Rama Not Worshiped In Krishna Mahabharata Times?

.As Indian philosophy is personal enlightenment by efforts and action with God a facilitator,not by God as the sole provider of Salvation,(Gnana , Karma and Raja Yoga)

(Visishtadvains , some others and those who follow Bhakthi Marga would differ with me here), worshiping for Salvation was in the

form of penance, supplemented by effort in following Dharma as prescribed in the Vedas.

I am also aware that if one has to perform good actions and be pious , God’s Benevolence is needed.


I came across a discussion in the web whether Lord Rama was worshiped during the period of Mahabharata and Lord Krishna.

With my limited knowledge of the Epics,Ramayana and Mahabharata, I verified facts.

Vishnu ViswaroopamVisnu's Cosmic Form.
Viswaroopa Of Vishnu.

There is no mention of anyone , let alone Krishna, worshiping Lord Rama during the Mahabharata period.

Reasons are quite a few.

1.In Indian Philosophy, Individual worship, or collective worship is not encouraged.

Nor the idol worship is allowed /mentioned in the Vedas.

However one finds the worship of Gods by performing penance was undertaken.

In the Puranas and the Epics, Ramayana and Mahabharata, The Trimurti, Brahma, Vishnu,  Shiva and Devi were worshiped in the form of penance, mainly to get material benefit, Power or Knowledge.

Indra was also worshiped in the same way.

However the practice of worshiping a Living One or a Deified One like Rama was not in practice.

In the case of Rama,many Rishis,many commoners, and even Rakshasas including Ravana knew Rama as an Avatar.

But the fervent worship in our present style we have now was not there.

Intense personal devotion to Rama by Hanuman,Sabari and a few others was in vogue.

In the same way,Rama was not worshiped during the Mahabharata period.

2.As Indian philosophy is  of the view that personal enlightenment is by  one’s efforts and action with God as a facilitator,not by God as the sole provider of Salvation,(Gnana , Karma and Raja Yoga)

(Visishtadvains , some others and those who follow Bhakthi Marga would differ with me here), worshiping for Salvation was

in theform of penance, supplemented by effort in following Dharma as prescribed in the Vedas.

I am also aware that if one has to perform good actions and be pious , God’s Benevolence is needed.

One needs the Blessings of the Lord to even think of Him.

At the same time, Indian Philosophy is equally forceful in saying that one can attain Moksha by one’s efforts alone.

This divergence of views is the speciality of Hinduism.

These points can not be argued upon as they do not fall within the purview of Logic but Experience and Intuition.

3. Yet there is no doubt  that Lord Rama was venerated during the Mahabharata times.

Lord Krishna Himself appeared in the form of Rama to Jambhavantha before marrying his daughter Jambavathi.

And we had Hanuman revealing Himself to Bhima and extolling Rama, when Bhima tried to pick up a quarrel with Hanuman.

4.Lord Rama had shown his Viswaroopa to Bharghav Rama.

Ramayana is narrated thrice in Mahabharata by Lomasa, Markandeya and Hanuman .

.Rama’s Viswaroopa.

‘”Lomasa continued, ‘Hearing this, Dasaratha’s son blazed up in wrath and said, ‘I have heard what thou hast said, and even pardoned thee. O son of Bhrigu’s race, thou art full of vanity. Through the Grandsire’s grace thou hast obtained energy that is superior to that of the Kshatriyas. And it is for this that thou insultest me. Behold me now in my native form: I give thee sight.’ Then Rama of Bhrigu’s race beheld in the body of Dasaratha’s son the Adityas with the Vasus, the Rudras, the Sadhyas with the Marutas, the Pitris, Hutasana, the stellar constellations and the planets, the Gandharvas, the Rakshasas, the Yakshas, the Rivers, the tirthas, those eternal Rishis identified with Brahma and called the Valkhilyas, the celestial Rishis, the Seas and Mountains, the Vedas with the Upanishads and Vashats and the sacrifices, the Samans in their living form, the Science of weapons, O Bharata, and the Clouds with rain and lightning, O Yudhishthira! And the illustrious Vishnu then shot that shaft. And at this the earth was filled with sounds of thunder, and burning meteors. O Bharata, began to flash through the welkin. And showers of dust and rain fell upon the surface of the earth. And whirlwinds and frightful sounds convulsed everything, and the earth herself began to quake. And shot by the hand of Rama, that shalt, confounding by its energy the other Rama, came back blazing into Rama’s hands. And Bhargava, who had thus been deprived of his senses, regaining consciousness and life, bowed unto Rama–that manifestation of Vishnu’s power. And commanded by Vishnu, he proceeded to the mountains of Mahendra.( Mahabharata , Vana Parva,Tirtha Yatra Parva , Section XCIX)



