Indus Valley Civilization Dravidian

There are 33 Vedic tribes listed in the Rig Veda.

Their presence and dispersal was towards the north,north east of India,Persia and Russia.

One has to account for the presence of Sanatana Dharma in the Far east ,extending to Australia and the spread in Europe,Africa,Americas and Mesoamericas.

This was the work of Dravidians at first and later by the Vedic people.


..The term Dravidian coined by Robert Caldwell,who was a Christian Missionary with the Agenda of propagating Christianity much like Mueller has played/is playing havoc in understanding the ancient History of India.

The term Dravida was used by the Vedic texts to indicate a group of people living south of the Vindhya Mountains,Caldwell used this term to indicate an Ethnic group and paved a way to divide India on the bass of Ethnicity.

Then came the sophisticated attempt of dividing my proposing Aryan Invasion theory,which now stands discredited.

Please read my post The Fraud called Aryan Invasion.

While Max Mueller ,another well masked missionary took the route of planting deliberate misinterpretation of Vedas,though he did some good job,to confuse ancient Indian History(please read my articles on Max Mueller),Robert Caldwell took the Tamil Language to distort History by paving the way for misinformation about Tamils,Dravidas and Sanatana Dharma.

Indus valley time chart.image.
Indus valley Timeline

This has made historians running in circles.

If one accepts Aryan Invasion Theory,you have to accept that there was no presence of Vedic Dharma in the south;there were animosities between the Arynas and the Dravidas:the culture of these two were mutually exclusive;you can not explain the advanced culture in the South nor can you account for the numerous archeological finds that indicate a close connection between the two:you find it to date Kings and Eras.

But facts reveal themselves if one takes India as a unit refer to literature of All Indian Languages and foreign  literary references about India from Plato,Strabo and others.

The facts.

Rama’s ancestor was A Dravidian and ruled Dravida Kingdom.

Ravana was from the south and was a Dravida.

Shiva worship preceded in the Dravida Desa much before the Vedic period.

Valmiki,who compiled/composed Ramayana,was a Tamil poet.

So were Sage Agastya ,Parashurama,Gautama,Rishyasrunga….

Rama’s ancestor Sagara of Kosala Kingdom married a Dravidian princess.

Krishna attended Tamil Sangam.

Krishna,Arjuna married Pandyan Princesses and had children.

Sahadeva and Balarama visited South in their pilgrimage.

Madurai Meenakshi’s father Malayathdwaja Pandyz fought along with Pandavas in the Kurukshetra battle of Mahabharata.

Chera king Perunchotru Udiyan Neduncheralaathan provided food for both the Pandava and Kaurava armies during Mahabharatha war.

Kulothunga Chola’s son in law built Konark Sun Temple.

Rama,Sita and Hanuman ,among others of Ramayana visited many Shiva and Vishnu temples in the south..

List is endless.

Now more evidence.

Tamil Brahmi script was found in Saraswathi valley.

Tamil King Sibi,ancestor of Rama ruled from the north,where he had his second capital.

He built the Thiruvellarai Temple,near Srirangam,Tamil Nadu for Vishnu as Pundarkaksha.

Tamil is found among the Brahui people in NWFP area even today.

The Indus Valley civilisation (2,600-1,900 BCE) located both in Paistan and India is often identified as having been Dravidian.Cultural and linguistic similarities have been cited by researchers Henry Heras, Kamil Zvelebil, Asko Parpola and Iravatham Mahadevan as being strong evidence for a proto-Dravidian origin of the ancient Indus Valley civilisation.The discovery in Tamil Nadu of a late Neolithic (early 2nd millennium BCE, i.e. post-dating Harappan decline) stone celt allegedly marked with Indus signs has been considered by some to be significant for the Dravidian identification.….

Yuri Knorozov surmised that the symbols represent a logosyllabic script and suggested, based on computer analysis, an underlying agglutinative Dravidian language as the most likely candidate for the underlying language.Knorozov’s suggestion was preceded by the work of Henry Heras, who suggested several readings of signs based on a proto-Dravidian assumption.….

Linguist Asko Parpola writes that the Indus script and Harappan language are “most likely to have belonged to the Dravidian family”. Parpola led a Finnish team in investigating the inscriptions using computer analysis. Based on a proto-Dravidian assumption, they proposed readings of many signs, some agreeing with the suggested readings of Heras and Knorozov (such as equating the “fish” sign with the Dravidian word for fish, “min”) but disagreeing on several other readings. A comprehensive description of Parpola’s work until 1994 is given in his book Deciphering the Indus Script’

Images credit.

There are  33 Vedic tribes listed in the Rig Veda.

Their presence and dispersal was towards the north,north east of India,Persia and Russia.

One has to account for the presence of Sanatana Dharma in the Far east  ,extending to Australia and the spread  in Europe,Africa,Americas and Mesoamericas.

This was the work of  Dravidians at first and later by the Vedic people.

References and Citations. wiki,provided at each block quote.

Reference Books.

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4 thoughts on “Indus Valley Civilization Dravidian”

  1. i have come to some conclusion regarding the geographical area thats called dravidian ….. i feel there is a misinterpretation of geographical locations with regard to the vindhyas….i am convinced that the vindhyas referred to the lower sub himalayan tracts which agastya crossed so dravida is all the land between the himalayas and indra mahasagar [indian ocean]….shiva’s abode was kailash mansarovar in tibet and agastya was probably from tibet or tarim basin [thiyyan shan mountains]…..also tamil language of the siddhas is not dravidian but indigenous to central asia/siberia but would have changed in india after assimilating words from the local dravidian languages of which sanskrit is one …..there would have been likely a tamil civilization in the pacific whose survivors of oceanic cataclysms would have settled in mongolia/siberia/tibet/possibly iran and urals and scandinavia ……considering how strongly tamil siddhas influenced chinese civilization


    1. We have to take into consideration the fact that the Landmass during the long last years was different. I have attempted t o reconcile by linking the Bharatavarsha to Pangea,Rodina Super continent. You may check them I agree with your observation and shall write on this. Regards.


  2. All else is very well researched and said except one thing; The period of saraswati / Indus Valley Civilizations….
    The period of it’s existence of less than 2000 BC!!!!
    Saraswati River went underground about 6000 years BCE, making it at 4000 BC; as such;

    Liked by 1 person

    1. True. I have written on the currently accepted dates though I do not agree with these dates.Our texts go beyond at least 30000 years. These issues ,I have addressed through many of my other articles. The image I posted is what is being accepted now,though it is incorrect.As one reads the article, it will be clear that Sanatana Dharma is much older as I have referred many facts which indicate so. More to follow .Regards.


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