Krishna Abandoned His Army Narayana Sena?

Asking them to follow Hinduism, because it ought to be followed puts them off.

As I have been mentioning in many of posts that my desire is to explain Hinduism, to the extent I know, in simple terms and many youngsters have been on to me over phone, email with questions.


The questions the younger generation asks of about Hinduism are very intelligent and thought-provoking.

They do not accept anything at face value.They ask questions that are very pertinent and if we answer them, they are motivated to study Hinduism.

 Vishnu,Brahma,Rama, Shiva, Krishna.Image.jpg
Vishnu,Brahma,Rama, Shiva, Krishna.

Asking them to follow Hinduism, because it ought to be followed puts them off.

As I have been mentioning in many of posts that my  desire is to explain Hinduism, to the extent I know, in simple terms and many youngsters have been on to me over phone, email with questions.

Recently I had this question.

In The Mahabharata, Duryodhana chose the army of Lord Krishna, the Narayana Sena, instead of  the unarmed Krishna for the Mahabharata Battle.

Krishna acceded the request and was with the Pandavas during the Mahabharata Battle.

The question is,

Did not Krishna abandon His army and desert them?

Why did He do so?

Was He not responsible for the deaths of his army personnel?

For no fault of their own?

Where is Krishna’s Dharma?

When we study the Avatars of Rama and Krishna we may notice that while Lord Krishna was aware of the fact that he was the incarnation of Lord Vishnu at all times, Rama did not have any idea that he was , save the occasion when the Sakthi Ayudha od Ravana, granted to him, neared Rama’s Chest.

He remembered He was Lord Vishnu,chanted the Pranava, OM and the Sakthi Syudha, which never fails, was shattered.

Even this instance Rama for got immediately.

And Rama had this feeling of Aham.

That is He identified Himself as human Being and went through the gamut of emotions and sufferings that are unique to Humans.

He was attached To Dasaratha, Brothers, Sita,Hanuman and considered Ravana as enemy as a Human would!

But Krishna had no-no such attributes.

In fact it does not mater to him personally by way of gains whether Duryodhan won or Pandavas succeed.

Both were his cousins.

Yet he chose the Panadavas, though army wise they were weaker.

Why ?

Because it was to protect Dharma .

He never had any personal feelings or score to settle with any one though they have wronged Him.

He killed them because they had to be killed to protect Dharma.

Sisupala was Krishna’s nephew and Krishna promised his mother that He could bear with 100 insults but would bear no more.

At the Rajasuya Yaga of Yudhistra,at the time of performing the Akrora Pooja, paying the first respect in an assembly,when Krishna was chosen for the honor, Sisupala started abusing Krishna in the vilest terms.

Krishna was listening tho all of them with a smile.

Bhima asked Krishna as to why Krishna was tolerating  Sisupala instead of killing hi, Krishna replied that He has promised Sisupala’s mother that he (Krishna) would bear 100 insults.

Bhima asked what if Sisupla were to stop one short of 100 insults.

Krishna replied that it is Destiny that Sisupala would complete 100 and be killed by Him.

Such is the detachment and performance of duty as a Karma Yogi by Krishna.

When Krishna’s son was cursed by the Rishis and they came to Krishna requesting His forbearance Krishna replied that there was nothing wrong in their curse as his son deserved it!

Or when the Hunter who slew Krishna by an arrow, prostrated before Krishna and asked for His mercy, Krishna replied that He was being killed by the hunter for His  killing of Vaali hiding behind a tree and he blessed the Hunter!

Rama was elevating Himself as Divine, without Knowing He was Divinity, Krishna was Divinity posing as a Human.

The purpose of Krishna Avatar is to reduce the burden of the earth and restore Dharma.

Nothing more.

So he had no personal attachment to any one including his army.

It may also be noted that Krishna had never been a King , but only a Prince because of a Curse to Vrishnis.

Balaram was the King.

Interesting to note that Balarama was av Avatar of Adi Sesha as Lakshmana was in the Treta Yuga.

Rama vowed to serve Lakshmana in the next Avatar to Lakshmana for the devotion he exhibited to Rama nd Sita,

This He repaid in the  Krishna Avatara when he took a back seat and carried out Balarama’s orders.

All the machinations Krishna indulged in th Mahabharata were when Balarama was conveniently absented at Krishna’s request!

But Balarama never knew until Krishna’s job was done.

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4 thoughts on “Krishna Abandoned His Army Narayana Sena?”

  1. Krishna himself slew many of his sons and kinsmen when they were drunk and fighting each other at Prabhasa teerth. Balarama too followed the example shown by Krishna. Such detachment is unique to Krishna.


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