How To Find Gotra

I have published articles on Brahmin Kshatriya and Vaisya Gotras and a detailed list of Brahmin Gotras.

There have been a lot of queries on Gotras.

Broadly speaking they are of two types.


One informing me that I have left out a Gotra.

As Gotra information is difficult to come by and has to be validated I include the Gotras I missed out provided they stand verification.

There are a lot of Gotras which are not known because Brahmins have dispersed throughout India and have different mother tongues.

I shall be writing on these missed out/rare Gotras shortly after researching into various issues.

The other type of query is as to how one finds his Gotra.

The procedure is as follows.

Find out the Traya Rishis, the three Rishis mentioned in the Pravara.

That is the names of the three/five Rishis in the Abhivadana Mantra,

For example Abhivadaye

Kasyapa Apastara Naithruva

Thraya Rishe

Here the three Rishis are Kasyapa Apastara and Naithruva.

Your Gotra is the one that of the first Rishi

Here it is Kasyapa.

This method is for peoplevwho know Abhivadana but can not name their Gotras(some can not find Gotra even if they know Abhivadana)

For others check from the elders of the family the Sankalpa they perform during pooja orapara kriyas.

From this you can find the three or five Rishis.

If you can not find here or do not know Sankalpa findout the Veda shaka you follow.

If you can not find this find out the names of your paternal grandfather ,great grandfather and let me know the details along with the names of your father,Family Deity and your mother tongue.

I shall try to find out the Gotra.

105 thoughts on “How To Find Gotra

  1. Hi Sir

    This is indeed a great help you are offering here and if you can please advice on my gotra, will be much appreciated

    Father Name: Shalikram Mahadeo Kularkar
    Grand Father Name: Mahadeo Fakira Kularkar
    Great Grand Father: Fakira Nanu Kularkar
    Caste: Teli
    Location: Bhandara, Maharashtra


  2. Hi
    My name is Senthilkumar
    Father’s name: Govindarajan Naidu
    Grand father: Ramaswamy Naidu
    Great grand father : Ramalinga Naidu
    Gotram : Jilakara
    Kula Deivam : Angalamman Sangagiri, Salem
    Mother tongue: Telugu
    House Name : Dhruvam
    Kulam : Thilakar
    it is believed that our ancestors were migrated from Anantpur (AP) to various places Tamil Nadu especially to Salem.

    Request to know the pravara and the mantram. if any other details regarding our caste since few say we are Kshatriya and some say we are Vaishya.



  3. Hello sir … Great to see the help u r providing …. I want to know my gotra … Please help …
    My name – Pradeep Chandra Tirukkovalluri
    Father name – Sukesha sujana suresh kumar Tirukkovalluri
    Grandfather name – Om kesava das Tirukkovalluri

    Mother tongue – Telugu
    Caste – Hari Das
    Please Sir let me know my gotra … I will be very grateful …


  4. Respected sir, I went through your blog recently. Kindly help me in knowing my gotta. My name. Eshwanth rao, father’s name. Partha rao. Grandfather’s name:rangaraja rao, Great grandfather’s name: govind raja rao. Madhwa Brahmin, kulla devatha, patteswaram durgai Chennai. Plz help us with my gotta. Thank u sir.


  5. Hello sir … Great to see the help u r providing …. I want to know my gotra … Please help …
    My name – Sharad Baban Chitalkar DOB – 29-5-92
    My Varna is Kshatriya
    Father name – BABAN Balaji Chitalkar
    Grandfather name – Balaji Balwant Chitalkar
    Paternal Grandfather name – Balwant Chitalkar
    Family deity – Khandoba
    Mother tongue – Marathi
    Caste – Hindu Dhangar ( Hatkar )
    Please Sir let me know my gotra … I will be very grateful …


  6. Hello sir..
    My name is lavanya
    Sur name vallaji
    Father name; narsaiah
    Mother name ; vijaya
    Grand father name; venkatadri
    Kula davatha; laxmi naradimha swamy
    Native place; narsampet,warangal district
    Mother tongue; Telugu
    Plz let me know my gothram..


