Who Has The Courage Of Andal To Address Vishnu Thus

I have written on the intimate level in which God is held in Hinduism.

We have many legends historical facts to back this up.

Sanskrit literature abounds in narrating these instances and , if one is of the right disposition, shall bring tears .

Andal, Srivilliputtur.jpg
Andal, Srivilliputtur

When Tamil takes position on this?

The result is exquisite.

There are many who have treated God as a Lover, Meera an example.

Andal, an Azhwar by her own right steals the show in this lover role Nayaka Nayaki Bhava.

Her yearning for Vishnu, Krishna is something ephemeral and would melt one’s heart without being erotic.

Tamil calls the satisfaction  in culmination, consummation of Love as pleasure of the Lowest Order while Realizing Reality or communon with God as ecstasy or Bliss.

The former is called as Chirinbam(சிற்றின்பம்)

The latter as Perinbam ( பேரின்பம் )

Andal of Srivilliputhur has composed many exquisite poems and her father Vishnuchitta, Periyaazhvar in One who Blessed even Vishnu!

Of most importance is Andal’s Thiruppavai(which incidentally is being celebrated as a function in  South east Asia), thirty poems oozing Bhakthi and Love for Vishnu, Krishna.

There are such utterances my Andal that bespeaks of her ardent Love.

She has the Love and audacity (?) to call Krishna/ Vishnu as one who was immersed with his wife Nappinnai and instead of asking him to disengage himself, Andal exhorts Nappinnai, Krishna’s wife?

This Poem is recited twice when reciting Thiruppavai (Vagak kadla Kadaintha is also recited twice?

The meaning of the words/sentence in Italics convey more than what has been translated.

I am sure my readers can understand.

Tell me, which religion, or Devotee has the courage and conviction to address as Such?

By the way this is yet another Proof that Lord Krishna married the Pandyan Princess Nappinnai.

Please read my post on this.

Rangamannar in the lap of Andal.jpg Rangamannar in the lap of Andal.

20.முப்பத்து மூவர் அமரர்க்கு முன்சென்று

கப்பம் தவிர்க்கும் கலியே! துயிலெழாய்;

செப்பம் உடையாய்! திறலுடையாய்! செற்றார்க்கு

வெப்பம் கொடுக்கும் விமலா! துயிலெழாய்;

செப்பன்ன மென்முலை செவ்வாய் சிறுமருங்குல்

நப்பின்னை நங்காய்! திருவே! துயிலெழாய்;

உக்கமும் தட்டொளியும் தந்துஉன் மணாளனை

இப்போதே எம்மை நீராட்டேலோ ரெம்பாவாய்.

Translation   By Dr. V.K.S.N. Raghavan

Oh Valiant Lord , who removes the tremblings of the thirty three (crores of) gods , by going to battles (on their behalf) and by being in front of them (in such battles)! Kindly awaken from sleep .Oh Lord , who cares about our protection , and is fully equipped with enormous strength and valour ! Oh Lord , blemishless and pure, and the One who defeats with vigour Your enemies ! Kindly awaken. (now turning to His consort, Nappinnai ) Oh the great Lady Nappinnai , possessing a charming physique –with a jar-shaped soft bosom , enchanting rosy lips and slim waist! Oh the embodiment of Goddess Lakshmi! Be pleased to rise up. May You give us a fan , a mirror and Your Lord as well , and at this time itself , may You help us to take our (ceremonial) bath .

muppaththu  mUvar  amararkku                 mun cenRu *
Thirty      three  immortals (gods) (He who) goes to

kappam         thavirkkum            kaliyE                  thuyilezhaay *
fears (theirs) removes    (You That) heroic one (please) wake up .

ceppam  utaiyaay thiRal      utaiyaay * ceRRaarkku
Perfect one      omni-potent one        enemies (He who)

veppam   kotukkum                vimalaa           thuyilezhaay *
burn(s)  gives (up) , (You That) Lord (please) wake up .

ceppenna               men  mulaic  cev vaayc ciRu    maruNGkul *
Like a perfect vessel  soft breasts red lips  slender waist

nappinnai                            naNGkaay thiruvE            thuyilezhaay *
(You) nappinnai (The Lord's consort) lady     beautiful (please) wake up .

ukkamum    thattoLiyum than^thu                           un   maNaaLanai *
Fan (and)  mirror      give (to us) (please also wake up) your husband (The Lord)

ippOthE        emmai       nIraattu
right now (so) us (we can) bathe .

El                                Or empaavaay
Come (Let us do) (the penance of) paavai nOmbu


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