US$858.8 billion in illicit outflows in 2010, just below the all-time high of US$871.3 billion set in 2008—the year preceding the global financial crisis.
“Astronomical sums of dirty money continue to flow out of the developing world and into offshore tax havens and developed country banks,” noted Mr. Baker.  “Regardless of the methodology, it’s clear: developing economies are hemorrhaging more and more money at a time when rich and poor nations alike are struggling to spur economic growth. This report should be a wake-up call to world leaders that more must be done to address these harmful outflows.”


According to the report, the 20 biggest exporters of illicit financial flows over the decade are:

  1. China ………………….. $274 billion average ($2.74 trillion cumulative)
  2. Mexico ……………………………… $47.6 billion avg. ($476 billion cum.)
  3. Malaysia ……………………………. $28.5 billion avg. ($285 billion cum.)
  4. Saudi Arabia ………………………. $21.0 billion avg.  ($210 billion cum.)
  5. Russia ……………………………….. $15.2 billion avg. ($152 billion cum.)
  6. Philippines …………………………. $13.8 billion avg. ($138 billion cum.)
  7. Nigeria ………………………………. $12.9 billion avg. ($129 billion cum.)
  8. India …………………………………. $12.3 billion avg. ($123 billion cum.)
  9. Indonesia …………………………… $10.9 billion avg. ($109 billion cum.)
  10. United Arab Emirates …………… $10.7 billion avg. ($107 billion cum.)
  11. Iraq ………………………………… $10.6 billion avg. ($63.6 billion cum.)2
  12. South Africa ………………………. $8.39 billion avg. ($83.9 billion cum.)
  13. Thailand ……………………………. $6.43 billion avg. ($64.3 billion cum.)
  14. Costa Rica …………………………. $6.37 billion avg. ($63.7 billion cum.)
  15. Qatar ……………………………….. $5.61 billion avg. ($56.1 billion cum.)
  16. Serbia ………………………………. $5.14 billion avg. ($51.4 billion cum.)
  17. Poland ……………………………… $4.08 billion avg. ($40.8 billion cum.)
  18. Panama ……………………………. $3.99 billion avg. ($39.9 billion cum.)
  19. Venezuela ………………………… $3.79 billion avg. ($37.9 billion cum.)
  20. Brunei ………………………………. $3.70 billion avg. ($37.0 billion cum.)


For a complete ranking of average annual illicit financial outflows by country, please refer to Table 2 of the report’s appendix on page 36, or download the rankings by average annual illicit outflows here [PDF | 51 KB].

SUN TV Network To Be Closed 2 G Scam Aircell Maxis Fallout

While Karunanidhi has become a Super Judge and  been picking up mathematical holes in Jayalalithaa Assets case, forgetting the 2 G Scam, involving 1766.45 billion (US$28 billion)g his daughter, his A.Raja and  the others, the Home Ministry of India is contemplating not to renew the licence to SUN TV Network for its involvement in the 2 G Spectrum scam.

SUN Network Logo.jpg
SUN Network Logo.

For threadbare expose of  of the spectrum scam, including Radia, Kanimozhi Jaffer Sait Tapes,PMO Documents please check under Corruption, Radia Tapes.

I stopped writing on the scams as I was fed up.

I am posting this lest Karunanidhi and Co may not feel people have forgotten it .

Let him not talk of Morality .

New Delhi: The Union Home Ministry may not grant licence to Kalanithi Maran-promoted Sun TV Network’s group companies for alleged involvement of its owners in 2G spectrum scam and Aircel Maxis cases before various courts and investigating agencies.

The stand is likely to be communicated to the Information and Broadcasting Ministry as Union Information and Broadcasting Minister Arun Jaitley had written a letter to Home MinisterRajnath Singh on the issue, official sources said in New Delhi.

The company operates 45 radio channels under the brand name Suryan FM in Tamil Nadu and Red FM in rest of the country.

The Home Ministry said the company and its owners were allegedly involved in 2G scam, alleged bungling in Aircel-Maxis deal as well as running an “illegal” connections of telephones used for uploading their content, the sources said.

The company of Kalanithi, who is the brother of former union minister Dayanidhi Maran, had sought renewal of licence of its radio channels from one phase to another.

Under the switchover of phase, the company could operate more channels in the same bandwidth.’

News Source.

Sunanda Shashi Tharoor Sonia IPL Money Laundering

The alleged murder of Sunanda Pushkar, wife of Congress MP Shashi Tharoor, revealed by forensic study by AIMS, throws a lot of questions.

At the time of the incident,information surfaced that two foreign nationals on forged passports traveled to Dubai on the night of the murder.

Nothing more was heard of despite suspicions that the murder looked Mafia Style.


Shashi Tharoor,Sunanda Pushkar .gif
Shashi Tharoor,Sunanda Pushkar wedding.

Now nearly after a year, with a change in the Government, the enquiry hotted up with suspicions about Tharoor’s alleged extra marital affair with a Pakistan journalist , Meher.

