Kurma Supports Temple Swayambhu Narasimha Halasi

Near Belgaum in Karnataka, in a sleepy village lies a magnificent temple of Bhuvarahaswamy, the Avatar of Vishnu who saved the world.

Bhuvarahaswamy Temple,Halasi.image.jpg
Bhuvarahaswamy Temple,Halasi,Karnataka, India

Halasi (Kannada ಹಳಸಿ) also called as Halsi or Halshi, is a town in Khanapur Taluk, Belgaum District in Karnataka, India. It is 14 km from Khanapur and about 25 km from Kittur.

 Kurma stays in the exact center of the temple floor space as the support of the entire structure..image.jpg
Kurma stays in the exact center of the temple floor-space as the support of the entire structure.

Bhuvaraha Narasimha temple has tall images of Varaha, Narasimha, Narayana and Surya. The place has a fort, and also temples of Gokarneshswara, Kapileshwara, Swarneshwara and Hatakeshwara.

Swayumbhu Self Manifest Narasimha.Image.jpg
Swayumbhu Self Manifest Narasimha.Halasi

Halasi was called Palasika in ancient times.

The Pandavas  built this temple during their exile.

The two feet tall idol of Narasimha, on the left side of Vishnu, is swayambhu orudbhava and not sculpted by anybody.

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There are two garbhagruhas facing each other. In the right one is the four feet idol of Lord Shri Vishnu in a sitting posture. The idols of Suryanarayana and Mahalaxmi are just behind the main idol.

The garbhagruha on the left side has the idol of Bhoo Varaha Swamy. In 1186-87, a 5 feet standing idol of Varaha was installed by Vijayaditya III. Lord Vishnu’s Varaha avatar, where he carries Mother Earth (or Bhoodevi) in his mouth, can be seen. The beautifully carved lotus on the ceiling goes to prove that the Kadambas patronised and developed their own art form.

Just outside the main temple are smaller temples dedicated to Ganesha, Shiva and Vitthala. One fine statue of Radha Krishna can also be seen in a smaller shrine.


How to reach Halasi.


By Rail

Khanapur Rail Way Station , Idalhond Rail Way Station are the very nearby railway stations to Halasi. Belgaum Rail Way Station (near to Belgaum) , Sambre Rail Way Station (near to Belgaum) , Londa Jn Rail Way Station (near to Londa) , Shivathan Rail Way Station (near to Londa) are the Rail way stations reachable from near by towns.

By Road

Londa , Belgaum , Alnavar are the nearby by towns to Halasi having road connectivity to Halasi.



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