Hinduism Sanatana Dharma A Black Hole ?

These systems which decried the excessive rituals( Justifiably so) of Sanatana dharma ended up with Rituals.

They decried idol worship, landed in worshiping The Tirthankara, Mahavira and Buddha!

Yes, to an extent the statement that Hinduism is like a Black hole in the sense it sucks the best out of every system and assimilates it.

The reason is that while other religions were founded , had a founder and an intention to have followers.


I received an interesting comment for my Post ‘Shiva Linga In Mecca, OM Is 786?

Principles of Sanatana Dharma, jpg
Principles of Sanatana Dharma, Hinduism

I am quoting it below.

But isn’t Hinduism a derivative of Buddhism and Jainism?… don’t you think Hinduism is just a black hole constantly changing and sucking in everything around and changing according to the geography and beliefs…. being purely pagan in its birth and then realizes knowledge and starts to adapt and reform around peoples beliefs?….

I am an amateur in my history of religion but it has always intrigued me.,… Hinduism i thought purely was a way of life….not a religion, that over the millenniums changed like Chinese whisper from location to location…. so much so there’s a depiction of Jesus Christ idol in a temple in Tamil Nadu.

I am not religious at all, because of what humans have turned GOD into…. but i am intrigued at our ways to story tell that has changed to belief over thousands of years…. Some where out there is the truth, but we can all only have an opinion of it…”

Hinduism, Sanatana Dharma is not a derivative of Jainism or Buddhism.

Jainism came later to Sanatna Dharma nd Buddhism later.

It is the other way around… Hinduism in the sense that  while these two systems do not believe in the authority of Vedas,

hence called Nastika System, believe in Karma theory, Moksha called Nirvana and Rebirth.

Jainism is a strict follower of the Ethics of the Vedas more than the Vedas in emphasizing Truth, righteousness.

Buddhism reaches th Stage of Advaita but falls short of it by declaring the Reality as Sunya, Zero, Nihilism.

So much is Buddhism similar to the Advaita of Adi Shankaracharya that He was accused of being a Pseudo-Buddhist!

These systems which decried the excessive rituals( Justifiably so) of Sanatana dharma ended up with Rituals.

They decried idol worship, landed in worshiping The Tirthankara, Mahavira and Buddha!

Yes, to an extent the statement that Hinduism is like a Black hole is true, it sucks the best out of every system and assimilates it.

The reason is that while other religions were founded , had a founder and an intention to have followers.

Hinduism, Sanatana Dharma was not founded by any one nor does it have a rigid text to follow.

It observes Life, tries out various methods to face life and after life and presents them all.

One can take any thing out of it and discard what does not suit him/her.

It is based on experience and intuition along with Reason .

It listens , never dogmatic.

By assimilating what is best it consumes other religions with out a fight for it is after Truth, what ever be the source.

Let noble thoughts reach my ears from everywhere-Rig Veda.

Bhatram Karnobhi Srunuyaama Deva

Yet one point to be noted is that it precedes all religions as evidenced by archeology, astronomy, etymology of Sanskrit and Tamil

When one starts questioning other religions, one does not get as authentic proof as in Hinduism.

Rama, Krishna, Ravana, Mahabharata,Ramayana, Agastya, Shiva ,Parashurama, ..all of them have left trails that can be verified.

If one were to ask fundamental questions as to what was before Christianity you get Judaism.

For Judaism, Sanatana Dharma.

For Islam the History of the middle east just  before Prophet has been erased to such an extent that one lands with Sumerian civilisation.Minoan!

The traces of Hinduism are found in Islam , Sumeria, Minoan civilization, Mayas, Incas,Polynesian Religions;

World languages trace their origins to Sanskrit and Tamil.

One finds evidence of Sanatana Dharma and Tamil, which is /was a part of Santaana Dharma,


Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia,japan, Korea, New Zealand, Fiji, Mauritius, Australia,Oman, Saudi Arabia,Romania, Bulgaria, Germany,Ireland,England, Denmark,France,Greece,Egypt, Africa, Peru, Chile, US, ….

