Eight Hundred Thousand Temples India

India is land of temples.

The temples are so numerous that it is difficult to arrive at the total number of Temples in India.

Thiruvarur Thiagaaja temple by Night.jpg Thiruvarur Thiagaraja temple by Night,Tamil Nadu.

(The government list of temples) is as follows:

Tamil Nadu—34,000 temples

Andhra Pradesh—43,000 temples

Karnataka—34, 000 temples

Kerala—28,000 Bagavathy temples (Travancore and Cochin Devaswam Board –TCDB-alone has 1800 temple)

(Four South Indian States alone total over 108,000 temples!!!)

Maharashtra—45,000 temples

Mathura Brindhavan area—5000 temples

Himachal Pradesh—over 2000 temples and sacred places

India has 29 States and seven Union Territories. all unified by One culture..

Along the banks of 1500 mile long Holy Ganges, thousands of sacred places! And along the 1500 mile long Himalayas every foot is considered sacred place. No need to mention about Badrinath, Kedarnath and Kailash.

Kanchipuram near Chennai alone has 108 temples. Madurai in Tamil Nadu has 50 temples.

On the banks of Cauvery we have innumerable temples built by the Tamil Kings,.

We have down south other temples by Hoysalas, Kakatiyas,

These do not include rock temples and village deity Temples.Chalukyas ,Nayakas….

Parashurama built 108 Shiva Temples.

In Kerala you find Bhagavathi Temple in every Village.

And we have modern temples, like Hare Krishna movement and in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka one can see virtually every street has a Temple in some form or the other.

In Tamil Nadu, every Peepal tree has a Vinayaga/Ganesha Idol.

I would venture to guess that there might be between 7 and 8 Lakh temples in India.



Visit the Link for a List, thought complete.



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