Sanatana Dharma Brahmins of Australia

The 1947 Report by the Secretary of the Australian labour party that the racial purity of the Brahmins will be preserved in Australia confirms the Brahmin presence in Australia.

And the DNA evidence is provided below.

The spread of Santana Dharma and its people throughout te world is proven by Archeological finds, Astronomy,Cultural similarities, Etymological similarities between Sanskrit ,Tamil and the languages of the world and now DNA.

I have been writing on this for quite some time with authentic sources.

Brahmins of Australia ,Transcript of a newspaper article.jpg Brahmins of Australia ,Transcript of a newspaper article 13 September 1947.The Morning Tribune

The land mass we know of the world was not the same before thousands of years and the Sanatana Dharma dates more than thousands of years.

The remains of the Sanatana Dharma is found around the world so also the traces of the Communities of India, then called Bharatavarsha.

Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaisyas and Sudras of the Vedic period migrated and their lineage ids found even now in all parts of the world.

In Sri Lanka, Burma, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Korea,Japan,China, Middle east, Europe, Russia, Arctic, Africa, Latin America, Central America,, US, New Zealand and Australia.

A study has shown that people migrated from India to Australia. (AP).jpg A study has shown that people migrated from India to Australia. (AP)

Read my posts on each of these.

Now there is evidence that the Brahmins of the Vedic period were a part of the group that migrated to Australia and their traces are found in Australia.

The 1947 Report by the Secretary of the Australian labour party that the racial purity of the Brahmins will be preserved in Australia confirms the Brahmin presence in Australia.

And the DNA evidence is provided below.

Sydney – People from the Indian sub-continent migrated to Australia and mixed with Aborigines 4 000 years ago, bringing the dingo dog with them, according to a study published on Tuesday.

The continent was thought to have been isolated from other populations until Europeans landed at the end of the 1700s.

But researchers at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, Germany, reported “evidence of substantial gene flow between Indian populations and Australia about 4 000 years ago”.

They analysed genetic variation from across the genome from Australian Aborigines, New Guineans, Southeast Asians, and Indians.

“Long before Europeans settled in Australia humans had migrated from the Indian subcontinent to Australia and mixed with Australian Aborigines,” the study said.

It found “substantial gene flow from India to Australia 4 230 years ago i e… well before European contact”, it said.

“Interestingly, this date also coincides with many changes in the archaeological record of Australia, which include a sudden change in plant processing and stone tool technologies… and the first appearance of the dingo in the fossil record,” said researcher Irina Pugach.

“Since we detect inflow of genes from India into Australia at around the same time, it is likely that these changes were related to this migration,” she added.



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6 thoughts on “Sanatana Dharma Brahmins of Australia”

  1. “The 1947 Report by the Secretary of the Australian labour party that the racial purity of the Brahmins will be preserved in Australia confirms the Brahmin presence in Australia.”

    I do not know if you wrote this article in jest. If not, then term Brahmin in that news is used in a similar way as the term ‘Boston Brahmin’ is used in the US. I do not think that piece of news refers to the presence of Indian people in Australia. However, the similarities between some of the Australian native languages and various South Indian ones have been noticed much earlier and this find might encourage [perhaps already have] more research in that direction.


    1. He , as you have mentioned, might have used the term to indicate men of unimpeachable character.i have merely wuoted his words.The very fact some one in Australai could know that the term Brahmins can be used to indicate purity, he should have information about them and been convinced of them.As to ther evidences, please refer my Posts on Austraian Aborigines Shiva’s Third Eye dance,Aborigines wearing Vaishnava Marks on their foreheads.Regds


  2. The journey through history continues to fascinate but there is so much disinformation and what are passed off as facts still only theories. We have since learned that the speed of tectonic plate movement is variable. There is some consensus that Gondwanaland began to break up some 200 million years ago but there is no evidence to suggest that the plate movement’s were uniform. Speculation has India beginning to push up the Himalayas anywhere between 60 and 20 million years ago. You may notice that New Zealand is a small blip on the map, but several times throughout history it has risen from the sea to reveal a continent (Zealandia) comparable in size to Australia. If we look at the known landmasses and the seafloor between India and Australia, it seems probable that there was any continent referred to as Lemuria situated there although it is probable many islands have come and gone enabling ocean travel.

    So perhaps Zealandia is the missing Lemuria?

    The whitewashing of Indian history by the British in particular has probably set archaeology back a very long way and given that there is evidence of human activity in India comparable to that of Africa at 1.2 – 1.5 million years ago and taking into account the human footprints beside dinosaur footprints in Montana, perhaps we should be thinking that modern humans have been on this planet for longer than anyone dares to speculate.

    There are stories emerging of human occupation of Antarctica before it froze over and of course there is the Pier Reis map detailing the continent in such accuracy that it is scarcely possible to recreate that same map today.

    Now what if?

    What if Gondwanaland had an indigenous human population and those peoples drifted apart with the movement of the tectonic plates? This would mean that modern humans would have survived the dinosaurs. I long ago ceased to believe in the out of Africa theory of human evolution and migration, but if there was a resident human population on Gondwanaland, maybe there was another or even several on Laurasia?

    Moving back nearer to our time, it seems probable that the people of South India in particular were global travellers. I am aware that the twin hulled canoe invented in Tamil Nadu came in to use in Hawaii along with some ayurvedic healing techniques. These early Tamil sailors would no doubt have made contacts with the Australian aboriginals although the Gimpie pyramid seems to have too little solid evidence to make any assumption as to its origins.

    But it is abundantly clear that India or Bharatha was a world power between 5000 BC and 1000 A.D. it is said that Adhi Yogi sent his acolytes to Africa, South America, the Middle East and South India around 15,000 BC, so it is possible that a global communication had been taking place long before.

    You recently mentioned Fiji and New Zealand as places where the Sanatana Dharma is apparent. I think this is more modern history. In the 17 and 1800s Tamil slaves were taken to Fiji to work the sugar fields. New Zealand of course has a large Indian population, but before the arrival of the Polynesians (Maori) there is scant evidence of any of the culture being here although there are some stone ruins impossible to accurately date.

    I think the fact that there is evidence of Sanatana Dharma over so much of the world is due to the very long history and knowing that is still deeply ingrained in Indian culture today and in particular the science of yoga.



    1. Thank you for your inputs.I recall your comment on similar lines earlier(?)New Zealand angle is intersting.If you have some information, especially of New Zealand’s connection with India of ancient from New Zealand Legend, Histroy, folklore,will you forward to my email ID?The observation about ancient Tamils is correct.I am trying to get more information on this,Regards.


    2. As to Humans on this planet, I have posted some articles based on Astronmical dating.Humans go back much earlier, by about a Million years than what is beileved now.I shall be writing more on this subject.I have posted some articles on the age od Arunachala Mountain, Tirupati,and many more temples of India.In addition there are articles on Tamil’s anitiquity, where it is dated as Million years ago and it quotes the Vedas and they quote Tamil!There is a Historical Tamil site near Chennai, which is about a Millon year old.It was once a well developed culture.Kindly refer my Post Million year Old Tamil Site, Pallavam.Regds

      On Sat, Jul 11, 2015 at 8:18 AM, Ramani's blog wrote:



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