400,000 Hits in WordPress.Thank You.

This blog has arrived at 400,000 hits on 14th January 2012.

Following are the details.

Posts: 3,132

Comments: 1,068

Categories: 116

Tags: 8,934

Followers: 238

300.000 hits were recoded in September 2011 and it has taken four months to add another 100,00 hits.

Categories remain at 116.

Subscriptions have increased,so are the comments.

WordPress Review 2011 of this blog has recorded that some of the blogs written well before 2011 had more hits in 2011,indicating staying power of the blog.

I shall concentrate now on writing in-depth articles on the subjects mentioned and add more informative articles.

On analysis ,I find that sharing the blog has enabled more readers to go through the blog.

I thank all the readers for their support and comments.

Please continue to do so.

I still do not know how to monetize my blog.

Will some one advise me?

Kindly advise me step by step details instead of referring  me to  some blog which I have tried.

And, again THANK YOU.


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