Floating City Over China Parallel Universe

The atmospheric condition to 'facilitate' the Images seen in China and elsewhere should have been or should be present in many places at any given point of time. Then why do these images appear only in some areas ? The other contrived explanation is Fata Morgana.


Twelve Old Astronomical Instruments Of Lalla

While the instruments mentioned in the Surya Siddhanta relate to advanced ones, Lalla's Astronomical Instruments were are meant for daily use.

Blackhole Singularity Describes Brahman Of Hinduism

Time can be stilled.( Pleased read my post) Space and Time are the impediments to Realization of Brahman. Non Sense? Now let us see what Modern Physics say of this concept. Time runs backwards, It recoils. Ina Blackole, all events appaer to be at a Standstill, toug it is not. There is a Singularity ina Blackhole which one can not perceive.

Nataraja Chidambaram Represents Orion Super Nova Explosion 1054 AD

Moreover, the star chart for 1054 AD fitted well the iconometric design of a Nataraja image from Kankoduvanitham archaeometallurgically fingerprinted to the mid-eleventh century AD. Here, the hypothetical position of the crab supernova which exploded in 1054 AD lies near the top left of the head, close to the crescent moon. Chinese records suggest that the crab supernova came into view with a morning crescent moon near it and was visible for 23 days, being four times as bright as Venus

Why Moon Is Not Bathed In Earth-shine In Solar Eclipse?

A solar eclipse is a natural event that takes place on Earth when the Moon moves in its orbit between Earth and the Sun (this is also known as an occultation). It happens at New Moon, when the Sun and Moon are in conjunction with each other. If the Moon was only slightly closer to Earth, … Continue reading Why Moon Is Not Bathed In Earth-shine In Solar Eclipse?