Hanuman Horoscope

Indian Mythologies are not Myths, as has been proved by Anthropology, Archaeology and Astronomy.

These contain references to Geographical features , events and detailed information about people with their Birth charts.

I have posted the Birth charts, called Jataka in Sanskrit, of Lord Rama ,Krishna which tally with the events verified by archaeology and Astronomy.

Lord Hanuman, also called as Hanuman,Vayuputra, Pawan Kumara,Anjaneya, Maaruti is an Immortal.

I searched for the Birth chart of Hanuman.

Here it is.

Horoscope of Hanuman..image.jpg Hanuman Birth Chart.

Hanuman s an Immortal, a Chiranjeevi.

He is considered variously as the son of Anajana, An amsa of Rudra or Shiva Himself, who came down to assist Lord Rama to destroy the Asuras.

I shall be writing in detail on the Etymology of Hanuman.

* I am providing the details of the Horoscope in English.

On to your left as you see on the screen is Rama’s Horoscope.

Left is Hanuman’s.

Fro the top left of Hanuan Horoscope, names of the Planets in English.



3, 4 and 5 clockwise is Blank.

6.Guru, Jupiter.

7.Sukra(Venus),Budha(Mercury) and Rahu.

8, 9 Blank.

10.Surya(Sun) and Moon(Chandra)







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  1. Can you post English Horoscope of Sri. Hanumanji please since Tamil language is not known to ne.


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