Where Palani Andavar Moolavar Was Made By Bhogar.Thannasiappan Koil

The history of Bhogar tells us that he made the Palani Dhandauthapani Idol in the Garbha Graha at a place called Thannasi

Appan Temple.

Bhogar is reported to have used Nine Minerals/Herbs/poisons to prepare the raw material for the Idol.

The term Paashaana means, Minerals, herbs, Poison.

He is reported to have made three Idols.

One has been installed at Palani garbha Gruha.

Bhogar in Nirvikalpa Samadhi .jpg Bhogar in Nirvikalpa Samadhi .

Two Idols are reported to have been hidden by Bhogar in the Eastern Ghats and it is believed that they would surface at an appropriate moment.

The idol at Palani Garbha Gruha was found to be weak below the Neck and therefore the Abhishekams were stopped.

Now Abhishekams are performed for the Utsavar only.

The committee formed by the Government of Tamil Nadu to find out the status of the Idol found , by Atomic Test, that the material used for the construction of the Idol of Murugan is neither Granite, Nor Minerals.

Please read my Post on this, where I have provided the excerpt of the Report.

Thannasiappan Temple entrance.jpg Thannasiappan Temple entrance.

‘Bogar is a Siddhar, he is considered as one of the 18 siddhars born in the world. According to epigraphical sources and his book Bogar Seven thousand his period is around 3000 B.C. Bogar born at India and visited China in search of truth of life, he gained knowledge in medicine, astrology, spritiuality, yoga etc.

Bogar anticipating that in due course of period, human beings will suffer from large number of disease. As an expert in medicine he used 4448 rare herbs and made 9 poisonous medicine, mixing these 9 poisons into one needs great knowledege and skill, to make a Master Medicine ( One medicine to cure all disease ). Thirumoolar also discuss one such Master Medicine in his book Thiru Mandiram. With the consultation of Agasthiar ( Father of Ayurvedic Medicine) and other siddhars Bogar mixed the 9 poisons ( Nava Bashanam ) and made the Master Medicine in the form of Lord Murugan which is currently worshiped at Palani Murugan temple. There is a place near Palani Hill called Thanasiappan Temple which is the place were Bogar mixed the Nava Bashanam and made  the Murugan idol.’




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