  7. Hello sir
    My name is lavanya
    Sur name, vallaji
    Father name; narsaiah
    Mother name; vijaya
    Grand father name; venkatadri
    Great grand father name; mallaiah
    Caste; mangali( nai brahmins)
    Mother tongue; Telugu
    Native place; narsampet,warangal district,telangana..
    Plz let me know my gothram..
    Thank u


  8. Sir,
    Please tell me my gotra,
    My name Vijay Prasad
    Father name Ganga Prasad
    Grand father name Rambharose
    Great grand father name Ramdayal
    Kul devi Mata kali
    And Kul devta Karya dev
    Belongs to district baduan up.
    Presently staying all in mumbai Delhi
    Please let me knw my gotra
    Thanks in advance


  9. Hello Sir,
    I was searching on how to identify the “Gotra” on web and suddenly came across your blog.
    While I was reading the blog, comments / replies on your blog I found it very very helpful.
    I also would like to Thank you for your efforts…

    Sir, I also would like to request you to help me in finding my Gotra. Below are the details required –

    My Name – Rajesh Jagdish Tandon (Birth Place – Nashik, Maharashtra, India)
    My DOB – 15-08-1984 and TOB – 14:33

    Father Name – Shri. Jagdish Bhagwandas Tandon (Birth Place – Hyderabad, Sindh, Pakistan)
    Grand Father – Late Bhagwandas Hiranand Tandon (Birth Place – Pakistan)
    Great Grandfather – Late Hiranand Tandon (Birth Place – Pakistan)
    KUL Devi – Varahi Mata
    Mother Tounge – Sindhi
    Caste – Hindu (Brahmin – Kshatriya)

    Currently residing – Nashik, Maharashtra, India

    It will be your great help if you could identify our Gotra and leave a reply for my post.
    I shall be thankful for such act of kindness…..


  10. myself balbir singh sandhi i’m punjabi my caste is sc nd my dob is 5th oct. 1959 so kindly please tell me my gotra itz very urgent


  11. Hi sir, i need to know my gotra
    Name: Manjuvani.P
    Father name: N.Papanna
    Grand father name: Nagappa
    Great grand father name: Mallappa
    Family house is in: Ratnagiri, Agali, Ananthpur district, Andhra Pradesh
    Family deity: Nanjanagudu Nanjundeshwara
    Caste: Balija
    Subcaste: Gowda Balija


  12. Hello Sir,
    While surfing for certain information,I came across your Blog. Is is very interesting and knowledgeable.
    Many Thanks for the information provided.
    Sir, My gotra is vatsa and I am a GSB , Can you provide any information regarding my lineage, origin or authetic system I should follow.
    Thank you.


  13. Hi
    My name is Nayana Nair
    Father’s name: Geetha Krishna Nair
    Grand father: Krishna pillai
    Great grand father : keshava pillai
    Family deity : ganapathy
    Mother tongue: malayalam
    My family home is in vellayani, thiruvanathapuram

    Please help me find my gotra
    Thanks a lot.


  14. Hello Sir! I am a Tamilian married to a Punjabi. To do puja s they ask Gotra and my husband doesnt know his Gotra, there is no surviving member in his family who can help me find his Gotra. Can you please help me and i have only the following details with me.

    Husband s name Ashish Monga
    Father name Gurucharan Singh Monga
    Grandfather s Name Dr Hansraj Monga
    They are from Adarsh Nagar, Jalandhar
    Khatri punjabis
    Mother tongue Punjabi

    I dont have kul devtha details and great grandfather name too.

    Please help me or guide me how to find the gotra or kul devtha!

    Thank you


    1. Without these details it is difficult to find the Gotra.At least Kula Devatha name is needed. Next course is to know your community among Tamilians and indicate probable Gotra.


  15. hi sir ,
    im shivam shrikant kharade
    father: shrikant nanasaheb kharade
    grand father: nanasaheb laxmanrao kharade
    greatgrandfather: Bajirao kharade
    kuldevta: shiva (khandoba or malhar)
    kuldevi : bhavani
    m confused in two gotra
    some in family says its vashistha and some says kaushik.. so tell me what it is .?. we are suryawanshis .. thats all what i perfectly knew


  16. Hi Sir,

    My name is Mohit Srivastava
    Father’s Name : Jagdish Kumar Srivastava
    Grandfather’s Name : Bindra Prasad Srivastava
    Great Grand Father : Bhavani Prasad
    Great Great Grand Father : Jai Karan Dayal
    We have our native place Andhaun near Ghazipur. Ghazipur is near to Varanasi.
    Our Mother Tongue is Hindi. We worship Chitragupt ji Maharaj, but not aware of family diety.
    We refer to Kashyap Gotra, but not sure of.
    Can you please help with the Gotra, or any other information that you can tell.

