Why No Foreign Culture History Religion Remains in India

The remains of Sanatana Dharma, Hinduism,Culture,Architecture,Languages,practices are found through out the world.

The references found in the Pali,Sanskrit texts have been found to be true,Vedas, Puranas, Ramayana, Mahabharata,Raghuvamsa,Silappadikaram,Manimekalai,Puranaanuru,Pathiruppathu,and many Tamil Sangam Works.

https://ramanan50.files.wordpress.com/2015/05/7feea-1395221_652195111491738_2119399268_n.jpg?w=840 Bharata varsha,The Hindu Empire.

Be it.

The Narada Mountain of Nardonya,Archaim of Russia,

Maya, Aztec remains in Mexico,Central America,

Natural Vishnu Temple in Grand Canyon,

Nazca Lines of Peru,

Agastya in New Zealand,

Shiva’s Third Eye dance in Australia,

The places mentioned in the Ramayana, Ravana Palace, Sita’s prison,Pushpaka Vimana runway,in Sri Lanka.

Reference to Dhanu in Danube delta,

The legend of Hindus among the Celts,

Nataraja as the Protector of Buddhism in China,…..

List is endless.

Please read my posts with authentic Links filed under Hinduism.

The sources are from reputed archeologists,astronomers, linguists, anthropologists.

And the artifacts have been validated by , in many cases , by Carbon dating.

Now if Hinduism, Sanatana Dharma is a Myth and foreign history is correct,and that those civilizations, including the Sumerian, Minoan, Aztecs, Mayas, Incas,were advanced civilizations, then their cultural, historical, and religious remains should have been found in India, just as Hinduism remains are found throughout the world.

But none whatsoever!

Whatever has been found,relates to events that happened later tha what our Texts say.

And the reference back to this information comes back to India !

When Megastanes writes about India, the reference found in his works are found to refer to Greek connection with India before Megasthanes.

Read my posts on Megasthanes.

But we have the gift of ridiculing our Texts and trust the western sources.

We will question Ramayana/Mahabharata though its date is proven,but will believe The Iliad and Odyssey of Homer !( though Homer, Iliad and Odyssey are proven, the facts contained are not)

But Rama is found in Sumerian Kings List and Krishna is found in Greece!

We will belive the Bible where it is not proven , Jesus whose existence is not proved  as scientifically as Rama and Krishna.

We do not even know Jesus’s name!

Such is the hold of colonial mindset we accept our own culture having been invaded by our own people(Aryan Invasion)

The answer to the Post title is,

Bharat History is ancient, proven, others follwed suit and they had no lasting  influence on Sanatana Dharma as it had on them save the latest British type institutions,, Education and worse the slave mindset.



Author: ramanan50

Retired Senior Management Professional. Lectures on Indian Philosophy,Hinduism, Comparative Religions. Researching Philosophy, Religion. Free lance Writer.Blogger

2 thoughts on “Why No Foreign Culture History Religion Remains in India”

  1. A wonderful article – an eye opener for all us so called HINDUS – who will believe what the outsiders have to say and ignore their own internal beliefs. This is the symbolic downfall of our GREAT CULTURE. There is time still and we can save our culture from any further degradation. Lets all together chant – HARE RAMA HARE KRISHNA


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