List Of Hindu Empires Vedic Period To 1200AD

I have lamented the fact that despite evidence mounting up about the antiquity of Indian History.

There is abundant evidence that Indian History dates back to more than 50,000 years by a conservative estimate.

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Still we cling to 5000 BC as the bench mark,the date assigned to the Rig veda.

The Riwatian People of India date back to 1,900,000 BC!

Many skim the eastern part of India when studying Indian History,especially that of Bengal.

Surprise in store.

Ancient India Timeline chart.jpg Ancient India Timeline chart.

I shall be writing on this in my effort to find out the antiquity of Indian culture.

Here is a List of Empires of India from Vedic Times.

I shall be writing in detail on each.




  1. This is contradicting the period of Maurya empire as given by Kota Venkatchalam and other contemporary Indian historians, which is 1600 bce.


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