    Mohit Srivatava


  17. hi sir
    my name is bharathi
    fathers name is govindaiah
    my grandfathers name is venkatappa
    kuladevatha is venkateshwara
    mother tongue is kannada
    can i know gotra please?


  18. Hello, My name is Vivek Karan Parakh, My fathers name is Bhim Karan Parakh, My Grandfathers name was Suraj Karan Parakh, My Great grand fathers name was Dev Karan Parakh. They were from the village Ballarva in Rajasthan. Our Kul Devi is Osia Mataji. Our mother tongue is Marwari.


    1. Hello Sir,

      I am Prof Parag Shah. I am looking out for my gotra unable to identify it accurately .My fathers name is Suresh Ratilal Shah ,My Grandfathers name is Ratilal shah and My Great Grand Fathers name is Vadilal Shah i am born and living in Mumbai however my grandfather were in Surendranagar District Gujarat our mother tongue Gujarati and our family diety is Mahakalimaa at vakaner near ahmedabad gujarat.


  19. I would like to my gotta
    My grand father name is Rammana Lingampalle my father name is Laxmanarao Lingampalle and my name is Mangesh Lingampalle
    Hence I would like to know our gotra


  20. Hallo Sir,
    My name is Sarang Ramesh Bodhe,
    Father name is Ramesh Mukundrao Bodhe,
    Grandfather name is Mukundrao Bajirao Bodhe,
    GGrandfather name is Bajirao Tukaramji Bodhe,
    Tulja Bhawani is our Kuldevi
    I am from Maharashtra
    Pls let me know my Gotra, Thank You.


  21. Hi Sir
    My grandfathers name is Palathil Jayapal , my great grandfathers name is Palathil Govindan, my fathers name is Gopinath Jayapal. Our family diety is Lord Krishna. My mother tongue is Malayalam. Thank You.


  22. Sir my name is rajesh kc DOB-20-02-1990, FATHER NAME -CHIKKAMAYIGOWDA, MATHER NAME – GOWRAMMA



    Rajesh K C


  23. Can you please find my gotra
    My Name: Rupesh Aminchandra Pol
    Father’e Name: Aminchandra Madhav Pol
    Grandfather: Madhav Amina Pol
    Great Grandfather: Amina Pol
    Ancestral place: Bijapur
    Family Deity: Amoghsiddha (Siddheshwar in Bijapur)
    Family Goddess: Renuka devi (Yallama) Saundatti


  24. My name is mohan prakash vaishya, Father’s name is prakash hiralal vaishya. Grandfather’s name is hiralal lekhraj vaish and great grandfather’s name is lekhraj vaishya. My paternal great grand parents are from Farrukhabad state of Uttar Pradesh,my family deity is mamde devi or bhairi bhavani Please let me know my Gothra. I really appreciate if you can tell me


  25. I want to know Gothra of my Grandfather’s.(Mother’s Father). My Grandfather’s surname is “Nandipati”. They are Vaishnavas. we belong to Vysya community, Andhra Pradesh. Our native language is Telugu

    Could you please tell me the gothra of my grandfather’s?


  26. My name is Tapan Patel, Father’s name is Thakorbhai Patel. Grandfather’s name is Gordhanbhai Patel and great grandfather’s name is Jhaverbhai Patel. My paternal great grand parents are from village Bhadran, Gujarat, We are Patel, Vaishnav. Is it possible for you to tell me my Gothra. I really appreciate if you can tell me


  27. Hiii my name is uvaraj born is 1985. My dad paranjothy born in 1959 his dad sithiah born in 1908 and his dad name is boraiah.
    Paranjothy (married @ 22yrz)
    Sithiah (very late marrage)
    I’ve heard that my great grand dad migrated from niligiri hills (tamil nadu) to penang (malayasia)
    My great grand mom from chittur district to malayasia penang.
    My great grand mom side told to my grand father that we r naidus (gotra is vishnu)
    My great grand dad side told my grand father’s brother that we r kallar caste.
    Since my great grand dad name is boraiah we cant be kallars. (I think so😮).
    We follow my grand father side.
    Later when my dad was 8 or 9 they migrated back to india (kolar)
    Now am in singapore.
    So fo i belong to naidu???
    And is my gotra VISHNU is correct ??????
    Please answer me thx.