Yes Hinduism is like a Black hole it that it is so vast one finds it difficult to comprehend it!

Author: ramanan50

Retired Senior Management Professional. Lectures on Indian Philosophy,Hinduism, Comparative Religions. Researching Philosophy, Religion. Free lance Writer.Blogger

3 thoughts on “Hinduism Sanatana Dharma A Black Hole ?”

  1. I am a freelance resacher in INDOLOGY/TAMILOGY right from the day I joined primary scho0l and dubbed as a foreign marauder. I am a devout proud Tamil Brahmin cherishing an uninterrupted legacy of two thousand years. Being proud to be TAMIL BRAHMIN is my personal desire but over the years I am fed with the kind of history/counter arguments etc., I think this is peculiar to TAMILNADU since TAMILNADU has been under the griip of PROTESTANT PROSETILISATION from the day GERMANS ESTABLISHED PRINTING PRESS IN TRANQUEBAR. I came across an excellent book on LUTHERAN MISSION IN TRANQUEBAR AND HOW THE MISSIONERIES were exasperated by ambivalent attitude of people usig MISSION for settling personal score and when countered how even people belonging to the lowest strata explained SIVAVAKKIAR’S POEMS ON PHILOSOSPHY and CONSCIOUS OF THE MIND! Setting aside the usual gretness of our country I began to view history and normal mental set up of ordinary individual.Now I have come to the realisation that only two HYPOTHESES ARE REAL–SIR AUROBINDO/MOTHER’S conceptualisation of evolving souls–CHAITANYA and JAIN PHILOSOPY OF LAISSE FAIRIE ATTITUDE. Since Indians are the least evolved souls–they don’t bother about RIGHT OR WRONG. They are the most sensous people. They don’t even have slightest shame in indicating somebodyelse as their MOTHER/SISTER/EVEN WIFE when it comes to the claim of LTC. They don’t think if they don’t pay for the work done they are indulging in cheating and the greatest sin–BETRAYAL. After committing the sins suddenly they realise that enough is enough–we have to look inwards–i.e., the real CHAITANYA OF THE SOUL AND ELEVATION OF SOUL which is possible only in JAINISM. Jainism does not accept sin but only the results of good or bad actions. Jainism does not accept SWARGA OR NARAKA but only effect of REBIRTH. india faced invasions not with counter war but indifference. Those fighting in the army except MOOLABALA were only mercenaries and often changed sides–a preclude for AYARAM/GAYARAM POLITICS and splitting up of parties seen now. MOST of the people were disinterested in war and deserted the villages after burning the crops and invaders have to compromise through the services of BRAHMINS AND KAYASTHAS. HINDUISM/VARNA SYSTEM are only for elevated souls and not for ordinsry people. India is the only country where PRIESTLY CLASS IS WANTED ACCORDING TO THE NEEDS OF THE LOCAL POPULATION AND LOCAL [POPULATION WANTS PRIESTS TO ACT AS ASTROLOGERS/TEMPLE PRIESTS and not GURUS and PRIESTS are also content with the profession for sustenanace and nevr bothered that rhy should be well trained in theology. INDIA does not need historydoes not need theological discourses but only means of sustenanace and understanding GOD TO BE THE FORVING PERSONS AMOILERATING THEIR PROBLEMS WITH PRAYERS AND PRAYASCHITHA. Hence let us allow VEDAS to be as it is and need ot dissect it and the more we talk about SANATANA DHARMA the more we get alienated from masses and they are suspicious of us.


    1. I unerstand your anguish an frustration. I am indidiffernt to desctructive criticism and I feel it is my duty to spread the truth about Vedas, Sanatana Dharma and present the real History of India.I find a lot of interst and commitment from the younger generation, not limited to brahmins.Kindly pursue your passion and keep me posted of your research.Regds


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