The deposition of the Tharoor household that he heard Sunannda speaking to some one on the day of her murder that she would reveal everything to Media and Shashi Tharoor is finished.

There is also the suspicion that, considering the Shashi Tharoor IPL connection might have been one of the reasons for the murder.

Dr.Subramanian Swamy alleges that IPL was used to launder Oil for Food scam involving Iraq and Sunnanda was about to divulge the information linking Sonia Gandhi to IPL money laundering, Oil for scam.

It may be noted that Natwar Singh, former Union Minister of the Congress also stated that Sonia Gandhi was involved in the Oil for Food fraud in which former UN Chief Kofi Annan’s son was indicted.

” Journalist Nalini Singh told TOI on Thursday that Shashi Tharoor’s wife, Sunanda Pushkar, had spoken to her about some IPL issue which she claims she could not comprehend. She said Sunanda had brought it up during the phone conversation the two had on the intervening night of January 16 and 17. Sunanda was found dead on January 17.

“I don’t remember what exactly she said. I can recall she had said something like “look at this IPL mess also and that I also took on the IPL thing’,” Singh said.”

Interestingly, Subramanian Swamy has been alleging that Sunanda was murdered as she wanted to expose the IPL muck and money laundering being carried out through it. He has even dragged a member of the Gandhi family into the controversy.


“Dr. Subramaniam Swamy has said Congress lawmaker Dr. Shashi Tharoor must be thoroughly investigated in the murder of his wife Sunanda Puskhar Tharoor.

“I am a 100 percent certain that Tharoor did not murder his wife, but I am a 100 percent sure that he was aware of it and facilitated it, ” he told The News Minute (TNM) in an interview conducted over the telephone. “This has been done because what Sunanda was to reveal points to Sonia Gandhi,” he added.

Asked what was the nature of this evidence and he said there are two issues. “One is the money laundering through IPL which involves Robert Vadra and the other is the oil-for food stamps -Sonia Gandhi is the common link,” he said. The Indian Premier league (IPL) is a cricket tournament in India and the oil- for-food refers to the United Nations’ (UN) arrangement with Saddam Hussain’s Iraq to povide essential foods in exchange for oil. The UN provided food stamps, not cash, to Iraq as money to buy food for its people.”

According to Swamy, Sunanda Pushkar had told friends that the food stamps distributed in Iraq and written in Arabic had Sonia Gandhi’s name on them. Sunanda Tharoor had told her friends that Tharoor had bragged that because of the evidence he had, he was untouchable.

India and Iraq shared a close relationship at that time and Prime Minister Inder Kumar Gujral was among few world leaders who travelled to Baghdad to show his solidarity towards the Iraqi people. It maybe recalled that former foreign minister Natwar Singh resigned following the Volker committee report saying he had been made a scapegoat to protect other people. The oil-for-food also involved the family of the UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan whose son Kojo Annan was working for a Switzerland based company named Cotecna Inspection Services S.A which from 1998-2003 had a contract with the UN to monitor food arriving in Iraq under the oil-for-food programme. There was no direct evidence linking Kojo Annan to the payments, but he received money from Cotecna long after he had stopped working for them. Shashi Tharoor was Kofi Annan’s right hand man ever since the two met in Geneva in the early eighties.

“She was not on Alprax. Medical reports say that. Tharoor is on Alprax and he will break down if he is interrogated – this is what the Congress Party is afraid of,” Dr. Swamy said. ..

One of the earliest allegations of wrongdoing in the programme surfaced on 25 January 2004, when al Mada, a daily newspaper in Iraq, published a list of individuals and organizations alleged to have received oil sales contracts via the UN’s Oil-for-Food Programme. The list came from over 15,000 documents which were reportedly found in the state-owned Iraqi oil corporation, which had close links to the Iraqi Oil Ministry.

Named in the list of beneficiaries were British MP George Galloway and his charity, the Mariam Fund; former French Interior Minister Charles Pasqua; and Shaker al-Kaffaji, an Iraqi-American businessman, India’s foreign minister, Natwar Singh, was removed from office because of his role in the scandal. Many prominent Russian firms and individuals were also included on the al Mada list. Even the Russian Orthodox Church was supposedly involved in illegal oil trading. The former assistant to the Vatican secretary of state, Reverend Jean-Marie Benjamin, is said to have received rights to sell 4.5 million barrels (720,000 m3). George Galloway subsequently won two libel actions against the Christian Science Monitor and Daily Telegraph, which reported the allegations.


Thirupathi Balaji Temple Laundered Rajapkashe 350 Tons Gold

Lankaenews reports that the TTD, Thirumala Thirupathi Devasthanam of Lord Balaji was involved in selling  350 tons of Gold belonging to Rjapakshe,President of Sri Lanka.

This, Rjapakshe is reported to have swindled.

It may be remembered that the Tamil Nadu Scribes were lathi charged in Thirupathi, when they tried to take photographs of Rajapakshe when he visited Thirupathi recently.

Mahinda Rajapakshe.jpg
Mahinda Rajapakshe, President Sri Lanka.

