How Does Devi Devotee Behave Abhirami Andhadi

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God is an Experience.

He can not be reasoned out.

He is beyond Mind.

Tamil calls Him ‘Kadavul’, one who is beyond the Mind.

You can not hold the Ocean in your palms.

How does one explain hunger, Pleasure, or Pain?

They have to be felt.

Many who have experienced  the ecstasy of God have attempted to explain it.

The fact is those who explain it in detail have not seen or experienced God,

Those who have experienced can not explain..

‘kandavar Vindilar,

Vindavar Kandilai'(Tamil)

But some great souls have attempted to try.

Ramakrishna Parahamsa was one.

He was seen as a Lunatic, when He was in Ecstasy!

Similar descriptions of god may be found in Tamil.

Abhirami Bhattar was one such.

He was One who had seen Her, Abhirami of Thirukkadavur.

I shall write on him and his poem Abirami Andhadai in detail

The poem is in a special format, Andhadi, where the last word, letter of the preceding verse is the first word or the letter of the succeeding verse, mostly the former.

The last verse shall end with a word that would be the first word of the Andhadi(Beginning of the End)

விரும்பித் தொழும் அடியார் விழிநீர் மல்கி, மெய் புளகம்
அரும்பித் ததும்பிய ஆனந்தம் ஆகி, அறிவு இழந்து
கரும்பின் களித்து, மொழி தடுமாறி, முன் சொன்ன எல்லாம்
தரும் பித்தர் ஆவர் என்றால் அபிராமி சமயம் நன்றே.

அபிராமி அம்மையைப் பக்தியோடு விரும்பித்தொழும் அடியவர்களின் கண்களில் நீரானது பெருகி, மெய்சிலிர்த்து, ஆனந்தம் ததும்பி, அறிவு மறந்து, வண்டைப் போல் களித்து, மொழி தடுமாறி, முன்பு சொல்லிய பித்தரைப் போல் ஆவார்கள் என்றால், அப்பேரானந்தத்திற்கு மூலமான அம்பிகையின் சமயமே மிகச்சிறந்ததாகும்..

Tamil Poem  explanation by Poet laureate Kannadasan

‘Tears stream down from the eyes,

Loses identity, with goose-pimples,

Overflowing with ecstasy , loses Mind,Discrimination,

Language falters, words get jumbled,

All this for those who immerse themselves in Abhirami and if this be the fruit of Her , it is the Best Religion to follow’

Well, that’s it.

As English translations are not available on the web, I have tried translating.

Definitely does not convey what Abhirami Bhattar intended.

I have tried.

Please check for a translation and enjoy the experience.


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