Did Rishis Compose The Vedas

The Vedas are called Apaurusheya, not made by Man.

Vedas are the breath of God/Reality Brahman.

Hindu Scriptures List.jpg Hindu Scriptures List. Image credit.http://www.crystalinks.com/vedas.html

They are the Uswaasa and Viswaasa ,Inhalation and Exhalation.

Yet we find references that rishis have composed the Vedas, Sukthas of the Vedas.

And we have , for every mantra, Devatha, Adi Devatha, and  Rishis.

And many women were also involved in the process.

Vedas are grasped from Ether by the Realized Souls.

For those who want to criticise this concept, let me remind them where their emails and files are if they have been saved in G Drive.

Those attuned to the frequency of the Mantras receive them intuitively.

To attain that level one needs practice and application.

It is Apps for reaching Reality.

These Mantras were grasped by more than one at the same time or at different time frames.

For every Manvantara the Saptha Rishis change.

They are in charge of grasping these Mantras, to be later compiled by some body else.

For Our Manvantara, the Vedas were compiled by Krishna Dwaipaayana Vyaasa.

It is the same Vyasa who wrote the Mahabharata and The Seventeen Puranas.

His Father Parashara wrote the First Purana, The Vishnu Purana.

There is also a view that this Vyasa could be differnt as the adjective Krishna Dwaipaayana is provided.

Krishna means ‘Dark/Black.

Dwaipaayana is his name,meaning Island born.

He was born on Island in Yamuna river near Kalpi, Uttar Pradesh, India.

There is also a view that he was born in the Tanahun district in western Nepal.

It is also stated that he was an extension of the Krishna  Avatar of Vishnu, in the Dwapara Yuga.

( I am of the view that he was born in Yamuna Island . I shall be posting on this issue later)

Vyasa means compiler ,one who composes Prose.

So Krishna Dwaipaayana is a Vyasa.

I take the view that he is an extension of the  Krishna Avatar of Vishnu.

Now to Vedas and Rishis.

Each Veda Mantra has a Rishi, who grasped the Mantra, Chandas, (the meter in which it is to be recited) and Adhi Devata,he Presiding Deity of the Mantra.

When one chants a Veda Mantra, one has to recite all the three.

For Gayathri, the Rishi is Savtiraya Rishi Viswamitra,Chandas is Nisruth Gayatri and the Presding Deity is Savitha.

( The adjective Savitraya Rishi to Viswamitra raises a question whether this is the same Viswamitra who antagonized Vasishta and  with Lord Rama.i am researching into this.Scholars may contribute)

Maha Mantras have the same rules,

Vishnu Sahasranama has Rishi Agasthya, Chandas Anushtup and Presiding Deity Maha Vishnu.

For Sri Rudram , Rishi Agoora Chandas Anustup and the Presiding Deity is Sri Rudra.

For Lalitha Sahasranama Rishi is Vagdevata, Chandas is Anushtup and the Presiding Deity is Lalita Parameswari.

Please read my posts on Saptha Rishis, Rishi’s list, Chandas.







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