Protection From Danger Apad Udharaka Hanumath Stotram Vibishana


Life is balance between Risks and Our Faith.

Sanatana Dharma has three classifications of the Happenings of the world and the individual.

Adi Bautikam.

Adyathmikam, and

Adi Daivikam.

Adi Bautikam relates to the events happening because the Five Elements of Nature, Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether.

One has no real protection from these when they unleash themselves

Ask any one who has watched the film Gravity.

If he/ she does not admit to being scared to the level of Panic looking at the vast expanse of Space and for a moment not imagined themselves in the predicament of being lost in Space.

Efforts and our achievements the  in Science vanish in front of them.

Recall The Tsunami that struck South India in the recent past


Adyatmikam related the reaction for actions we have performed, one can not escape the recoil.

Adi Daivikam is at the Pleasure of God, in commensurate with our actions.

Despite knowing that we are powerless and puny, we arrogate ourselves with Knowledge and Powere.

Even such men at times of crisis, turn to God.

I read in a Thriller by Fredrick Forsyth, The Icon, a seemingly atheist general says,

Show me one man who does not believe in the Power of something beyond him, when one sees Cannon Shells blowing up within inches of him, him remaining unhurt, while those near him were killed.

The only recourse is to seek the help of God at times of Crisis.

Hanuman is the Master of encountering Crises.

He would ensure that you remain free of fear.

On a daily basis one may recite,

Buddhir Balam Yaso Dhairyam Nirbhayathvama Arogatha,

Ajaatyam Vaakpatuthvancham,

Hanumath Smaranaath Bahaveteth.

This will release you from fears of any kind.

There is yet another stotra by Vibishana, for overcoming Danger.

It is

Apad Udharaka Hanumath Stotram


Translation by Sri.P.R.Ramchander

Apad akhila lokarthi harine, hanumathe,
Akasmad aagathothpada nasaya, namosthuthe., 1

Hey Hanuman, who removes dangers of all the world,
And who destroys all accidental dangers, my salutations.

Sita viyuktha Sri Rama soka dukjha bhayapaha,
Thapa thrithya samharin anjaneya, namosthuthe., 2

Hey Hanuman who removed sorrow, pain and fear,
From Lord Rama who has parted with his wife Sita,
And who destroys the three types of pains,
My salutations to the, son of Anjana.

Adhi vyadhi mahamari graham peedapa harine,
Pranapa harthe daithyanam, anjaneya namosthuthe., 3

Hey Hanuman, who removes sorrow, diseases,
Epidemics and problems created by planets,
And who steals away the souls of Rakshasas,
My salutations to the, son of Anjana.

Samsara sagara vartha karthavya brantha chethasaam,
Saranagatha marthyaanaam, saranyaya namosthuthe., 4

My salutations to him who gives protection,
To the men who seek protection from him,
With a confused my mind created by,
The sea of this miserable life.

Raja dwari, bila dwari pravesa, bhootha sankule,
Gaja simha maha vyagra chora bheeshana kanane,., 5
Saranaya saranyaya vathathmaja, namosthuthe,
Nama plavanga sainyanaam prana bhoothathmane nama., 6

My salutations are due to son of the God of wind,
Who is the protector, who offers protection to those,
Trying to enter the gate of the palace or in the opening of a cave,
And who is amidst collection of ghosts, in the deep forest,
In the company of elephants, lion, tiger and thieves,
My salutations to the soul of the army of monkeys.

Rameshtam karunapoornam Hanumantham bhayapaham,
Sathru nasa haram bheemam Sarvabheeshta phala pradham., 7

My salutations to the darling of Rama who is full of mercy,
Who is the fearful Hanuman,, who destroys his enemies,
Who is gross and who fulfills all our wishes.

Pradoshe va prabathe va ye smareth anjana sutham,
Artha sidhim yasa sidhim Prapnuvanthi na samsaya., 8

He who remembers the son of Anjana,
Early in the morn or during pradosha time,
Would get wealth and become famous,
Without any doubt whatsoever.

Karagrahe prayane cha samgrame desa viplave,
Ye smaranthi Hanumantham thesham naashthi vipad thada., 9

Either in prison or during travel,
Or during war or during revolt in the country,
Whosoever remembers Lord Hanuman,
Will not be subject to any danger.

Vajra dehaya kalagni rudhraya, amitha thejase,
Brahmasthra sthambanayasmai nama sri Rudra murthaye., 10

Oh God who has diamond like body,
Who is like the fire of Lord Shiva during deluge,
Who is the exceeding powerful light,
Who benumbed the great arrow of Brahma,
Salutations to you, of very angry one.

Japthwa stotramidham manthram prathivaram paden nara,
Rajasthane, sthabhasthane pratha vadhe, japed Druvam,
Vibheeshana krutham stotram ya padeth prayatho nara,
Sarva apadbhyo vimuchetha nathra karya vicharana,., 11

The man who every week reads or chants this mantra,
Composed by Lord Vibheeshana,
In king’s place, in a meeting or during arguments, would without fail,
And without any need for enquiry, come out of all dangers.

Markatesa, mahothsaha, sarva soka vinasaka,
Shathrun samhara maam raksha sreeyam cha adha pradehi may., 12

Oh lord of monkeys, who is exuberant and who can destroy all the world,
Please destroy all my enemies, protect me and thus bless me.



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