Subrahmanya Sweats Sikkil Live Images

Lord Subramanya, called as Murugan in Tamil sweats on Skanda Shasti day.This happens annually at Sikkil a town near Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu..


Murugan Sweats

I have written on how the Idol of Lord Subrahmanya at Sikkal , near Kumbakonam sweats on the Skanda Shasti day as soon as he receives the Spear, Vel from his mother Parvathi, to fight against Surapadma.

Murugansweats after receiving Spear
Subrahmanya sweats after receiving Spear

The day he destroyed Surapadma is celebrated as Skanda Sashti annual festival in Murugan temples in Tamil Nadu.

Subrahmanya Sweats on Skanda Shasti, Sikkil Singaravelar.

I was unable to get live pictures od Murugan swaeting then.
One of the archakas of the temple sent me the pictures.

Subrahmanya Sweats.


Sikkil Singaravelar

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