Tamil On Credit Cards Ramayana On Loans

One who spends more that what he earns, ( gets a loan to meet out his expenses), will lose his dignity, lose his mind and will be considered by all as thief in whatever he goes.

He will be a sinner in all his births and will be called bad even by the Good , despite all his other good Characteristics.

What his mental would be, when he faces the creditors?

Kambar, the Great Tamil Poet, in his Ramayana, answers this.

Indane Gas Delay Distributor Complaints Procedure

Not withstanding the IVRS, some distributors do not deliver on priority.

In my case Gs booked a week after I had booked were delivered, not mine.

I resolved the issue by contain the Link provided at the end of this post.

You may also check the details of your distributor, his distribution pattern and most importantly his personal Number/Mobile Number,

My issue was resolved within half an hour by an intimation through SMS tha Gas Bill has been raised and Gas was delivered the next morning.

This is the Link.

LPG Cylinder Explosion Insurance Claim Procedure

01) Check with your LPG distributor on the requisites for a valid insurance claim.

02)Use only Original accessories which are ISI approved.

03)Request your dealer to do the maintenance check every year.

04)Preserve the maintenance check receipt.

05)In case of death due to explosion of gas cylinder, the victim has to appeal in the court demanding compensation