  28. My name is Narendra Thapa,
    Father name Ram Singh Thapa and grand father name was Man Singh Thapa who was live at Nepal Distt Palpa Vill-Bhirkot ,kali Gangagi river.My is Kaushalya since our Dada Pad dada but as per list of Gotra Kaushalya gotra is not mensioned .Please let me know my Gotra.


  29. Mera naam Narendra Singh Thapa hai aur Gotra Kaushalya hai hamare grand father Nepal ke Palpa Distt Borkot gaon ke rahne wale the hamara Thar Pulami magar hai Ishta Devta Bhim hai kya hamara gotra sahi hai ya nahin kyokih Gotra list me Kaushalya nahin hai ? Please maarg darshan karen…


  30. Hello sir,I would like known my gotta, my name is Ghetiya Nishith (kadva patel). My mother tongue is Gujarati and deity is umya mata. Thank you.


  31. Hi my name is Rahul Gandhi and my father’s name is Amishkumar Gandhi. My grandfather, Prakash Gandhi was the son of Shamaldas Anandlal Gandhi. We are relatives of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi and thus are from Porbandar in Gujarat. I don’t know who the Gandhi kuldevi is but it’s Gandhiji’s kuldevi so if you don’t mind can you find that out yourself. Many thanks. Can you help me find my gotra?


  32. Hi so my name is Rajiv Kapur, my dad Ramesh Kumar Kapur, my grandad Mulkh Raj Kapur, originally from Sheikhupura. Can you help?


  33. My name is vishal patidar my father manoharlal patidar grandfather name asaram patidar great grand father name deva ji patidar . Our gotra kharwa. But please find other peaple as a same gotra in gujrat and madhya pradesh . Currently i m live in indore madhay pradesh . I wating a long time .


  34. My name is sagar
    My fathers name is bacchubhai and surname is rot
    My grandfather name is jivabhai
    And we r from shamlaji gujrat belong to hindu adivasi dungari garasia
    Can u pls help me in finding my goatra


  35. My name is Nithyananthan, Father’s name is Krishnamoorthy. Grandfather’s name is Savarirajoo Naidu and great grandfather’s name is Kannusamy Naidu. My paternal great grand parents are from Anthra, We are from Naidu Clan. Please let me know my Gothra. I really appreciate if you can tell me


    1. I do not have specific information.If you worhip Devi it is Jambhu Maharishi: if it is Vishnu it is Vishnu Goytra and if it is Shiva Gotra it is Shiva.
      A your ancestors’s names are Vishnu’s name I reckon your Gotra to be Vishnu.Regds


    1. Kausika viswmitra Agamarshana are the three rishis.

      Lohitha Gothram
      Pravara : Kowshika, Viswamitra, Aghamarshana, Trayarsheya Pravarnvita, Lohita Gothra Aswalayanasutra, Rikh Shakhadhayayee.
      Original Ancestors Of the 74 seats established for the spread of the doctrine by Sri Ramanuja two were headed by brothers, Maruthi Periyandan, and Maronrilla Maruthi Chiriyandan. Of these the first was looking after the private services of Sri Ramanuja and the second was looking after the Mutt administration. When Sri Ramanuja came over to Hoysala Karnataka under the pretext of Chola King persecutions, many came with Sri Ramanuja. At that time, Maruthichiriandan was also with Sri Ramanuja and looking after his private and other secular affairs. In course of time, Sri Ramanuja sent Maruthichiriyandan to Srirangam to bring news of the welfare Kurathalwan and others and about the political situation there at the time. He brought information on all these matters and informed Sri Ramanuja when he was at the Kalyani Tank that the Chola King had died.


  36. I have been trying to trace the origin of my gotra since a very long time but with no success. My gotra is: Shankas. We are Sam Ved Brahmins, Shaiva, Kauthuma Shakha, Tree Pravar. Trivedi.


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