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10 thoughts on “Rama Not Worshiped In Krishna Mahabharata Times?”

  1. Hi fellows!

    We are all discussing it in a direction that is not based on history, but the question posed before us is the question of history. Why Rama not worshipped during Mahabharatha period?

    We can;t consider mythologies to be historically accurate, if we do so we are searching for a black cat in a dark room that isn’t there. Since legends and epics are mostly based on hearsay we can’t reject it outright.

    Mahabharatha in its present form is the agglomeration of many thoughts and beliefs that have been developed over centuries. I will show you how to separate facts from fiction.

    1500BC : Incoming of Aryans (Mass migration of Central Asian people into India. We have loads of evidence for this.)
    1000BC: Formation of state and kingship. At first only few states have been established.
    Hasthinapur: On the banks of river Drishatvadhi.
    Indraprasta: Nearby Hasthinapur.
    Gandhara: Pakistan Taxila
    Kurus: Kururashtra

    Maghadha, Avanti, Anga are outside the Aryan fold. They won’t include under Aryavardha, but was later classified as Mahajanapadas.

    Hence the mention of states in Mahabharat like Pragyotisha(Assam), Vidharbha, chedi, Pandyas clearly indicates that they have been later additions in the epic.

    Some dates Mahabharatha to bronze Age because Iron Age started in India in 850 BC only. Hence any mention of iron has to be separated since Mahabhartha is said to have occured around 910 BC by RamCharan Sharma.

    Lots of versions of Mahabharata are available to us.
    Earlier it was
    Jaya with 8800 verses later it became
    Bharatha with 24000 verses finally during 5th cent AD when it was written down it became Mahabharatha with 100000 verses.

    Though Ramayana is said to have occurred before Mahabharatha, Mahabhartha has edge when it comes to antiquity of its story. Ramayana is riddled with overlapping events and in many aspects post date the story of Mahabharatha.


  2. Ram Mandirs were constructed after Mahabharat! It was the legendary king Janmejay, son of Parikshit who performed Nagayagya to revenge the killing of his father Parikshit by Serpent King Vasuki.Janmejay built Ram Temples all over.And after this worship of Lord Ram began.

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      1. Yes sir, Presently I am in Bangaluru.Today I am going to Tirupati. Tomorrow evening I will come back.And next week I am planning to visit you.Thanks for remembering.


  3. Sir, We are aware that during the peak of Arabic invasion, imperialism,the winner used to marry the wife’s, daughter of slain king either through diplomatic persuassion or force. Now how is Lord Krsna marrying Jambavthi any different? Your views please.


    1. OuI Iithihasa have nothing to do with Arabs or others,The narration is thus.Lord Krishna was falsely accused of stealing Syamanyaka Mani, a rare gem ,endowed with the quality of granting one’s wishes.Krishna learnt that a monkey like animal had a hand in this and folowed its trail.He found the Symantaka Mani being used, as a Toy, in the Cradle of a Child.Jambhavan was there and he tried pick a quarrel with Krishna and as he was a devotee of Rama ,Krishna found it difficult to defeat Jambhavan.Krishna then reveled Himself as Rama and sought the hand of jambavathi, jambhavan’s daughter.Jambhavan gave away his daughter.


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