Sunanda Shashi Tharoor Sonia IPL Money Laundering

At the time of the incident,information surfaced that two foreign nationals on forged passports traveled to Dubai on the night of the murder.

Nothing more was heard of despite suspicions that the murder looked Mafia Style.

Now nearly after a year, with a change in the Government, the enquiry hotted up with suspicions about Tharoor’s alleged extra marital affair with a Pakistan journalist , Meher.

The deposition of the Tharoor household that he heard Sunannda speaking to some one on the day of her murder that she would reveal everything to Media and Shashi Tharoor is finished.

There is also the suspicion that, considering the Shashi Tharoor IPL connection might have been one of the reasons for the murder.

Thirupathi Balaji Temple Laundered Rajapkashe 350 Tons Gold

Lankaenews reports that the TTD, Thirumala Thirupathi Devasthanam of Lord Balaji was involved in selling 350 tons of Gold belonging to Rjapakshe,President of Sri Lanka.

This Rjapakshe is reported to have swindled.

It may be remembered that the Tamil Nadu Scribes were lathi charged in Thirupathi, when they tried to take photographs of Rajapakshe when he visited Thirupathi recently.

The report also claims that he had a plan worked out to rig the Presidential election.

The e newspaper has published some documents in support of this.

Well, Karunanidhi might take a few lessons from Rajapakshe or has Rajapakshe had taken the advice from MK?