Where Hanuman Threw Saneeswara Rare Shani Idol

Had Saneeswara remained in the eleventh house, along with the other planets,Indrajit would have remained immortal.

That was not to be.

Ravana imprisoned Saneeswara

Saneeswara, Rare Idol.Image.jpg

Ravana was so mighty he could dictate terms to all, including the Devas and even the Navagrahas, the Nine Planets.


Saneeswar Mandir, Gwalior.Image.jpg Shri Shani(Saturn) Mandir Shanishchara,Shani Parvat, Village Ainti , District Morena ,Near Gwalior Madhya Pradesh

When his wife Mandodaru,was pregnant with Indrajit,Ravana wanted  all the planets to be in a benevolent position,  at the time of Indrajit’s Birth

He ordered all the Nine planets  to be in the places assigned by him,that is the Eleventh Houses.

But Shani refused but to humour Ravana sat on the Eleventh House but stretched his to the 12th House, with disastrous consequences for Indrajit.

Had Saneeswara remained in the eleventh house, along with the other planets,Indrajit would have remained immortal.

That was not to be.

Ravana imprisoned Saneeswara.

Saneeswara responded by saying,


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“O King of Lankaa, You may keep me as a prisoner, but only I will destroy your whole family, and I will do in a such a way that nobody will remain in your family to remember you. O Raavan, You have got the Vardaan of immortality from Brahmaa Jee, you are misusing it by using your might. But listen to me, nobody can stay before me whether Devtaa, human being or Asur. I can burn them even just by looking at them. But, no, I won’t burn you, because by burning you I do not want to insult Prabhu. That is why I accept your imprisonment, because presently you are enjoying the fruits of your Tap.

But listen, In the end of Tretaa Yug, one Raam Bhakt (devotee) will enter your Lankaa in spite of your strict vigilance, and Hey Raavan, just in moments he will burn your Lankaa. Normally after burning the gold should be pure but by looking at it I will make it black. By doing this I will show you my power to you for the first time.” But Raavan was very proud, so he did not pay much attention to his words and tied him.”

Shani got tied, but he sat on Raavan’s head in a subtle form and destroyed his wisdom. As a result he brought his death Seetaa to his city Lankaa. When Hanumaan came to Lankaa searching for Seetaa Jee and he burned it, he saw Shani Dev. He asked him – “Who are you and why are tied up here? What is your power?”

Shani replied – “Hey Pavan Putra, I am Shani. Because of his Tap, Raavan has tied me here. Please cut my bondage.” Hanumaan cut his bondage and said to Shani – “I burned this Lankaa, but this Lankaa has shone more than before, therefore you destroy it by your one gaze.” Shani said – “Take me to a high place.” So Hanumaan took him on a peak of a mountain and as soon as Shani cast a look on Lankaa, Lankaa got burnt to ashes. Raavan continued to look at his Lankaa, but in spite of being immortal he could not do anything. Such is the effect of Shani’s gaze. All Graha of Meghnaad were in auspicious House, but Shani alone sitting in 12th House, not only killed Meghnaad but destroyed the whole Lankaa also.

Hanumaan said to Shani – “It is not appropriate for you to stay here now, I am throwing you into Bhaarat with my power. Wherever you will fall, you will be worshipped there, you will free people from affliction and and besow them material comforts.” Hearing this Shani got very happy. He said to him – “Hey Hanumaan, My day is Saturday. I am giving this day to you. Who will worship you with devotion this day, offer you Naivedya, feed banana, jaggery, Chanaa, sweet Kheel (puffed Dhaan), I will not afflict those people.” Hearing this Hanumaan also gotvery happy.

There is a mountain near Gwalior, at a distance of 30 Kms, its name is Shanishcharaa. Shani fell on that mountain. There is Shani’s idol where special fair is celebrated on Shani Amaavasyaa day (any Amaavasyaa fallen on Saturday).


Shani Parvat, Village Ainti , District Morena ,Near Gwalior Madhya Pradesh.

Shanichara railway station is located at Gwalior Bhind Railway Line. From any part of India you have to reach Gwalior and from there you can easily access Shanischara (Shanichara).

For air travellers nearest airport is Gwalior Airport.Shanischara is just 15kms away from Rajmata Vijaya Raje Scindia Terminal i.e. Gwalior Airport.

From Gwalior city you can hire an autorikshaw or a car to reach shanischara at nominal cost.

A Grand Prayer Organised On Every Saturday
A grand puja (prayer) is held here every Amavasya Shanivar (moonless Saturday night), which has devotees
thronging to the temple in droves. Special narrow gauge trains operate from Gwalior, Agra, Jaipur, Baroda and
some other cities to bring devotees to the temple.
The Statue of Hanuman 
Just outside this stone temple is a statue of the monkey-god Hanuman. It depicts Hanuman with a dagger tied to
his waist stepping on another monkey. A very curious practice is observed here: worshippers leave behind their
shirts and shoes or have their hair cut in the belief that any curse that might have been cast on them will disappear
along with their locks.
The Shanichara Temple is about 37 kilo meters from Morena en route to Banmore (NH3) Aiti Village.
The Shanichara Temple is about 18 kilo meters from Gwalior en route to Padhavali, Bateshwar and Mitaoli.
Bus services are rare – make enquiries at the Morena bus station. Hiring a cab is a better idea.
Roads are moderately good up to a point, after which it is just a dry track to the temple.


Collector , District Morena , Maafi and Aukaf Officer Gwalior Region , Motimahal Gwalior , Tahsildar Morena
Roopesh Upadhyay , President Shri Shani Shradhalu Samuh , Gwalior. Mobile – 9425360221

Check the Mobile number.




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  1. Usually, we all say God is one but in Hindu Dharma we have Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva for Creation, Preservation and Destroy. Why it is so? Why other religion is praying and naming one God. Can you please explain.


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