Micro-drilling Technology Ancient India Mahabalipuram

A careful examination of the sculptures in Indian Temples and the Monuments built by Indian Kings reveal more about Indian way of Life and their scientific advancements.

One may also learn about the instruments they had used in executing these marvels of Architecture.

The 180 tons of single Granite Kalasam atop the Thanjavur Brahadeeswra Temple,

How did the people find such a single piece in a terrain devoid of Mountains?

How did they transport it, considering the fact that they had only carts and Horses?

And how did they move that single piece to the top of the Temple Tower?

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Minute drilling on Granite, Mahabalipuram.
Minute drilling on Granite, Mahabalipuram. Image credit.http://www.bcmtouring.com/forums/threads/tamilnadu-a-trip-to-mahabalipuram-from-bhubaneswar.62593/

We also find that there are astronomically aligned temples, structures where Sun/Moon light falls on a specific place at a specific time on a specific day.

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Now in many a temple we find minute holes in the Idols and structures.

In Suchindram,Tamil Nadu, one would find that if one were to insert a long piece of thin iron rod in one year of the Idol of Hanuman, it comes out from the other side!

In Many Shiva temples one would find a small hole drilled behind the Idol in the sanctum, through which sir blows.

One can see this, among many  temples, in Kalahasthi, Earth Element temple of Lord Shiva.

Now in Mahbalipuram, Tamil Nadu,one can see the Micro drilling technology at work.

Perfect circle has been made.

Minute holes are found in hard Granite.

This is not possible without advanced drilling technology which came to the world, according to the west very recently.

Watch this video.


With a diameter of 8 feet, you can see how perfect it looks. The circumference is a perfect circle. And the hole is 5 feet deep. Academics think that this was carved with chisels and hammers. Think about this, this drill was done at least 1300 years ago, when the value of PI was not even invented. According to conventional history, People did not use any complex tools. But how can a perfect circle that is 8 feet wide be carved on a rock. If they had to use chisels and hammers, where would you even start the carving?

If it was true, at one point, there must have been a dozen people sitting inside this chiseling away to make it a perfect circle. This would have taken years. Let me show you the walls, and you can see that there are no imperfections at all. It looks so smooth and looks like it is made with a modern machine.

Now, here is a bigger question. Why would they need to create a perfect cylinder out of a rock? If you wanted a well for water, you can dig one with much less manual labor. If you wanted to create a water tank, you can just use pots or metal vessels. Why would you need to create something like this out of a granite rock?

And what is the reason behind making it a perfect circle? I mean even water wells or tanks don’t need this much of effort. Was it used to fit something that was a perfect cylinder? I have asked several people here and nobody knows the reason behind this giant hole drilled out of this rock. I would really appreciate if you can tell me why such a thing would be needed.

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