Who Saw Rama As Vishnu In Physical Form, Ramayana

Viswamitra makes the first mention of this when he tells Dasaratha, while taking Rama with him that Dasaratha did not realize who Rama was, implying he knew Rama was Vishnu , but he did not express it openly.


Who saw Lord Rama as Vishnu Himself in Human Form?

There are references in The Ramayana of people recognizing Rama as Vishnu.

Hanuman, Shiva and Rama.Image.jpg
Hanuman, Shiva and Rama.

Viswamitra makes the first mention of this when he tells Dasaratha, while taking Rama with him that Dasaratha did not realize who Rama was, implying he knew Rama was Vishnu , but he did not express it openly.

The next instance is when Parashurama’s Astra fails, He addresses Rama as an Incarnation of Vishnu.

Then Ravana realizes Rama was none other than Vishnu, the Pranava Swaroopa, when Ravana’s Sakthi Ayudha fails.

Later Vibhishana knew Rama was Vishnu.

But it is Hanuman who sees Rama as Vishnu by looking at Rama the first instance, as Vishnu .

That too in Vishnu in His Physical form.

Valmiki talks of this.

aayataaH cha suvR^ittaaH cha baahavaH parighopamaaH || 4-3-14
sarva bhuuShaNa bhuuShaarhaaH kim artham na vibhuuShitaaH |

14b, 15a. aayataaH su vR^ittaaH baahavaH= lengthy, spherical, too, are arms; parighaH upamaH= clubs, in similarity; sarva bhuuSaNa bhuuSa arhaaH= for all kinds of, ornaments, decor-worthy; kim artham= for what, reason; na vibhuuSitaaH= not decorated.

“Also lengthy are your hands, and spherical are your shoulders similar to clubs… they are worthy for decoration with every kind of ornament, for what reason they are undecorated… [4-3-14b, 15a]

Here in the verse plural number is used for hands, aayataaH, baahavaH, parighaaH, whereas so far, dual number, dvivachana is used to describe any two. The ancient commentators take this as many hands, more than two, as opposite to other dual numbered wording. For this it is said that since Lakshmana is a right hand to Rama, Hanuma sees a three-handed god in Rama. But Hanuma is talking to both Rama and Lakshmana; there shall be two deities with two hands each. The accepted phenomenon is that, Hanuma as a true devotee has seen the fourhanded Vishnu in Rama. This is according to Govindaraja. Next, the arms of Rama are of protective nature to the friendly ones. aayaataaH, lengthily ones – they can be stretched to any extent, and on the other hand, anything can depend on them, as in yopaam aayatanam veda… and this su vrittaaH, round like the serpent’s hoods, or body builder’s clubs, is to tell that no one can near them. Thus, the spherical universe can depend on the spherical shoulders of Rama. Thus Hanuma is reminding Rama of his wild-boar incarnation where the whole world is lifted on his snout from waters. The word parighaH, is to say that those spherical shoulders can remove difficulties of those who adore them. The parighaH in simple terms means, clubs, bludgeon, or ancient dumbbell unlike the present day dumbbells of gym, but the word is deciphered to be pari gha fully, removing, or fully, falling to one’s lot. That is, here these shoulders are mighty to eliminate Vali and these hands if shook by Sugreeva in friendship, Sugreeva’s miseries will be removed completely..

In Sanskrit there are different  words for  addressing a Single person(Eka Vachana), two (Dwivachana) and more than two(Bahu Vachana)



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