Ancient French Chinese Kings In Thanjavur Big Temple

I have been trying to date Indian Legends, Mythology, Epics and the Vedas through Archaeology,Culture, Language,literary sources and Astronomy.

Tanjore Big Temple.image.jpg
Thanjavur Big Temple

I did not think of looking into architecture in the Temples of India.

I did not bother to check whether the Temples had any reference to other cultures of the world.

It looks they do.

Sculpture of French King in Thanjavur Temple.image.jpg Sculpture of French King in Thanjavur Temple.

Yesterday I received an interesting Video from my brother’s daughter through Whatsup

This post is a follow up of this information.

Scroll down for Video.

In the Thanjavur Brahadeeswara Temple, also known as the Big Temple, one come across cultures which do not represent Indians,

Early Indians did not wear shirts.Nor did the keep their hair long, they were clean-shaven.

And they definitely did not wear hats.

Women did not wear high heels shoes/footwear.

Present History tells us that there were no modes of Travel to reach foreign lands, especially through land, save the Horses.

We find, in The Thanjavur Big Temple a sculpture showing an Image carved in the Gopuram  ( Temple Tower)of a distinctively western looking Man with Hair flowing, wearing a hat.

And he is seen wearing a short-sleeved shirt.

The Big Temple was built in the year 1010 AD.

There was Robert , of the same period, King of France during that time.

The sculpture bears an uncanny resemblance to him.

There is another sculpture which is definitely Chinese, which shows a Man with a flowing beard and this is a mirror split image of a Chinese Emperor.

I have written post on the name of Lord Rama’s name being found in Sumerian King’s List.

That the Tamils were the ancestors of the Chinese and the Chinese  worshiped Shiva.

And Lord Nataraja was the  Guardian of Chinese Buddhism.

I have also traced the origins of Sumerians, Aztecs and Mayans to Sanatana Dharma and Tamils.

Possible explanations.

1.The world was well-connected, despite History’s assertions that only by 1500 AD India, then called Bharatvarsha was connected to the west.

In the absence of swift mode of transport fo which I am yet to get evidence , I am inclined to discard this theory.

2.That Tamil Kings carved sculpture of Foreign Kings in the Temple.

Carvings in Temples are usually of,


Kings who built the temple or ancestors,

Events from the Puranas and Ithihasas and

in exceptional cases Natya(dance) poses in Chidambaram Nataraja temple and elsewhere  and life situations as found in Khajuraho.

It is also customary to sculpt the Devotees of Gods, like Nayanmars or Azhwaras, Rishis.

But never a Foreign King or a commoner who does not have an important role in building the temple.

I surmise that the people of India were present throughout the world as the ancestors of world races and these images were a representation of these ancestors, whose exploits could have reached the Indian shores over a period of time because, as of now, we have no evidence to suggest the people could have traveled in the same period from one end of the world to another.

I shall change my theory when I come across irrefutable evidence that ancient Indians/Tamils had a faster mode of Transport than Horses and ships.




3 thoughts on “Ancient French Chinese Kings In Thanjavur Big Temple

  1. good info… appreciate if u can email me photos of french/ Chinese king on the gopuram of bratheeswara temple. tks in advance


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