Lalitha Devi Bandasura Home Sunken Beneath Caribbean Google Maps

1.Co Ordinates. 18°46’40.1″N 67°26’07.4″W.

Click the Teardrop mark in the Map

18.789059, -67.434176.

You will find’No Information available”!

Here is the Google Map for these co ordinates.

Lalita Tripura Sundari.jpg


One of the intriguing aspects of Sanatana Dharma, Hinduism is the places mentioned in them, in the Puranas, Ithihasas,Ramayana and Mahabharata seem to be both allegorical and real(which is verified)

Mount Meru,Chandra Loka, Dhruva( Pole Star)Agastya ( Canopus Star),Sisumara Chakra,Pancha Kosas,the Five sheaths of Human body)……….

All these have physical existence

Please read my Posts on each of these.

I had a call from a Gentleman from Houston ,Texas,US,who informed me that he had seen images of the Deavatas mentioned in our Texts, when he was cruising in the Caribbean.

To be more specific around Puerto Rico, Cuba.

Images flashed by as he was cruising and he felt charged for an instance.

To the doubting Thomases , let me add that he is a very practical man and is a contractor erecting satellites.

In a conversation lasting an hour, I was able to see a keen and observant individual with an open mind.

He did not wish his name to be mentioned.

He had an interpretation of this phenomena, which he had suggested I do not Publish.

However I am posting this with my interpretation, with the limited knowledge  I have of Sanatana Dharma Texts.

1.Co Ordinates. 18°46’40.1″N 67°26’07.4″W.

Click the Teardrop mark in the Map

18.789059, -67.434176.

You will find  ‘No Information available”!

Here is the Google Map for these co ordinates.




1.Please go to the Google Map Link in a new window.

2.Open Satelitte view

3.On to your Right just above the ter drop icon,notice a monstrous Face.

And another next to it in Profile as though it is kissing it!

In both the images Ears Eyes and Noses are visible.

Now Use the Rotate Icon.

Rotate clock wise once.

You see a lot of Figures, appear  to be Human Monstrosities!

Among these you find a Bedecked Horse!


Now to Puerto Rico.


1.Please go to the Google Map Link in a new window.

2.Open Satelitte view

3.In the Map,look for the beginning of a Great Wall starting from beneath Fajardo.

4.It extends to and beyond the British Virgin Islands.

5.The Wall seems to be a folded mountain Chain.

6.Zoom the view at your top right hand corner of the wall ending at British islands.

7.Below Rooselt Roads you find a Fold one finds in the outer wall of a Palace.


Three refernces come to my mind.

One is the Moola Sainya of Ravana.

Another is the place where badasuara was killed b Lalitha Devi.

Yet another is the Chitamani Gruha of Lalitha Devi!

There are ancient Vishnu , Shiva temples in Colorado.

And the US is the Pathala Loka of Hinduism.

Am looking for more evidence.

After the annihilation of Bhandasura, Trimurtis called upon the cosmic architect Viswakarmaand the architect of demons Maya, and instructed them
to construct 16 palaces in 16 kshetras (sacred places) for the residence of Lalita &Shiva KameswaMeruand other gigantic mountains (9) Jalasamudraand
other oceans (7) –total 16Kshetras.
The palatial buildings of mother goddess in these kshetras are called Sripura.
360. Wherever a Sripura is located , its dimensions are like this.
A.)Mount Meru has 4 peaks,
One on the eastern side, one on north-west, one on the south-west,
Each is 100 yojanas tall and 100 yojanas wide these are trimurti worlds,
In the center of these is the fourth, which is 400 yojanas tall and 400 yojanas wide.
B.) Sripura is on the Middle peak
Sripura has metallic compound walls 7 in number they are square-shaped. Eachwall is separated from the next one by one a distance of 7 yojanas.
Kalayasa (iron)wall – The perimeter of this wall is 16 thousand yojanas.
Kansya (bronze)wall—Between these two is the first chamber. Several trees and gardens are located here.
Mahakali and Mahakala are the gate keepers.
Kalachakra is their throne.
‘Images of Ganesha have been excavated in plenty in Mexico. This god with the elephant’s trunk is frequently depicted in Mexican manuscripts . Lord Ganesha ‘Ekadant Ganesh’ was found in the temple at Kopan .


The image of Hanuman called by the name ‘Wilka Huemana’ and measuring 50 feet in height and 12 feet in breadth was found in Guatemala. Similar one was found during an excavation of an Aztec temple in Mexico City and was known as ‘Euhectal’, a wind God, a monkey God.


In the jungles of Honduras idols sit in Hindu mudra meditation pose .

The Hindu doctrine of the ages is found on a massive stone monolith popularly known as the Aztec calendar. This amazing piece of stone disc is 12 feet in diameter and weights more than 20 tons.


A festival called Sita-Ram (Situa – Raimi) was celebrated in Mexico during Nav-Ratri or Dussehra period which has been described on page 5867 in the book ‘Hamsworth History of the World’.  ( read my post0

Both in Central and South America, there are found Sati cremation, priesthood, gurukul system, yajna, birth, marriage and death ceremonies to some extent similar to the Hindus. When Pizarro killed Peruvian King Atahualpa his 4 wives committed Sati—or self sacrifice.

Same with Hindu concepts of cataclysm, rebirth, four yugas and the concept of two planets like Rahu and Ketu causing solar eclipse

AZTEC OF MEXICO is derived from “worshipper of Ashtabhuja or Ashtak ( 8 armed ) ” , the eight armed God- found in Mexican temples.

  • The information found in the Map is likely o be blocked as geographical anaomalies are blocked by Google.

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