The report also claims that he had a plan worked out to rig the Presidential election.

The e newspaper has published some documents in support of this.

Illegal Gols sale by Rajapakshe document.jpg
Details of the Company reported to have bought illegal Gold from Rajapakshe .

Well, Karunanidhi might take a few lessons from Rajapakshe or has Rajapakshe had taken the advice from MK?

The Report.

Matsumuara's Passport.jpg
Matsumuara’s Passport.

Rajapakse who has planned his fleeing the country , made a visit to the Thirupathy Temple(Kovil) immediately after handing over nominations not for paying homage , but to ensure the secret dispatch of the gold and monies , reports say. The Thirupathy Temple (Kovil) is well known world over for large collections of unofficial monies and gold. This Kovil lends monies even to the Indian government . At the same time it is involved in transfer of monies of multi -millionaires through the Undiyal system (illicit fund transfers). It is very evident that Rajapakse made a beeline to that Kovil for such an illicit transaction , that is ,out of love for money and not due to love for the deities , or to perform a genuine pilgrimage .

It is specially worthy of note that though Tissa Attanyake accompanied Mahinda , it was only the latter and Yoshitha, the son of Mahinda who went into the Kovil and met the Kovil bigwigs . Lanka e news is in possession of a wealth of information in this regard which will be released after 8 th January 2015….


The Rajapakse family had planned to flee the country in the event their conspiracies are unsuccessful . One of the conspiracy is to cause a bomb explosion in Colombo on the 6 th or 7 th of January 2015 , and blame it on the LTTE , with a view to earn the sympathy of the people and show that Mahinda Rajapkse had won by a majority of 300,000 votes , according to detailed reports reaching Lanka e news inside information division, and based on all the news garnered by our division.

It is the most infamous senior DIG Anura Senanayake who had undertaken this contract. Mahinda Balasuriya the secretary to the Ministry of law and order is also to render assistance to Senanayake , in addition to the Rajapakse regime ,to execute this plan, which information had unfortunately for the Rajapakses has leaked out already. It is significant to note that this plot of Anura Senanayake had not received any support from other DIGs as well as the IGP. Consequently , these vote rigging and election frauds planned by the regime have failed so far.

In like manner the conspiracy to rig votes has also been unsuccessful. Full information and details of rigging of election results and the methodologies to be adopted by the Rajapakse regime are in the possession of Lanka e news. According to these machinations , the final fraudulent election result is to be conveyed as though Mahinda has won the elections by 303,966 votes . (We have in our custody the concocted results on district basis that are to be conveyed to the people by the Rajapakse regime which we shall not reveal now, as that is too long and space consuming) . Sorry to state however, these riggings and frauds aimed at by the Rajapakse regime have not received any support from the elections commission secretariat, and these Rajapakse treacherous plans and manipulations have even been leaked out by them.

At any rate , at this forthcoming election , the opposition has taken a decision to operate an alternative (parallel) vote counting center to combat the regime’s fraudulent election practices and vote rigging , and prevent them. At the same time as the elections department is conducting the vote count , the opposition is to run the alternative (parallel) center for counting the votes with the aid of international sophisticated system and technology .

In the circumstances , since the Mahinda Rajapakse plans and plots to rig votes and commit election frauds in order to show to the people that he has won with a majority of 300,000 votes had turned into a damp squib so far , they have made arrangements to flee the country which is the only option left for them.

Based on informed sources of the Diplomatic circles , if Rajapakse regime team is unable to use the Sri Lankan planes ( which impediment it is naturally expecting) , the regime has already made arrangements with two Indian Charter plane companies to get down planes , for which the regime has paid in full to these companies.

One of these companies is ‘Air Charters India’ while the name of the other company is still not definitely known. The payments to these companies have been made by Sajin Vaas Gunawardena . (Sajin Vaas had flown to Singapore yesterday). ‘Air Charters India’ had informed that it must be notified at least 12 hours ahead if it is to send a plane to Katunayake or Mattala airport . In any case , payments have been made in full to two Indian charter companies in order that if one company fails to comply with the request urgently , the other company can be relied on as a stand by.

The Rajapakse family that is planning to make a bolt overseas has already sold 350 tons of gold in the country it has robbed , to a Japanese millionaire whose name is Keiji Matsumura . The latter representing a Japanese Company , Japuga Holdings Private Ltd. had bought the 350 tons gold. It is a Tamil national by the name of Rajgopal Kartheepan (identity card No. 8334333342 V) who has acted as a broker as his elder brother who lives in Switzerland had appointed Kartheepan to act on his behalf.

This quantity of gold had been illegally shipped via 16 containers loaded at the Colombo Port . Priyath Bandu Wickrema , the Ports chairman had seen to it this commodity is shipped without it being recorded in any of the registers. The cash amount realized by the Rajapakse family out of this shipment is US dollars 38000.00 per kilo . One ton is made up of 1000 kilos . Accordingly the total amount collected by the sale is US dollars 13,300 million..! and this transaction had taken place with the knowledge of HSBC bank.